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Best & Worst Amazon Sweaters

Now that it's officially fall, sweater weather is arriving in parts of the country. Ours is mostly in the early morning and evening, but that's typical here in San Diego. If you're starting to do some sweater shopping for the season, today I'm sharing the best and worst of Amazon sweaters. Shopping for clothes on Amazon can be overwhelming, and I hope I can help point you in the right direction. As part of the Amazon Fashion Influencer program for the past three years, I've been able to try a lot of the different apparel brands. Believe it or not I don't love all of them! Here's my overview of the most notable brands I've tried plus my thoughts on whether they're worth the money, not worth it, or somewhere in between.

Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring the sweaters I am reviewing in this post - for better or worse!


Pattyboutik sweaters are definitely some of the best bang-for-your-buck sweaters on Amazon. They're mostly in the $35-50 range so yes, they are a bit more than the $10 knockoff sweaters you can order that take 4-6 weeks arrive. But these are so much better quality and you really do get what you pay for in this case. Some of their styles are a bit dated in my opinion, but they also have some classic styles if you do some digging. The sweater above is one of my all time favorites that I've had for several years. It's more of a sweater coat, but such a great piece (with pockets!) that's held up really well.

If you're between sizes, I'd recommend ordering the larger of your two sizes in Pattyboutik sweaters. Their items are generally designed to be pretty fitted and they run just a bit smaller than other brands. I'm wearing a Small in both of these sweaters, and they fit similar to XS in sweaters from places like Express and LOFT.

Here's another Pattyboutik sweater I really like. This style isn't especially trendy right now with the military details, but I still love it and will wear it again this year.
Pattyboutik Military Sweater | Tee | Jeans | Similar Boots | Rebecca Minkoff Bag

Daily Ritual
Daily Ritual Sweater | Jeans | Similar Boots | Stella & Dot Scarf | Bag (c/o)

All in all, Daily Ritual is my very favorite brand on Amazon and also their best Private Label brand in my opinion. Their prices are very reasonable: most sweaters are under $40 and almost everything is very soft and cozy. And as a bonus, almost everything I've tried is true to size so it makes for a very easy shopping experience. One thing to note: anything that is a "Lightweight Sweater" from Daily Ritual (like the one below) is indeed going to be very lightweight and paper thin. These are a little thinner and more flimsy. In a way, it makes them seem a bit lower quality than other styles, but that's also the very thing that makes them nice for Spring or Early fall weather!

Cable Stitch

Okay, Cable Stitch is where my feelings start to get complicated! I have one sweater I absolutely love from this line (above). But I've also had a lot of problems with sizing being all over the place and colors not being accurately represented. This post from February is a really good example of the inconsistent color and sizing issues. The other issue I have with Cable Stitch is that their prices are higher than Daily Ritual or Pattyboutik: $50-75 for most pieces. Yet for the most part, I don't feel like the quality really merits that higher price point. I don't find them to be better quality than either of those brands. The main reason I keep trying their sweaters is because they do have more unique styles. Almost everything from Daily Ritual is very basic looking, which is great for the foundation of your wardrobe, but it's also nice to have a few unique pieces here and there!
Tunic Sweater | Jeans | Similar Boots | Earrings | Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody

This tunic sweater was a favorite from Cable Stitch last year, but after a few wears, the collar started to droop and sag and it just didn't look as cute. I was pretty sad about that, and for $60 I would prefer something to hold up a little better over time! Ultimately, my advice with this line is proceed with caution: there are some gems in there but also some frustration along the way. And that's when you're glad you have Prime Shipping with Free might need it!

Lark & Ro 

Lark & Ro is specifically intended to be Amazon's workwear line, and for that reason I don't try all that many pieces from this line. I don't work in an office so most of their items just don't work for my lifestyle. That said, a few of their sweaters looked good for everyday non-office wear, but my experience with them has been lukewarm with one exception: cashmere. Their cashmere sweaters (like the one I'm wearing above) are very nice for the price! They're reasonably priced for cashmere, but definitely more than the standard knit sweaters from Daily Ritual or Pattyboutik.

On the "lukewarm" side, I've been underwhelmed with their regular non-cashmere sweaters. They were similar in price to Daily Ritual sweaters (sometimes a bit more), but they just weren't as soft and comfortable. I don't have any photo examples of the styles I've tried because I sent them all back! Again they weren't bad, but I just thought I could do better for the price. I'd still be open to trying sweaters from this line in the future if it was either cashmere or something that was a little bit unique. But for basic looking sweaters I'll just stick to Daily Ritual if I'm shopping on Amazon.

Fincati Sweater | Jeans | Boots (c/o Shopbop) | Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag

This brand is getting an Honorable Mention only because I love this sweater so much and have it in both colors. I can't categorically say this brand is reliable because this is the only piece I've tried. They don't have all that many other items available on Amazon, and their other items don't really appeal to me. But if you want a reasonably priced (under $50), super soft and cozy, (allegedly cashmere though I'm not sure what percent) chunky knit sweater, this one is fantastic. My sister ordered this after visiting me last year and seeing how soft it was in person and it gets her non-biased stamp of approval too!

Worst Brands
For me, any clothing that doesn't offer Prime Shipping with Free Returns is something to be avoided altogether. I have ordered some non-Prime items in the past that worked out really well, but I've also had more than a few bad experiences. In some cases, the return shipping cost as much as the item itself so I just ended up donating rather than returning, which was just a waste all around. With so many other retail options out there, if Prime isn't part of the deal I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. Basically my mantra is: if it's not Prime, it's not worth my time. (And I love a good rhyme!)

That about sums up my experience with Amazon sweater shopping. If you have a favorite Amazon sweater brand I haven't tried, let me know! There is one new (to me) Amazon Private Label brand I've noticed this year: Goodthreads. The sweaters have really great reviews so far and I'll be reviewing at least one of them in my October Amazon try on session so stay tuned for that later this month. Before you go, here's a quick recap of the post today in a Pinterest-Friendly graphic:

And I'll be back here tomorrow with Book Reviews so I hope you'll stop by if you need a good read!



  1. I wish the Australian Amazon site had such a good range of clothing! It doesn't have a lot at all sadly :(

    Hope that you had a great weekend. We had a picnic today, taking advantage of the public holiday and great weather :) I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :) I've got a scarf giveaway on my blog right now too!

    Away From Blue

  2. This is great. I'll have to try Pattyboutik and Fincati. Those are new to me. I think its so very helpful when bloggers review Amazon things because like you said there is so much variation in quality and some have sizing issues.

  3. I'm with you on that Amazon mantra! Buying clothes on Amazon can be so overwhelming and I feel like I'm constantly returning things that are disappointing or poor quality! This is such a helpful guide!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. I’m the same Prime, no shopping, no buy, lol. I return so many items but then get tickled when something is great. Have a beautiful day!!

  5. Great round up on so many Amazon sweater options. I am with you on Prime shipping (and free returns). That lightweight v-neck is a favorite of mine on you. And, that cozy white sweater you said is your favorite is a great one, too. I hope you have a great Monday!

    Daily Style Finds

  6. If I can't get it in 2 days, I don't want it lol. My fave is your military sweater jacket.

  7. Thanks for the run down and I love your rhyming skills!!! #sotrue

  8. Thank you for doing the reviews. It's always good to know which brands to shop for when we can't see them in the store. Love all the sweaters you've featured!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  9. Great post Gina! I love knowing how others reveiw things on Amazon.

  10. What a helpful post! It's always nice to know what products on Amazon are actually good. :) I have similar grey knee high boots but in a flat style that are so comfy for fall/winter. I didn't wear them much last year but just might need to grab them for this year. Thanks for the inspo!

  11. If it's not prime, I don't order it unless I see it on a blogger or someone I know and they can give their opinion! Like you said, otherwise it's not worth the potential hassle!

  12. I love your honesty Gina and I think it's terrific that Amazon allows for your honesty. It makes such a difference. I don't get gifted many things but I sure do hate it when I order something, pay for it with my own money, and then it doesn't hold up well. I've had several sweaters from Gibson that have pilled and look horrible and they are barely a year old!
    My favorite sweater is that military style one and I love the cape/poncho one as well. I don't own any cashmere but was tempted while in Scotland.
    Great post Gina!


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