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Rust Crush + Currently

Challenge: try saying "Rust Crush" ten times fast. It's a tongue twister! But I couldn't think of  a better title for this post so here we are! Rust is a trending color this summer and I'm really liking it! Ordinarily it seems like this would be a fall color, but I've been seeing lots of summery items in this color and I didn't have a hard time finding a couple that I wanted to add to my closet. First up, this rust skirt that I previewed last week:
Jacket (Similar for less) | Similar Cami | Skirt (c/o) | Sandals (c/o) | Necklace | Earrings | Handbag (c/o Shopbop) [Budget Option]

This fun little skirt is all over the fashion blogger community, and generally I really try not to have too many pieces that it seems like everyone else has. It makes me feel redundant and unhelpful if I only wear items that hundreds of other bloggers have already shared. But in my real one else has this! I thought it would be silly not to get something I really like just because it happens to be popular online, so ultimately its cuteness outweighed its "too popular" factor. 

Jacket (Similar for less) | Similar Cami | Skirt (c/o) | Sandals (c/o) | Necklace | Earrings | Handbag (c/o Shopbop) [Budget Option]

The skirt itself is under $20 and for reference I'm 5'4", so for you taller ladies I expect this will look much shorter! Also, when it arrived, the ties at the waist went to the floor! I had to trim those immediately.  It runs in sizes Small - XXL, and I'm wearing a Small here, which is about what I'd expect to wear in this type of brand on Amazon.

I also picked up one other rust piece for summer, this rust henley tank:

I discovered these Aerie henley tanks last summer and they're a great basic layering piece. True to size for me and can be worn with a regular racerback bra. And that's my entire two-item collection of rust pieces for this summer. Now I just need to get to work styling them a few more ways to make the most of them!

It's the first Wednesday of the month so once again I'm joining Anne for her "Currently" link up. She provides the fun and creative prompts for this, and today's participants are sharing what we're
currently reading, enjoying, finding, saving, and tasting. I'm also joining Kristen for "What's New!"

Reading... Queen of Hearts on Kindle recommended by Anne in our Page Turners Collab, and so far so good! Also reading City of Girls on Audible, which was recommended by several different book podcasts. I'm about halfway through and it's enjoyable, but right now I'm learning toward "overrated." My monthly book reviews are coming up on July 9 so you can expect to see full reviews for these in that post.

Enjoying...that we get two Fridays this week. I'm off work tomorrow so today feels like a Friday, then when I go back to work it's an actual Friday!

Finding..."gifts" from our neighbor's cat on our back patio at least once a week. And by "gifts," I mean dead rats/mice. It is the most bizarre thing, and maybe cat owners can explain this to me! Our neighbor has had these two cats for about two years. In the past year or so they've been making themselves at home in our backyard on the regular. Then in May, we started finding these "gifts" dragged on our patio when we'd open up the curtains in the morning. The first time it was just gross, now it's almost funny that it's become such a regular thing! The only thing that's not funny is the clean up! on iced coffee this summer. I have looked up DIY iced coffee recipes on Pinterest and have researched iced coffee makers on Amazon and they all have one of two issues for me. Either 1) they take too long, since most recipes require you to prepare the coffee well in advance so you can cool and ice it. If I feel like an iced coffee, chances are I wasn't prepared for that craving 24 hours ago. Or 2) They are too expensive! So here's what I've found that tastes good to me and only requires the prep of having these items on hand from either Amazon or the grocery store.
Iced Coffee + Milk + Kelly's Delight

I buy the iced coffee and milk (or you can use half and half...whatever you prefer) at Target or the grocery store, and I order the Kelly's Delight Liquid Sugar on Amazon. And prior to trying this, I hadn't liked any of the coffee syrups I had tried. They all had a funny, artificial taste to me. But I do like the taste of Kelly's, and this combo is saving me many trips to Starbucks and lots of money in the process!

Tasting...samples of the Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats that I'm making for our 4th of July celebration. I've posted about these before, but they're a family favorite and fairly easy to make. If you want to surprise and impress your guests, these are great! Everyone thinks they're just regular Rice Krispie treats until they try them, and then they realize they're not your average RKTs! And you don't have to heat up the whole kitchen by using the oven when making them. They aren't festive looking, but no one will care once the taste them.

That's the latest from here! Can't wait to hear what's Currently happening in your neck of the woods!

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  1. that is such a cute skirt, I can see why it's so popular! Looks nice for summer :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    I hope that you are having a great week so far :)

    Away From Blue

  2. That skirt is the absolute cutest on you! If I looked that good in a skirt, I 'd have to buy it in every color - ha!! Love the way you styled it too. So good!
    I love your idea of making your own iced coffee. I tried making my own iced caramel coffee and it worked okay but wasn't quite strong enough. I have to keep playing with it!
    Cheers for a loooooong weekend! I've been off of work this week and it has been so nice! Have a great 4th Gina!

  3. Summer jumpsuits for women have become a trendy option among women. They are now happier to wear them for lunch out with friends or just to spin around town at night.

  4. I've been avoiding City of girls for that reason. I love that little skirt, the fit is perfect. Have a great long weekend!


  5. I'm loving the rust color trend! Your skirt is adorable and you'll be able to easily transition it into fall too! I love iced coffee in the summer! I may have to make those rice krispie treats this weekend! Yum! One of our cats used to spend most of his time outdoors and he would randomly leave gifts for us and a few of our neighbors. I think it means he likes you! Enjoy your 4th!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. We were actually given half the day off today for the first time ever!! Such a treat...kind of like those dang Rice Krispies...holy yum!!

  7. I am all about skirts instead of shorts so of course I love this.

  8. I've seen that skirt and saw your overhead shot the other day. Now I'm really wondering if I should try it, especially as an alternative to shorts. Those rice krispie treats looks dangerous. YUM! Loving your iced coffee hack. What's the calorie count in that sweetener? I have made my own cold brew before, but I've also bought the SB. I mostly would use it in a smoothie recipe. XOXO

    1. It's 12 calories per teaspoon! I like my coffee pretty sweet and honestly, a little bit goes a long way with this! I highly doubt I'm ever adding more than 24 cals to the drink with it (depending on the size of the cup I'm using).

  9. That's a cute little skirt. I used to have one in the same cut, but red paisley. Wishing I had kept it

  10. I'm glad you were able to find an at-home iced coffee you can easily make! I have a cat, but we don't let him outside so I can't explain the mice, but I think it is supposed to actually be a 'gift' for you because they like you!

  11. I love that skirt. I have cats but they are strictly indoor so they dont hunt outdoors. Our neighboours cats however are complete pains in the butt with hunting. Ugh sorry you have to deal with that

  12. Most of my baked goods look atrocious but taste much better, so I feel you on the RKT situation! Those sound delicious, I've never heard of a salted caramel version before. I may give it a try next time we have folks round (otherwise I'll eat them all myself...). I think rust coloured things are so pretty, and it's winter here so it works very well!


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