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Transition Staples for Warm Climates

Summer weather is still holding strong around here, in fact last week was the hottest, most humid week of the year! I'm not dressing for fall in any way, but with Official Fall less than two weeks away I'm starting to incorporate some transition pieces. Living in a relatively warm climate, I've found a few staple pieces that I can realistically wear when it's still warm. Here are three of my favorites that either transition nicely to fall outfits or give off a more fall-ish vibe than their summer counterpart.
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1. Lightweight Plaid Shirt

A plaid shirt is a great option to wear now and wear later! As long as it's lightweight, it works just like a cardigan over a basic tank or cami. As the temps cool off it pairs just as easily with your favorite jeans and boots.
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My exact shirt is sold out from Express last year, but there are very similar options available in stores this year, linked above. If you're not a fan of plaid, you can create the same outfit with a solid shirt in a fall hue (burgundy, olive, caramel) or other print you prefer, like a darker floral print.

If you're thinking it's too hot to even wear a shirt as a layer at all, my plaid shirts often get used as a "belt" in transition weather. I'll tie it around the waist with a tee or dress (shown further below with favorite #3). Band tees are trending this fall, and for once I'm a little ahead of a trend since I got this t-shirt last year. Ha! It's sold out now but I've linked a couple of other Nirvana tees below.
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2. Denim Skirt:

I love wearing jean shorts all summer long (as evidenced by this post), but when fall hits, sometimes I start to feel those look too summery, even if the weather allows it. I don't like to be a slave to fashion and wear something uncomfortable just because of the season, but after six months of jean shorts weather here, I'm ready for a little variety. Last year I added a denim skirt to my wardrobe after not owning one for probably twenty years, and I just loved it! It kept me just as cool and comfortable as shorts, but took the Pure Summer look out of an outfit, especially when paired with darker colors and peep toe boots or ankle boots.

As far as transitioning a denim skirt into fall...well, it still has to be warm enough for bare legs so it can only take you so far into the season depending on your climate. But a good neutral cardigan layered over each of these looks helps with chilly fall mornings and evenings around here. I just ditch the cardigan by mid-afternoon when the temps are back up into summer territory!
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The first denim skirt I owned was from Express (the distressed version above on the Left) and it ended up not working out due to length and sizing. But I gave the style another go last Spring and found one I will be hanging onto for quite some time (on the Right). The exact one I'm wearing on the Right is only available in Size 26 here, or you can get the Black Version here, plus I've linked some other similar styles above. My current skirt has a slight A-line cut, and I found that made it quite a bit more comfortable. It doesn't ride up as much as a straight-cut denim skirt and it makes walking and moving about a little easier.

But the point I really want to make is this: if you're open to the idea of adding a denim skirt to your wardrobe, don't give up if the first one you try doesn't work out. Aside from the two I've owned here, I tried on several others that were too short, too long, too distressed, too hard to walk in, etc. All of the little details make a really big difference, and it can take some trial and error to find one that's just right. This has really become a three season staple for me (Spring, Summer, Fall), but it's especially great for transition weather!

3. Dresses

Last but not least, dresses! I am so late to the party on this but just like the denim skirt, I had to go through quite a bit of trial and error to find the right ones for me to really see how useful a dress can be for transition weather. Case in point: I recently  tried Nine Amazon dresses and only found two worth keeping! Now that I have a few I love, there's no turning back! I love the convenience of one-and-done outfit styling, and the fact that I can still be cool and comfortable in the heat but have fall vibes in my outfit with the right dress color. Or like I mentioned above, I can add a fall print like a plaid shirt (Staple #1) as an accessory to infuse some fall without sweating for the sake of fashion!
Those are three of my summer-to-fall transition staples, but if you live in a warm climate I'd love to hear if you have additional staples that I don't! I have the blogging community to thank for persuading me to finally try more dresses, and I'm so glad that I did! I'd hate to be missing out on another great staple that I could be using! Here's a little recap of this post in a Pinterest-friendly graphic if you'd like to save it for reference.

Tomorrow on the blog is Book Review Day so I hope to see you back here!



  1. These are definitely things I can do here in Hotlando! My goodness, we need a break from the heat. Your advice about the denim skirt is so true. I've not had good luck in the past but I think there are different cuts available now that I could try. The testing period would mean going beyond the standard fitting room and seeing if it really stayed put.
    Glad you got your band tee last year - you are ahead of the trend!I'd like a Blondie tee and keep my eyes open in case I find one but so far no luck - at a price I'm willing to pay anyway.
    I may just try the plaid shirt tied around my waist this fall. I'm not certain I can pull it off but I really like the look on you so I may have to test it out!
    Have a great Monday!

  2. Yes, I’ve already been sporting some lightweight plaids with shorts, it’s a favorite look. Love band tees and you’re so cute in yours. Have a super sweet Monday!

  3. I agree dresses are such a great transitional pieces - and an easy one-and-done outfit! :)

    I like your denim skirt, I'd love a denim skirt similar when the boys are bigger and I spend less time sitting on the ground with them, haha! maxis are my usual go-to!

    Hope that you had a great weekend :) I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From Blue

  4. A denim skirt is such a great fall transition piece and I really need to find one that works for me! I love the two outfits with the cardigan! The plaid button up shirt and shorts is such a cute combo too!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. These are all great transition pieces, my favorite is always a plaid shirt.

  6. I really love that olive Amazon dress. It looks really cute on you and the color is great.

  7. Such great transitional pieces. Love the plaid shirt. And cardigans are always a favorite!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  8. I love how you styled all of these outfits! So many great transitional pieces!

  9. I just pulled out my lightweight plaids and will be wearing them with shorts in the next few weeks. I agree with all of your tips- perfect for our climate.

  10. I just ordered a new plaid shirt from Tar-jet. I have a funny Nirvana tee story. My dad had "found" one somewhere, washed it and had it on and nearly blew my kids minds. LOL

  11. I'll be wearing my shorts here and there for another week or two but transitioning to skirts is a nice way to get around warm fall weather. I like to transition to fall colors and prints like plaid, and dark florals! That denim skirt is so cute on you!

  12. These are super cute looks dear. Love your picks, especially the dresses.

    Jessica |


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