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Top View Outfits: Ten for Summer

Last Winter I made it a point to start incorporating more Top View Outfit posts on a regular basis as a way to show more of my everyday outfits plus give a closer look at some details, yet somehow I haven't done one of these posts since May! It's largely because I've used most of my recent top view photos in posts with other outfits to show more ways to wear an item, so I didn't want to be too redundant by posting the same pictures over and over. But I've got a few unposted outfits to share today, plus this is a good way to consolidate some outfits and make it easier to find a certain item/outfit. For all of the exact items I'm wearing, everything is true to size so I won't add many more fit notes below. Here we go!

1. Chambray Jacket + Joggers:

I wore this outfit on the airplane for my trip earlier this month and it was perfect except for the fact that my feet froze on the flight home! Never again will I wear sandals on a plane. Aside from that, it's official that BB Dakota is my new favorite brand for jackets. They're just great outfit makers and they have a lot of knit options that have the comfort of a cardigan with the more elevated look of a jacket. This chambray jacket is probably my favorite new piece of the summer. It serves the same purpose as a denim jacket, but it's softer and lighter weight, making it a better option for a summer layer. And now that I've traveled with it I can confirm that it's perfect for travel. I wore it on both flights and grabbed it in the evening every night when I needed a light layer. This next outfit is a repeat from a previous post but I wanted to share at least one more way to wear this jacket here.

2. Chambray Jacket + White on White:
Jacket (c/o)| Tank | Shorts | Necklace | Similar Sandals (Same brand/style) | Similar Bracelets

Even though I still dress for warm weather in September, I tend to start phasing out truly summery looks like this with the white on white after August. I think I need to wear this one more time before the end of the month!

3. Rust Henley Tank + Neutral Cardigan + Jean Shorts:

The outfit above is an almost exact repeat of one I wore in this post, except with jean shorts here instead of the denim skirt. Both outfits are from the same day - I started the day in shorts but changed to a skirt when we decided to go to the movies. I wanted the longer length and more leg coverage for the theater.

4. Pink Leopard Cami + Jean Shorts:

I shared the front view of this outfit in my Evereve Favorites post, but the top view gives a closer look at the print and the detailing on the sandals.  This top is a great piece to take from day to night with just a few small changes. I swapped my shorts and wedge sandals (above) for dark wash jeans and heels, then added some more sparkly jewelry (below)!

5. Pink Leopard Cami + Jeans:
Cami | Jeans (c/o) | Necklace | Bracelet | Sandals | Handbag (c/o)

These jeans look black in this photo, but in person they're a very dark inky blue. You can see the front view of these in this post, and I think those photos do a little better job of showing the hints of blue in these jeans.

6. White Henley + Khaki Linen Shorts
Jacket (c/o)| Henley Tank | Shorts (c/o)| Sandals (c/o) | Necklace | Earrings

I shared the front view of this outfit last month, and yes, this is another BB Dakota Jacket! This is the same cut and fit as the chambray jacket above but different color and slightly different material. This is tencel vs. chambray but it's equally lightweight and comfortable. I really do love both of them, but I talk about the chambray one being a summer favorite just because it has a more summery look to it. You can't go wrong with either one of these.

7. Striped Peplum Top + Jean Shorts:

This top is probably my second most favorite new-to-me item of summer. You can see the front view here in a slightly more dressed up version of this outfit. I don't really have big plans for styling this a lot of different ways. I got it because I have a lot of great layering tops for summer but not so many "cute all by itself and can wear with a regular bra" tops so this fit that bill. On hot days I can throw it on with shorts for daytime and then trade those for jeans for date night and I'm good to go!

8. Striped Peplum Top + Jean Shorts:
Top | Jeans | Sandals | Necklace

Here's my date night version of this outfit: add jeans, heels, and a little more sparkle! It's always nice to be able to go from day to evening in a matter of minutes.

9. Navy Blouse + White Shorts: 
Navy Blouse (c/o)| White Shorts | Similar Belt | Necklace | Sandals (c/o) | Handbag  (c/o)

Ah, the navy blouse of regret! I love this blouse (front view version posted here) but wish I had gotten a different color since I'm not great at styling navy tops and jackets.I have a pair of grey pants from LOFT that I thought would work with these, but they ended up not looking very good together since the colors are too similar. And I don't currently have a pair of white jeans I love. I'll try pairing it with some of my jeans for fall, but yeah. Truthfully I wish I had selected a different color! It's great blouse but if you're navy-challenged like me, there are lots of different color options to choose from.

10. Black Cami Sundress + Blush Cardigan:

I did a whole post about my favorite summer dresses back in June...and then proceeded to not wear any dresses for the next two months! I think it was a combination of weather and lifestyle factors, but since August hit I've been reaching for my dresses again. July was relaxed but I've already had several A.M. appointments this month where I was rushed to get out the door so this dress came to the rescue. I actually wore it twice on different days to different places/appointments since it's not like the doctor knew I already wore this to the dentist's office this week! This dress is older, though you can find something similar every summer like this LOFT option or this one from Amazon

That brings us to the end of the ten top view outfits, but since my nails are pictured in a lot of these outfits I thought I'd add in my go-to nail combo ICYMI in previous posts.

The bottles look identical in stock photos, but Non-Stop White is an opaque white (after two coats), similar to Essie Blanc. Pearl of Wisdom is a sheer white with a very, very subtle glitter. So subtle that I couldn't even get my camera to capture it in sunlight, but I promise it's there. It gives just a slightly softer, subtle shimmer effect that I really like. Plus the extra coat seems to help the polish last a little longer! You can also find all of my DIY manicure essentials (base coat, top coat, cuticle remover etc.) in this post,

Here's the latest of what's going on in the blog world, real life, and a few other notes!

In Real Life: Last week was crazy coming back from vacation and spending a lot of time in the car driving my kids back and forth from their last week of summer camp. Even with audiobooks to help pass the time, one thing I've learned about myself is that I'm not cut out for a job that would require a lot of driving. It exponentially increases my stress level and makes me not a fun person to be around. So I'm glad that's over, but now back to school is on the horizon, and that's always chaotic! I hate to wish the time away but at this point I'm almost looking forward to September and having a routine again!

On the Blog: Book reviews are coming up tomorrow and I had some great reads this month so I can't wait to share! Wednesday I'll have a multiple ways to wear post, and Friday will be some of my comfy, athleisure favorites from Amazon. Hope to see you here!



  1. Your top views always rock, I just asked myself, which of Gina’s outfits is my favorite here and the answer is EVERY.SINGLE.ONE!!! I cannot wait for your reviews tomorrow too, have the BEST DAY!! xo

  2. I really love that BB Dakota chambray jacket on you, it is a perfect piece and looks lightweight enough to wear even in FL! I'm with you 0 my feet get cold on planes. I sued to wear sandals so it would be easy to get through the TSA lines but then I'd have to pack socks in my bag and what a hassle. Oh well!
    That pretty leopard cami is my favorite - it's unique in color and looks so good on you!
    I have to agree with the driving too. I'll tell you when I have to drive to a meeting (about twice a year) I always return so grateful that I work from home!

  3. That chambray jacket is awesome! I'd love to get more chambray for my wardrobe this year - I tried on a few chambray jackets last summer, or the summer before, but never found a piece that fit just right. I love the chambray dress and maxi skirt that I have though so would like to add more! :)

    Hope that you had a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  4. All of these outifts are so cute Gina! I need to check out that chambray jacket. As much as I love wearing my denim jacket, this sounds like it's a better summer layer! I'm totally with you on driving and am so glad I work from home too!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. What a fun jacket! The rust henley tank look is my favorite with the patterned cami a close second. But they are all great looks. I hear you on driving. I drive to work 3 days a week with a 45 minutes commute one way in traffic with about 20 stop sign/lights. And, it is too much for me! I would rather live in NYC and take public transportation. I hope your Monday is off to a great start!

    Daily Style Finds

  6. Give that navy blouse another shot! I love pairing it with bright accessories! Even with lighter denim maybe? I love all these looks and layers! It's been to humid lately for much layering unless I'm in the AC, but in a few more weeks that won't be the case anymore!


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