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Amazon Try-On Session September

I had some hits, misses and maybes in this month's Amazon Fashion selections, and just like last month, I'm consolidating my selections into one post to make it easier for you all to find these reviews. I'll update this post throughout the month with links to items that get a repeat appearance on the blog as I wear them in real life so this post can remain a relevant reference point. And this month I do have a front view for all of these pieces at the end of the post for a better look at the length and fit. On to the reviews!
Clockwise from Top Left: Pink Hoodie | Plaid Jacket | Blue Shirt | Trench | Black Jacket | Wrap Top

Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring the items I'm reviewing in this post. All other items styled with these pieces or used for comparison were purchased by me unless designated as courtesy of (c/o) another retailer. 
1. Cognac Wrap Top
Cognac Wrap Top | Boots (c/o Shopbop) | Jeans | Necklace 

Alright, this top is one of my top two favorites pieces this month! I really love it, but unfortunately this size is too small for me. I wear either XS or S in tops and for this I am definitely going to need a Small or maybe a Medium. I hesitate to say that it runs small overall since wear both sizes often, but if you're debating between two sizes definitely go with the bigger size. That said, I do love the color sand style and can't wait to get it in the correct size. It does have a snap to secure the wrap front, which will hopefully stay closed better once I get the correct size! I browsed a lot of options for blouses in this color and this one is a little more than I usually prefer ($72-76 for this depending on color/size), but compared with the alternatives I just liked this the best and felt it was worth the extra cost. If you don't want to spend this much on a top, I shared some of my other affordable finds in this color in this post last week.

UPDATE: I exchanged this top for a Small, but the snap closure placement on the Small made the top very low cut. I'd have to wear a cami, and I don't want to do that with this top style. The snap cannot be moved up without affecting the correct lay and placement of the wrap, so sadly this top ended up not working out for me regardless of size.

2. Trench Coat
Trench Coat | Jeans | Shoes (c/o)

Some of you might remember my pink trench coat (below) from last Spring, but I was still into the idea of having a more classic neutral color, especially since this color seems more suited to pairing with Fall outfits.  This Amazon trench is quite nice, and I'm wearing XS which is the the same size I took in my Express trench. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be keeping this because of the color. It's a bit more yellow in person than it looked online, and this shade isn't great next to my face. The pockets are functional, but you do have to unbutton them to use them so that's not especially convenient. But on my Express trench the pockets zip up, so it's not much different when comparing just that feature. I do love the collar styling on this - probably even a bit better than the Express version! For comparison, here's the top view of my Express Trench:
Exact Trench (Pink sold out)

The Express trench also comes in a camel color very similar to the Amazon version, and overall I personally prefer the Express trench. It just looks and feels a little nicer to me. But it's also a little more expensive: $148 for the Express version vs. $100 for the Amazon trench. If you're not in a rush, wait for a 40% off sale at Express to get the price down to $88. But if you need a trench soon, you can't beat Prime Shipping and the Amazon trench is still nice for the price!

3. Plaid Jacket

I mentioned above that the cognac top is one of my two favorites this month...well this jacket is the other favorite! I just love it! I will say it's cropped and a little on the boxy side so I know some people are not going to love that, but I like cropped jackets and it's not too boxy, so it works for me. The description calls it a "wool-like" jacket which had me worried that it would be itchy like wool, but thankfully it's not. It's nice and soft - more like a flannel shirt than a wool jacket. It's also quite warm and pretty thick. I likely won't be able to wear this here until November, but it's going to be a fun piece for late fall and winter!

UPDATE: Full post with this jacket HERE.

4. Utility Shirt

This shirt is a definite keeper! It's nice and soft and it's loooong, which you'll see in the front view below. The length is nice for me because it means I can easily wear it with leggings - no extra tank or layer required to keep things covered. It has roll tab sleeves, which I also like since I can either wear them long or rolled up and have them stay in place. I'm planning to get this in more colors: it's $29 and just an all around great shirt. Amazon got everything right on this one!

5. Pink Hoodie

This hoodie is everything you want and expect a hoodie to be: cozy, comfortable, and an easy mid-weight layer for lounging and casual wear. It's true to size and comes in seven colors total, so if you're not a fan of pink there's probably another option that will suit you. I bought the striped version of this myself last Spring but couldn't resist getting it in pink when I had the chance, so I can genuinely say this is something I've bought with my own money and it's easily worth what I paid. Nothing high fashion about it but a great functional piece at a reasonable price.

6. Utility Jacket 

I have already been linking to this jacket for awhile as a Similar Option to one I have from Old Navy (below) since this Amazon option also comes in a light pink, but I wanted to check it out in person to see how they compare and whether I should continue to call it a similar option. And now I can officially tell you that yes, the two jackets are in fact very similar! There are some minor style/detail differences, but the key difference between the two is the fit. I'm wearing XS in both of these jackets, and the Amazon one is a bit bigger and bulkier, to the point where I'd say if you have an option to size down in the Amazon version, you may want to do that. They both have a tie string at the waist to help give it a bit more shape: Amazon's is on the inside of the jacket and the ON version has it on the outside of the jacket. The fabric on the two feels very similar: sturdy and very structured. Neither are uncomfortable or too stiff, but they also do not qualify for my favorite category of "super soft and comfortable."  They're perfectly good for the very reasonable price, though! The Amazon jacket has cuff sleeves, and my version of the ON jacket has elastic sleeves, which I didn't love, but this year's ON Jacket does have cuff sleeves, so that's a nice improvement and levels the playing field on these two similar pieces!

Let's talk price comparison on these two jackets: The Amazon Jacket is $32 with Prime Shipping, and that's hard to beat! You're definitely getting a good quality utility jacket for that price. The Old Navy Utility Jacket is $50 at full price, but as I'm writing this post the sale price is $29. Ultimately I'd say depending on which brand has a color that you like and how you feel about shipping/returns from these two retailers, either jacket is a solid choice. If you typically wear an XS (or smaller) in jackets, you may find the Amazon Utility Jacket just a bit too big and bulky. Also, the Amazon version is a bit longer than Old Navy's, so for taller ladies, that length might make Amazon's jacket a better choice. As for me, I'm still undecided as I write this!  Even though it does run a bit big, from the front view I think it looks okay and I really do like the length for wearing with leggings. I think I'll hang on to it a bit longer and try styling it again to help me make a final decision on it.

Here's one more look at the Amazon pieces in this post, with a front view so you can see the length on each of the tops and jackets. I'm 5'4" for height reference.

That's it for this month's Amazon reviews! See you back on Wednesday for my September Update and some sale news!



  1. Your two favorites are my two favorites. The color of that wrap blouse is soooo good! Just love it and swooning my Plaid loving heart over that jacket!! Sooo cute! You find great stuff girlfriend! xo

  2. I like that trench, it's a shame the colour doesn't work for you! The tartan jacket is the cutest though, definitely a winner!

    I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :) Hope that you had a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  3. These are great Amazon finds! The rust wrap blouse is so pretty and I love the tie detail! The plaid jacket is my other favorite!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. That cognac blouse is so pretty on you and I'm sure it's worth the price. You make good decisions so I know you'll keep it for years to come and get your money's worth! I also love that plaid jacket on you as well as the utility shirt. That shirt is nice and long - perfect for leggings! Have a great Monday Gina!

  5. That buffalo plaid jacket is my FAVORITE! I would say that is a definite keeper. You picked out some great pieces this month. That pink hoodie also looks comfy. Hope you have a great Monday!

    Daily Style Finds

  6. Really loving that rust colored wrap top! That shade is perfect for Fall, and I'm definitely drawn to it more than other typical Fall colors this year. Also love that long utility shirt! It's hard finding nicer blouses to wear with leggings so this one is great for that purpose! Happy Monday Gina :)

    P.S. - I went to Sephora yesterday and used my gift card to buy a new perfume I've been eyeing! I'll share it on my blog soon!

  7. These jackets are all so good for Fall, the buffalo one is a fun piece. This is the first year I cannot justify any purchase for Fall as I won't be traveling.


  8. Looks like this month was a winner for you! I really like that plaid jacket! I wish cropped styles looked better one me. I'll just have to admire it on you! That button up is a really nice length too!

  9. Ooh, I've been wanting a new good hoodie - thanks for the tip on that one! Sounds perfect.


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