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Friday Favorites 9/13/19

Another Friday, another round of favorites! I was glad to hear from so many of you last week who have the same feelings about these posts: we love them but coming up with a decent list of blog-worthy items each week can a creative challenge! I'm going with a loose interpretation of the word "favorite" these days to make the post happen, but here's what's on my list this week!

1. LOFT Dress

Dresses made my list of Warm Climate Transition Staples...and they also kept me from doing a No-Shop-September! Once I found a couple of dresses that I liked, I realized how useful they were, so I've been on the lookout some additional options to round out my collection. I picked this up at the LOFT Labor Day sale and I love it. If it's not on sale today, hang tight a few days because I'm sure it will go on sale again. It's short sleeve and a really stretchy, comfortable knit material. Plus: Pockets. I appreciate how LOFT mentions that in the title of many of their dresses! They're on to our obsession with pockets! I wore this to Back to School Night during the midst of a major heat and humidity wave here last week and it kept me cool and comfortable, plus it was just the right balance of dressy but not too dressy. I do wish it came in a different color since I already have my black eyelet wrap dress (shown here), but that one is a bit more ruffled and feminine. This one is more low-fuss, so I can see myself wearing both for different occasions.

2. Stella & Dot Riad Necklace

This outfit might look familiar from Wednesday's post, but I wanted to share the top view perspective for details on the necklace. It's a new purchase from Stella & Dot and it does come as a three piece set. I mainly wanted it for the mixed metal tassel portion (above), but I think I'll also be using the shorter spiked version (below). I know their pieces are more expensive, but you're essentially getting three necklaces in one for this, so it helps to take that into consideration.

I usually photograph my "nicer" outfits on the weekend when I get dressed to go out into the world, but I like to balance it out with some selfies of my everyday casual stuff too just to keep "authentic." (That word has become really over-used, but I'm yet to come up with something better!)  I wore this to work at home all day, then run the kids to music lessons at night. After our heat wave last week, it started to cool down a bit again in the evenings so I actually needed the cardigan by 7 pm!

3. Burgundy Bags
I've spotted some gorgeous burgundy bags lately that would be perfect for fall, so here are some Splurge vs. Save options. The Save options are all under $100, so while they aren't all Target pricing, they'll still save you a few hundred compared to the Designer options!
ONECoach Bags (Glovetan Saddle Bag)
TWOAmazon ($100)
THREERebecca Minkoff (Pippa Mini Dome)
FOURAmazon ($43)
FIVESenreve (Medium Maestra in Bordeaux)
SIXSole Society ($70)

Option Two is the most expensive of the Save options, but if you like that style and are open to other colors (black, grey, cognac and more) try This Option for only $36!

4. Speaking of Bags 
Rachelle shared this article If Men Carried Purses in her newsletter a few weeks back and since then, it's been on my mind every time I reach for one of my larger-sized bags and up carrying stuff for everyone else in my family. It talks about how women "ended up being the pack mules of society" and gives a little lesson on the history of purses: they used to be a man-only thing! I think it's time we make it acceptable for men to carry some kind of bag again! Ever since I stopped carrying a giant diaper bag everywhere I've been working to train my male-dominated family to not expect me to carry all of their stuff, but I think I need a little more societal reinforcement.

5. Eye Makeup Remover
A couple of years ago Amazon sent me a sample package of LaRoche Posay skincare to try out. I didn't really post about it at the time, because for most skincare products I think it really takes some time to see how effective they are. But now I can tell you that this was the standout item from that package. Even though I was originally gifted a bottle to try, this is now on my Amazon Subscribe & Save list and I've purchased it myself numerous times since then.

This replaced Neutrogena as my favorite eye makeup remover, and it's hands down the best I've tried. It removes mascara and eye makeup very easily without irritating my eyes or leaving a greasy feeling. It's a little more expensive than Neutrogena's, and trust me, I hate going from a less expensive product to a more expensive one as my staple, but this has been worth it to me. A little goes a long way with this, and each bottle lasts me about six months of daily use. I also like the cap on this since it's easy to control how much liquid comes out. The Neutrogena bottle has an open top once you screw off the lid, and I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally knocked that over, wasting half the bottle! (That's probably why I went through it so much faster!) This has a tiny dispenser hole, so you can squeeze out just a drop or two if needed. (I'll do this onto a Q-tip to clean up after mascara application.)

If my review isn't enough, check out the other glowing 5-star reviews on Amazon. The only three star review comes from a man reviewing to say he's "not sure" his fiancĂ©e likes it that much. Ugh! I'm not sure why she couldn't write the review herself in that case.  I hate when people review products they haven't really used or books they haven't read, but whatever. If you think your eye makeup remover could do a better job, give this a try!

6. Flashback Friday
Last Spring I did a Flashback Friday segment where I shared a favorite past outfit to help me shop my closet for the season, and I think I need to bring it back to get me through transition season. Lately when I go into my closet to get dressed, it just feels like stepping into a giant puzzle room. Except all the pieces from different puzzles have been dumped out and somehow I have to sort them and figure out which ones go together. Oh, and some pieces go with multiple puzzles! I'm not always in the mood to solve the puzzle, nor does it really seem worth it if I don't have much going on that day! Yet I always feel better when I'm somewhat put together, so I make an effort as much as I can. This is where past outfit photos can come in handy! It's much easier to look at a "solved" puzzle and just put the pieces back together. I highly doubt anyone in real life (or even blog readers) would remember that I wore the exact outfit 1-2 years ago. So here's an outfit I wore last September that I'm going to be re-peating IRL today. It might be too hot for the cardigan but I can add/remove it as needed:

If you don't want take photos of your own outfits, I know Stylebook App (on the app store) is great too and can serve the same purpose. I started using it last year but had a hard time keeping up with it since I started a new job and had kids going back to school at the same time. I did like it though! I just found it easier to take a selfie everyday instead since I was already used to that from blogging!

And that's it for today's favorites! Have a great weekend and see you back on Monday!

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  2. I feel like I'm using the term "favorites" very loosely lately as well! Ojay - LOVE that Loft dress on you! Such a classic and so chic. I really prefer things from Loft that are solid colors because I tend to see too much of a certain print and identify it with Loft and then get bored. A lof of women in my area shop at Loft because there are few options. Anyway!
    What's up with the guy writing a review on a product his fiance uses? Crazy! Ha!!!
    I have to pull put my burgundy bag soon, it feels like fall to me!
    Have a wonderful weekend Gina!!

  3. I don't have a burgundy bag - I really would like one though! :) I find myself thinking that too, that I want to try wear a new outfit combination rather than repeating an old one, but sometimes the classics are the best! And I smiled when I was looking back at old blog posts when I was pregnant to see that I'd worn the same outfit around the same point in both pregnancies, haha! :) It's natural to want to copy our fave outfits over and over, and I'm trying to stop myself worrying everything has to be 'new' for the blog!

    Hope that you have a great weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

  4. I am guilty of using/re-using those "buzz" words, too! I love your picks for burgundy bags - that top save one if a favorite. And, I love the idea of men needing to carry bags. I always end up either carrying my husband's wallet - or just the only one that has a wallet. It is sometimes nice to be bag-free! If men had to carry a bag for a week (or even a day) I think they would get it! I hope you have a great weekend!

    Daily Style Finds

  5. Love the loft dress. I think my closet always feels like a confusing puzzle to me (although I wear very few colours). So many pieces that Ive no clue what to do with.

  6. Oh how I always overuse words but I can’t help it, I get excited! I love everything about this post and those burgundy bags have me swooning, I love that color for fall! Have a super sweet weekend!

  7. Love your favorites! The burgundy bags are so perfect for this time of the year! Those are some great picks! And love the dress!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  8. you've got me thinking I need a burgundy purse. Love your Loft black dress too.

  9. I had a burgundy purse I used a few years back and LOVED it! It goes with so many fall outfits! I really like your picks, especially #2!

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  11. Great post. I think I am going to order the eye makeup remover from Amazon. I constantly struggle with trying to remove eye makeup by scrubbing and then waking up with some smeared around my eyes. UGH! Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. I hope it ends up working out for you! And thank you for commenting - I'm glad you enjoyed the post! :)


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