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Friday Favorites 1/10/20

This week was the first week back to work, school, and after-school activities around here and it was a doozy! I was ready to call it quits on Monday by 5 PM, but life had other plans. I struggled through the next few days, and all I can say is that I'm more than ready for the weekend! Hopefully the routine will start to feel normal soon and next week won't feel as long as this one did. Comfort was key in my outfits this week, so I'm starting off Friday Favorites with some of my athleisure favorites that I wore this week to power through the post-holiday slump.

Athleisure Favorites:
Spell check always tries to tell me that athleisure is not a word, but come on. It's 2020. Time to get up to speed with 21st century attire! Plus, it's always hard for me to tell whether I have actually made a typo on that word since it remains underlined no matter how I spell it!

Velvet Jacket + Joggers:

Yep, this is my third time sharing this velvet jacket. What can I say? I really love it! It's comfortable, I love the color, and makes my joggers look a little nicer than wearing them with a sweatshirt. This is more of a lightweight jacket, which was perfect for some warmer days we had earlier this week (highs in the low 70s...I'll take it!). However if you live in a colder climate, you might like this Teddy Bear Fleece Version from the same brand in the same color. It looks like it would be a bit warmer than the velvet jacket.

Grey Fleece Longline Jacket:

This jacket looks a little awkward from the top since it is so long (it makes my proportions look off), but the length was the exact reason I wanted it. Sometimes if I'm wearing leggings and a t-shirt, I want a long jacket to throw on and have it cover my backside completely. Most of my jackets are shorter length, like the ones above and below. It was hard to find a longer jacket, so I tried a new-to-me retailer for this since it met my criteria. It's true to size (I'm wearing XS in the jacket), a nice soft fleece, and plenty long as you'll see in the front view below. I wouldn't say it's a super-warm fleece jacket...maybe medium warmth. Slightly warmer than they other two jackets I'm sharing today, but not as warm as a teddy bear fleece style. It also has drawstrings on the inside so you can cinch the waist for a little more shape if you prefer.

Ballerina Jacket + Joggers:

So I've talked about my love for the Core 10 Ballerina Leggings from Amazon...and I decided to try the Ballerina jacket too. I did receive my leggings as sponsored items but the jacket was something I purchased myself, just to be clear. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft it is on the inside! I probably won't pair it with the matching leggings, but I thought it made for a nice polished athleisure look with these joggers. I originally had the Cropped Version of the joggers, but found that I didn't like wearing them because the lower half of my legs would get cold! And if it's warm enough for cropped pants, I just end up wearing shorts. So I decided to get the full length version and I'm glad I did since I like having another color of joggers in addition to black. These are called "navy" but they're not a super dark navy, and they have flecks of black in them. I find that makes them work a little better with black, rather than looking like I mismatched my colors.

And here's the front view of this week's athleisure favorites:

Before I move on, I want mention that these sneakers have become my favorite "slippers" to wear around the house  I like the way they give my foot a little more support than slippers. Plus, even when I'm just at home, I like the way they make me look a little more put together than if I wear my actual slippers! While they're designed to be worn without socks, my feet are always freezing indoors, so I wear black ankle socks with mine for extra warmth and they blend right in. Size reviews are all over the place, but I took my normal 7.5 and they fit great. They also have a men's version, which I got for my 14 year old son. He is also loving them! When we're headed out to music lessons or some other activity at night they're super easy for him to throw-on-and-go.

Favorite Tops for Leggings:
My second favorite this week are my tunic tops from White House Black Market. I shared the burgundy version in this post, then I shared Six Ways to Wear the grey version in this post. The price was a little steep at first, but now they're on sale for under $30! It's not that easy to find "nicer" tops that pair well with leggings (if you prefer having your backside covered, that is), and these are perfection. They're easy to dress up or down and the material is extremely soft and comfortable.

Even though I haven't styled it six ways, I think the burgundy version is just as versatile as the grey one. I also think the saturated burgundy lends itself to dressier outfits a little better, like the option with the blazer below.
LEFT: Similar Jacket | Tunic Top | Leggings (Similar w/ more sizes) | Boots (c/o) 

RIGHT:  Jacket (c/o) | Tunic Top | Leggings | Boots (c/o)

Also, FYI White House Black Market is a ShopRunner partner, so if you have a Paypal Account, Amex or certain types of MasterCard you can get these tops with 2 Day Shipping and Free Returns. That is always a favorite for me!

Nails of the Week:

My nails in all photos above are CND Vinylux Masquerade. It was a favorite for the holiday season but after wearing it for a few weeks I'm ready to switch it up for the New Year. Also, if you're a new reader (welcome!), I shared all of my DIY Manicure staples plus tips and techniques in this post

Thanks for stopping by today! Next week on the blog I'm planning to share a few ways to wear some of my other recent favorite items, so I hope to see you here. And Book Reviews are coming up on Tuesday for my fellow bookworms. I had some very enjoyable reads this month so make sure to check those out if you need a recommendation!

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  1. Spell check always gets me too and has me wondering if I am doing something wrong OR "they" are just not as vocab savvy as the rest of us - ha! I like that longer jacket alot but I tend to shy away from fleece since it's too warm. Our lows were in the 70's this week and now we're back up to the 80's - where is winter???? Funny - I picked up that burgundy tank at WHBM earlier this week and actually have it on in a picture on my blog today. I wore it on Wednesday and loved it, the sale price was so good and I like the quality.
    Hope you enjoy the weekend Gina!!

  2. Spell check doesn't understand a lot of fashion words I find - and when I do add it, if I mistype it it never picks up on what it should be, haha. It just tells me I spelt it wrong!

    I like that grey fleece jacket, the length is so nice in the mirror pic! :)

    Hope that you have a good weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

  3. That Burgundy color is so good on you and on your nails! I hope you have a super sweet weekend my friend!

  4. Lately I'm all about Athleisure too, that was one of my last purchases for 2019. New leggings and jogger, yours are all so cute. My nails have been black for the entire holiday season, I need a break too.


  5. Oh, it drives me crazy with the spelling of athleisure, too - I always have to double-check that it wasn't me that misspelled it. I love how you styled that burgundy top, especially with the grey suede jacket. Thanks for the tip about ShopRunner and Paypal. I hope you have a restful weekend - and next week is a better week!

    Daily Style Finds

  6. Oh my gosh, spell check is constantly messing with me and has me double checking things. Such a hassle. Can you believe I've yet to get a pair of joggers. I think I'm afraid they'll bag out in the butt and look awful on me. You on the other hand look so cute in them!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! XOXO

  7. Spell check can be such a pain! Sometimes it isn't even recognizing what I'm trying to write! Love the length of your grey fleece coat! So perfect to throw over leggings! Have the best weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. I love the look of the contrasting wrists on the ballerina jacket! It's so nice to have cute athleisure clothing that you feel comfortable in all day but is cute enough to do errands in! Love the tunic top too! So many of my tunic pieces are sweaters and I can't layer with them.

  9. Hi Gina! I'm glad you made it through the week - you're a trooper. I really like the tunic top from White House Black Market and ballerina jacket you posted. I have a lightweight sweater in a similar cut to the tunic and it's so versatile that even though I don't wear it too often, I can't seem to get rid of it - such a closet staple. I like how you paired it with black skinny bottoms and different jackets. I'll have to try those combos and see if they look good on me. You have such a fabulous slender figure that I'm sure everything looks good on you! Happy Weekend!

  10. Loving your jackets and just seeing what you wear as you work from home in general. I need that CND color - so pretty!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. Great post dear! Hope we can follow each other, if yes let me know by leaving a comment on my last post -->


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