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July Jewelry Chat

Jewelry and accessories have always been a favorite for me, even as a child I always loved playing in my mom's jewelry box and trying on her pieces. She's always been a jewelry person too so I guess I come by it naturally! Today I have a little round up of pieces I'm loving this month. I've noticed that I tend to expand my jewelry collection a little more in the summer vs. other seasons. It's probably just because summer doesn't require purchasing as many different types of clothing layers and shoe options as other seasons, so it frees up a some of my budget for jewelry!

1. Stella & Dot Filigree Botanical Earrings

This is the first time I've shared these earrings on the blog but you'll be seeing them in a few upcoming outfit posts so no sense in waiting to talk about them while I'm talking all things jewelry today! These Stella & Dot Filigree - Botanical earrings are simple, pretty and seemed perfect for summer! They're a moderate size and lightweight so no need to worry that they don't weigh down your ear. Here's a close-up via the stock photo:

These are $39, but I also found a really great similar option for $9 from Riah Fashion on Amazon. I'll share a collage at the end of this post with a few more look for less options, but since I'm talking about Riah Fashion that brings me to my next July Favorite!

2. Magenta Geometric Earrings

I just shared this outfit last week with these magenta geometric earrings from Amazon. They're an affordable alternate to the Kendra Scott Marty Earrings and I thought they were a fun color pop to add to my summer outfits for only $12.

3. Stack Bracelets

As much as I love jewelry year round, in the past few years I've started taking a break from wearing bracelets in the cold weather months. Long sleeves just don't play well with a lot of bracelets, and since I have other layers and details to coordinate, cutting back on one accessory just works out for me. But with bare arms in summer, the bracelets make a comeback! The exact set I'm wearing in this photo and in the outfit photo above (look #2 with the magenta earrings) is from Charmed Stacks on Etsy. They currently don't have a set like this one in their shop, but you can select "Request a Custom Order" to have them create one like this for you. Their bracelets have held up well for several years for me so I can definitely vouch for the quality! Plus, the type I'm wearing here is a coil bracelet, so it's all one piece which is nice.

For a similar, budget friendly option, this one is $14 on Amazon

This alternate also happens to be by Riah Fashion! They've become one of my go-to brands for browsing cute jewelry on Amazon and finding similar items to what I'm wearing. And if you're a fan of the Victoria Emerson styles that are a blogger favorite, they also have this wrap bracelet option that's very similar for ten dollars! I don't have this exact bracelet myself so I can't speak to the quality, but I do have a couple of other pieces from this line that are fair quality for the price. (Meaning, not as good of quality as the you expect from the "splurge" version, but good enough for what you paid!) Also, for clarification this is not sponsored and though I do partner with Amazon Fashion and receive sponsored items through that partnership, all of the jewelry pieces I'm discussing in this post (from Amazon or any other retailer) were purchased by me.

4. Stella & Dot Anda Necklace
Necklace | Tank | Shorts (c/o) | Earrings | Sandals (c/o)

I've talked earrings and bracelets so now it's time for necklaces! This one is new-to-me but it's been on repeat since I got it! It's the Stella & Dot Anda necklace and a perfect delicate summer necklace. I love the little white stones, and it happens to pair nicely with the Filigree Earrings. I keep reaching for the two of them together. I haven't been taking many photos of my M-F everyday work from home outfits lately, but that's because it's generally some variation of this: tank top + comfy shorts. It's not very inspiring or blog-worthy, but these shorts are worth sharing if you need a super comfy pair of lightweight sweat shorts! I think they run a little big, so they'll be roomy if you get your normal size. The tie on mine looks more white in person than on the model, but this is the exact pair.

And here's another casual outfit with the same jewelry trio of earrings, necklace and bracelet.
T-Shirt | Similar Shorts | Necklace | Earrings | Similar Sandals | Similar Bracelet 

I couldn't quite get the earrings in this photo as well as I hoped but you get the idea from the previous pics.

5. Stella & Dot Luna Crescent Necklace 

My Stella & Dot Luna necklace appeared in the most blog photos this month so a list of July jewelry favorites wouldn't be complete without it! It didn't appear in many selfies since I just didn't take many this month, so I pulled this top view photo from an outfit I wore back in Spring. I love the mixed metal on this (silver crescent, gold chain) since it means I never have to worry if it coordinates with the metal on my bag, outfit etc. I don't worry whether my metals match as much as I used to once upon a time, but I admit I still feel better/more coordinated if I have a mixed metal piece to tie everything together. I do have some budget friendly options for this necklace as shown below that are similar styles, but I've never found a mixed metal option, and that was a key selling point for me on this piece.

Here's visual round-up of some budget-friendly options I mentioned above for the pieces I'm wearing, along with my exact magenta earrings since they're already budget-friendly!
ONE: Leaf Earrings ($9)
TWO: Bracelet Stack ($15)
THREEGeometric Earrings ($12)  
FOURGold Crescent Necklace ($12) 
FIVEPearl Necklace ($14) 
SIXSilver Crescent ($15)

Coming up on Wednesday it's my Monthly Update/What's Up Wednesday, so I'll save my IRL and other updates for Wednesday's post! Hope to see you there!

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  1. Holy cow, what great dupes and beautiful pieces at fabulous prices. Great gift ideas too. My mom and I love jewelry too. You are a great accessorizer!! xo

  2. I love those Stella & Dot earrings, but these are lots of good Amazon dupes too.

  3. I'm particularly loving the earrings, especially the first gold pair! Now the boys are bigger and know the meaning of the world gentle when they grab my ears I'm starting to branch out and try more fun statement earrings :) they are an easy accessory when it's too hot for anything else, haha!

    Hope that you had a great weekend! :)

    Away From Blue

  4. Love all of your new jewelry, especially those filigree earrings! You found so many great save options too! I haven't worn bracelets in ages - I stop wearing them in the winter too and guess I never started again in the spring. Loving that bracelet stack!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Well I am just thrilled with my magenta geometric earrings you shared last week! They arrived on Saturday and they are so pretty! I agree with you - I tend to buy more jewelry in summer too come to think of it. Probably for the same reasons - plus I just love a good set of bracelets and fun earrings! Super post and I just ADORE that AE striped tank on you! It is perfect!

  6. Those fuchsia stunners are so fun! And I'm a sucker for a crescent necklace!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Great post, you have an amazing photos!! :)
    If you want that we follow each other, let me know by leaving a comment on my last post and please click on the link at the end of post --> https://beautyshapes3.blogspot.com/2019/07/coachella-inspired-outfit-rosegal.html

  8. These are all wonderful budget options! I absolutely love those pink earrings! They are such a fun pop of color!


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