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Linen Shorts + Friday Favorites

I am always on the lookout for key neutral, versatile pieces that I can add to my wardrobe and easily mix and match with what I own. My latest addition is this pair of linen shorts in "natural" from the Amazon exclusive brand 28 Palms. This is my first time trying anything from this brand since most of the items in their collection are more Hawaiian themed than what I go for in my everyday life, as I'll share below. But for a simple pair of affordable, beat-the-heat summer shorts, these hit the mark!

Thanks to Amazon for providing the jacket and shorts in this outfit and thanks to Shopbop for providing my sandals and handbag.

Most of you all know by now that Daily Ritual is my favorite Amazon brand, and they do carry a very similar pair of linen pull on shorts. Both have a 4" inseam, are 100% linen and are under $30. I considered both options since I knew I wanted a neutral, khaki-ish pair of summer shorts. But I opted to go with these simply because I liked the XS-XXL sizing, rather than the numeric 2-16 sizing on the Daily Ritual shorts. All of the pull-on shorts I own from other brands are XS-XXL and it just seemed easier to get the right size this way!

For what it's worth 28 Palms also carries a 6" inseam version of these shorts for anyone who prefers a bit more length. As far as other pieces in this outfit, my henley tank and jacket are both true to size.

Aside from that, this is a pretty simple outfit so there's not too much else to say! My photographer on this particular day (my 12 year old son) was not liking the ties on these shorts. Personally I didn't mind them, but then his comment made me a little self-conscious so I decided to try folding the waistband over and tucking in the ties in this next photo:

I did like the clean look of this, but it was actually a bit more difficult to keep them "just so" in real life this way. If you know for sure you wouldn't want the ties showing you might be better off with the Daily Ritual pair after all since those have no ties and the waistband already has a folded look!

Time to join up with some blogger friends for Friday Favorites!

1. More Favorites from 28 Palms: Like I mentioned in the intro, I chose by far the most neutral piece from this brand. In general everything has more of a Hawaiian vibe than my shorts. I didn't really feel I was doing this line justice if I only shared this one pair of neutral shorts! If you're planning a trip to Hawaii or some other tropical destination (or just a summer luau perhaps?) their dresses would be perfect!
 ONE $45 | TWO $40 | THREE $20 | FOUR $29

All of these dresses come in multiple print options, so if you see a style you like but want one of the other print options, check the product listing since each dress style has way more selections than I can feature here and some of the prints are offered in different length/style options. As much as I'm not usually a floral person, for the right location and occasion I would definitely be all about it! 

2. Favorite Recital Dress: Speaking of dresses, I got this dress and shared it way back in September, and it only took nine months but I finally had a reason to wear it in real life! My son's guitar recital was in June and it was great to have this ready to go for the event. It was a warm day but with A/C indoors I felt covered and comfortable.
Dress (c/o) | Similar Necklace | Sandals | Similar Crossbody | Bracelet | Earrings

I'm wearing a Small in this for size reference, and it does come in other colors along with some cute striped options.

3. Favorite N-Sale Purchase from Last Year: My general plan for the N-Sale this year is to avoid it as much as possible. I am considering getting a Barefoot Dreams cardigan in another color, but I find it painful to buy items in July that I can't wear until December, which makes it easy to resist a lot of the sale selections! The Rebecca Minkoff leopard crossbody I'm carrying above (completely sold out now) was my one and only purchase from the N-Sale last year. While I really do love it and use it a lot, it went on sale for less than what I paid during the sale within a month after I purchased it. That experience frustrated me and made me even less inclined to shop the sale! I doubt anyone wondered whether I was going to shop the sale/share any coverage on the blog...but just in case you did, now you know where I stand!

4. Knit Blazer Back in Stock: This piece is really not a great fit for the summer season, but that's probably the reason it's actually in stock! This "knit cardigan" is a great "looks like a blazer, feels like a cardigan" option for dressy/casual wear, and it would also be a great option for travel. I had to stalk the black version of this for seven months to snag it back in January, then by the time I posted it on the blog it was already sold out again! At any rate, despite not being the most summery piece I'm sharing it anyway while it's in stock since it is a great wardrobe piece that will stand the test of time.

5. Prime Day
: While I don't have much to say about the N-Sale, I do plan to post about Prime Day on Monday. If you don't have a Prime Account, get yourself ready for the sales by starting your Free Trial now!

6. Pre-Prime Day Sales: Some Prime Day sales are starting a little early this year! See This Page for the full list of current fashion promotions. The Burgundy and Slate Grey colors of my Daily Ritual T-shirt Dress are part of the pre-sale, currently just $15!

And that's a wrap for today! Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you back on Monday for Prime Day!



  1. A few Neutral pieces are key to every season, I can totally see so many ways to wear those cute shirts. And let’s talk about how smokin HOT you look in that black dress! I love it. If I see one more NSale post in my I used to love it but ended up not wearing most of it so I’m over it. But I do LOVE my barefoot dreams blankie from last year. I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  2. I love that your son had an opinion about your shorts! Precious! I really like the way you styled this - that jacket is perfect with the shorts. I really enjoy jackets, cardis and kimonos - I just think they really complete an outfit and add some polish. If only it was cool enough here to wear one all the time!
    Ugh the NSale - no thank you. I do not enjoy the hype. I will take a look at the cosmetics but that's about it. I did notice that a few things went on sale AFTER the sale last year and that was frustrating. Also? I am seeing bloggers get the same thing year after year - how many long cardis, sweaters, and pair of denim do you need? I keep mine quite awhile.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!!

  3. They look like cute shorts and you wear them well! I am always tempted to buy more short sin summer, I wear them so much! :)

    I'm avoiding the Nsale..and all sales, as I'm doing no buy July, haha! Just had a chat with my friend about it, the discounts seem good but then we have to pay extra tax on online purchases and shipping overseas from america is expensive and time consuming...I've started shopping locally more (even if it is for US brands) as less shipping time and it's often worth the extra $20-$50 dollars everything seems to cost when you don't have to deal with international shipping, haha!

    Hope that you have a great weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

  4. I love that your photographer is giving you styling tips! Those shorts are really cute on you and I don't mind the ties! I didn't receive a N sale catalog this year and haven't had time yet to look online. It's so frustrating when you think you're getting a great deal and then find that a lot of the things are on sale with a bigger discount once fall hits! Looking forward to your prime day post! Have a great weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. I am with you on sizing - s/m/l seems easier than numbers. Love that your son was giving you styling tips. That last look with the khaki green jeans and black knit blazer is a favorite. I need to get out my khaki jeans! I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    Daily Style Finds

  6. These linen shorts are so cute and I love having none denim short for Summer. You are totally right about the NSale, this year I'm getting one thing that I've wanted and it's finally on sale. I always think it's important to have some classic dresses, like yours for random events. This is a good one.


  7. I did such a bad job of scheduling my vacation during these huge sales. LOL I've got a pair of linen shorts I'm taking on vacation. You've got so many cute looks here. XO

  8. I have actually never shopped the Nordstrom sale. It's overwhelming and I'm not the kind of person that can make huge purchases all at once. I'd love to get a pair of booties, but they are often sold out by the time it opens up to me so we shall see! It is hard to get something in summer and wait months to wear it. It almost makes me forget about it!

  9. What is good about these linen shorts is that you can also pair it with your favorite linen shirt to go well with the outfit.

  10. Love the outfit and hairstyle! You look so amazing! Keep it up!

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