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Rust Moto Jacket: Two Ways to Wear

Thanksgiving is just over a week away and to date, I have done zero holiday related posts! I am generally not an especially festive person, and I think that combined with our ultra-extended summer (it was back in the 90s again last weekend) has made it hard to wrap my head around the fact that the holidays are upon us. But my jacket today is one that would be perfect for Thanksgiving.

LEFTJacket | Tee (c/o) [Budget] | Leggings (c/o) | Similar Boots | Similar Bag [Budget]
RIGHTJacket | Cami | Jeans | Belt | Shoes (c/o) [Budget] | Handbag (c/o) | Necklace | Earrings

I've been loving all things rust this year, so a rust moto jacket was on the top of my wishlist for fall. I actually ordered this during a Labor Day weekend sale, but just hadn't gotten around to posting it on the blog. But that's worked out well since now it's on sale again! Though I do think now that we're this close to Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I'd probably hold off any clothing purchases and just add them to my wishlist until we see what kind of sales they offer on the Big Day.
Jacket | Cami | Jeans | Belt | Shoes (c/o) [Budget] | Handbag (c/o) | Necklace | Earrings

I know we're about to be inundated with the whole universe on sale for Black Friday, which in a way, makes it seem like nothing is really "on sale." We often quote the movie The Incredibles around our house, "If everyone's special, then no one is!" and that sentiment seems to apply to Black Friday sales! But I love this jacket all the same and do recommend it, so if it's something you want to add to your wishlist, better to get it on sale than not, right? It ran true to size for me (along with everything else I'm wearing), and I'm wearing an XS here. which is the same as what I wear in jackets from Express, BB Dakota, etc.

I'm also wearing two of my Top Five Date Night Staples in this outfit: my necklace and earrings. The sun's shining on my earrings in a way that makes them a little hard to see, but I'm wearing them just the same. The jewelry is on the splurge side but I've definitely brought down the cost per wear on these by putting them on repeat for date night. I'm also repeating one of my Foolproof Outfit Formulas - you can check out this post for ten more ways I've worn my #1 favorite go-to combo!

I know we all love those pieces that can be worn more than way or dressed up and down, and this jacket definitely fits that bill. Part of the reason I liked this particular jacket was the knit material. For one, it has some stretch and it's very comfortable and easy to move in. For another thing, it looks a little more casual than a suede or faux leather material, which is practical for my 95% casual lifestyle.
Jacket | Tee (c/o) [Budget] | Leggings (c/o) | Similar Boots | Similar Bag [Budget] | Similar Earrings

I switched the leopard print from my shoes to my bag, but I can't resist adding a little pop of leopard when I wear this color. They just complement each other nicely!

I don't have a local Evereve store, so when I order from them, I always know I'm taking the risk that I'll have to pay to ship it back if it doesn't work out. That keeps me from shopping there more often, and that's probably a good thing since I really like their stuff! Haha! I did have one item that didn't work out and I had to mail it back, but luckily it cost less than five dollars via USPS and they processed the return within a week of me sending it, so it was a relatively smooth process all thing considered.

Here's one last side-by-side with two ways to wear this jacket:
LEFT:  Jacket | Tee (c/o) [Budget] | Leggings (c/o) | Similar Boots | Similar Bag [Budget] |
RIGHTJacket | Cami | Jeans | Belt | Shoes (c/o) [Budget] | Handbag (c/o) | Necklace | Earrings

Thanks for stopping by today and hope to see you back on Friday!

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  1. I have been all about rust this year too! And really that Incredibles quote is the best for so many of life's situations (I'm looking at YOU trophies for every kid on the team) Ha!Your jacket makes perfect sense for your climate and mine too. I am loving your leopard heels - they are the perfect height and look so good with the black and rust. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Gina!

  2. Ooh love the color of this jacket! Hard to say whether I like it more paired with the same rich color of the boots, or with the all-black and leopard. Both work so well with it!

  3. It's a great jacket and I love the touches of leopard with it! :) I agree with you on holding off for the sales - there are so many around now (even though black Friday isn't really a big thing here, our biggest is on boxing day, we get a few sales here for it).

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that you are having a great week! :)

    Away From Blue

  4. That is such a cute jacket. I really love that rust color too.

  5. I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving. I am having a hard time believing it - probably because there is still snow on the ground and it feels more like Christmas. I am loving rust this season, too! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Daily Style Finds

  6. You know I love rust so I am all about this jacket and I LOVE both looks! Soooo Adorable!

  7. Such a great fall color Gina. And the jacket is fabulous...ok so is the bag! You're always so consistently spot on!

  8. I love everything rust color this season too and your jacket is such a great staple! Both of these looks are so pretty!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  9. It looks fabulous styled both ways!

  10. I love this rust colored jacket. So perfect for Fall. And your leopard pumps are so adorable. I am not in the holiday spirit either and haven’t even really thought about doing any holiday shopping list posts. Maybe a few festive outfits, but that’s all you are going to get out of me this year! So I feel ya, sister!


  11. Oh Gina, you know I LOVE this jacket! I've seen a lot of bloggers wearing evereve but I've never heard of the brand until recently. This jacket looks so chic! I love the color too, and am also obsessed with everything rust and orange this year. This is definitely a variation of what I'll be wearing for Thanksgiving this year :)

  12. That jacket is such a great color! And it dresses up or down so well! Great purchase!

  13. Soooo into this color! And you know I'm a jacket fiend, so I'm all about this! Now I want to swing into my local Evereve and try this on!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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