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Ruffle Wrap Skirt Take Two

When I get stuck in one of those, "I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear" conundrums, sometimes I'll scan my past few blog posts and see if there's an item I've shared that I knew would be super versatile...but I've only posted it once! When I repeat an item, I feel like I validate its place in my closet, not to mention validating my recommendation on the blog! I think most of us want most of the pieces in our closet to be options we can wear more than one way! That's exactly how I decided to repeat this J. Crew Ruffle Wrap Skirt. I just shared it last month, but I wanted to repeat it sooner rather than later when it's too cold for bare legs.

Cardigan (Option w/ Prime) | Similar Cami | Skirt | Sandals | Necklace | Earrings | Similar Bag (c/o)

Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring my cardigan + skirt in this post. 

First, I'll quickly mention that the skirt and burgundy cardigan here are both true to size. I got this cardigan back in 2017, and it's held up really nicely over the years. It's honestly pretty impressive for an under $30 piece! I did get it before I became a Prime Purist (that's my new way of saying I will only order clothes on Amazon if they have Prime Shipping + Free Returns), so if you're checking out this piece and thinking you don't want to pay for shipping much less wait a few weeks to receive the item, here's a nice Similar Option with Prime from an Amazon Private Label.

One thing about this skirt style is that it ties at the waist (unfortunately not visible in my photos with the black fabric and the layer on top), so any top I wear with it needs to be fitted and tucked in or I'll have an awkward lump at the side. That really limits my styling options since I only have a handful of tops like that, and they're all basic tanks. All of my other tops are more relaxed or not meant to be tucked in. I run into this same issue with my rust skirt (last seen here). So far I'm managing to work with what I have and avoid buying something just to wear with this type of skirt...but it's tempting now that I have two of these skirts! I guess the "how to wear skirts" learning curve continues for me!

For at least a decade (when my kids were little) I only wore shorts or pants, so bringing skirts and dresses back into the mix is definitely taking some trial and error for finding the right outfit combinations. I sometimes giggle when I see blog post titles like, "How to Wear Pants" because in my head I'm thinking, "Does anyone really not know how to wear pants? This is a bit obvious, no?" But I guess I'm eating humble pie because I'm at that level with skirts these days! Ha! It's been great to see how useful they are but definitely frustrating at times when a piece that seems like it should be easy to wear with what I already have turns out to be a little challenging.

If you're considering purchasing this skirt or this cardigan, I'll wrap it up here with more ways I've worn each of these pieces to give you some additional outfit ideas and a better sense of whether they'll work with what you already own!

Ruffle Wrap Skirt + Denim Jacket:

Burgundy Cardi + White Cami + Jean Shorts:

Burgundy Cardi + Lace Cami + Grey Jeans:
Cardigan (c/o) | Similar Cami | Similar Jeans | Similar Necklace | Similar Bag | Similar Shoes (c/o)

I mentioned in the intro that I needed to hurry and wear this skirt before it got too cold for bare legs, but one thing I'm interested in trying this year is a skirt with boots! I do that for nights out in the winter, but never daytime for some reason. I guess I better search Google and Pinterest for "how to wear a skirt with boots" and start getting prepared!

Thanks for stopping in today and I'll be back on Friday with some favorites of the week!

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  1. First you got me with the Prime Purist! I am one too but never had the label - very fitting! Then your comment about titles like "How to Wear Pants" - I chuckle when I see titles like that because (with my middle school humor) I think, are you not wearing them on your legs? Ugh, I guess I have to entertain myself!
    This skirt is so cute on you so I do hope you'll wear it a few more times before it gets too chilly!

  2. You are a hoot and oh so cute. Just adore that skirt to pieces. You style it so adorable and I think I need it, lol. Have a wonderful Wednesday beautiful. xo

  3. I love the first look the looks more like a little black dress and the burgundy cardigan is great. It is the perfect transitional outfit into fall. It is way too cold here already for bare legs...even bare toes...I would love to just wear jeans with open toe booties and I can’t because my toes get way too cold! So I go for the socks with open toe shoes trend! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!


  4. That skirt is darling and I love the color of your cardigan! I hope you get to wear it a few more times! I always think that you can go bare legged in your climate year round and forget that you get cooler weather too. Have a great day Gina!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. What a fabulous idea. At first your skirt looked like a dress! That's when styling outfits gets fun to me. When I feel in the mood to be creative! Have a wonderful week and as always, thank you for hosting this link up!

  6. Same here. I only order if there is free shipping and free returns because you never know with Amazon. Love the color of that cardigan.

  7. It's a cute skirt and it's good you could give it another wear! :) I find when I'm putting posts together and looking for the last way I've worn things I'll see something in my archives I haven't worn in a while and it inspires me to get it out again. I used to get those kinds of ideas from staring at my wardrobe but never have time for that lately, ha!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  8. This is a great cardi, love the length. I recently got an oversized cardi as well. It's always nice to see you in skirts.

  9. I am so loving the way you styled the skirt with the cardigan. The plum and black look fantastic together!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  10. Gorgeous looks! Love that first look especially.

  11. wow, so nice post :)
    kisses, Buba

  12. Skirts during the day always make the day feel more special to me! That ruffle skirt is so pretty! It would be great with boots!

  13. This skirt does indeed look like a versatile piece! I can see it styled with boots and sweaters all fall and winter long! =)

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  14. Lovely looks. Thank you for the link up.


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