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Evereve Favorites

Today's post is definitely a "bloggers made me do it" post! I'm not one to really seek out new boutiques to try, either in person or online! But over the past year or so I've noticed a few cute pieces on other bloggers that ended up being from Evereve. I held off buying anything there for awhile since we don't have a brick and mortar store here in SoCal, which means I would be paying return shipping for anything that didn't work out, and of course no one wants to do that! But I finally took the plunge and got this jacket for Mother's Day, and since then I've added a couple of additional pieces so I'm sharing them all today in one place.

My most recent purchase from Evereve is this "leopard print" cami. Obviously this is not what you'd consider a biologically accurate leopard print seeing as it's all pink and blush, but that's why I liked it!

I'm not usually big on prints, but I do find that if I happen to be drawn to a print, it's usually abstract or geometric like this. And since I own so few prints, it looked like it would be something fun and different to add to my closet! I am wearing an XS in this cami, which is what I'd wear in a Barcelona Cami or Portofino shirt at Express, so the sizing is very much the same. The other thing to note is that this is very thin, sheer material. If it were white it would probably be see-through, but the print keeps it from being too revealing. I wore a nude strapless bra with it and didn't have any issues.

I have it untucked in the photo above, and you can see that it's not a very long cami. Definitely not cropped, but be warned that if you want to wear it tucked in, it doesn't stay put very well. I tried tucking it in for some of the photos, and by the time I was done with this walking sequence it was already slipping out of place!
Cami | Similar Shorts | Sandals (c/o) | Necklace | Earrings | Similar Bag | Similar Bracelets

Luckily I really only need this for casual wear so untucked it just fine (and less fussy), but if you want something that works better tucked-in, you might want to check out this LOFT Cami. The print and colors are very similar but it has a longer shirttail hem, and those usually better for tucking in my experience.

It's probably getting too warm to wear this jacket in the immediate future, but I really do love it and have put it to good use since Mother's Day!
Jacket | Tee | Similar Shorts | Similar Sandals | Necklace | Earrings | Handbag (c/o Shopbop)

It's really soft and comfortable and the front stays draped open rather nicely. Sometimes on this type of drape front jacket, the draped part will just flop down, flap around, or drape shut, which defeats the whole purpose! But this one passes my "stay put" standards and is a fun one to dress up and down. Here's another way I wore it with a little bit of a dressier vibe:
Jacket | Tee | Jeans | Necklace | Sandals | Handbag (c/o Shopbop)

And last but not least, what do you do when the free shipping minimum is $50 and you want to buy a cami that's $39.99? Why you find something as close to $10.01 as possible to add to your cart! Why pay for shipping when you can basically get earrings for "free" this way? Or at least, that was my logic for adding this pair for $12.99 to my cart: 

I'll be sharing an outfit with these in Friday's post, so stay tuned for that! They're super light weight, so if you don't like heavy earrings, you don't have anything to worry about with these. They really had a lot of cute earring options so it was hard to narrow it down, so I won't be too upset if I "have" to get another pair there to avoid paying shipping on a future purchase!

To be clear none of my Evereve items were sponsored in any way. I know they work with a lot of girls on Instagram, which is apparently effective since that's how I found out about them in the first place when I was active on that platform! But in this case I'm just an influencee sharing a few of my favorites today!

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  1. I keep seeing bloggers working with Evereve but I honestly haven't even looked at their website. You got great pieces that will stand the test of time - not trendy and fit your style so I say you did very well! I love that the cami is not the traditional leopard print colors - that gets tiring after awhile. The jacket looks well made and the fact that it stays draped nicely is a good indication of quality in my opinion. I'd have done the same thing and found cute earrings - I cannot stand paying for shipping!
    Can't wait to see how you style those earrings! Have a great day Gina!

  2. Such cute pieces you got - I really like that jacket! :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Absolutely darling pieces! I have a friend who works in one of the stores but sadly we do not have one close to us. I should order online because all your stuff is so cute! Have a super sweet day!

  4. That's a cute outfit. I've not tried Everete myself, but these pieces are nice. I'll have to check them out.

  5. We have Evereve here but I've never been in the store or looked online. Your leopard print cami is adorable and I'm really loving your jacket! I think retailers strategically price items so that you have to purchase additional to get to the free shipping! Those earrings are really cute!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. I love the leopard cami (and in the pink color)! I am with you - I don't typically buy prints, but I like that one. I hope you have a great Wednesday!

    Daily Style Finds

  7. Great picks! And I'm often pulled into the bloggers made me do it realm. haha! Quite honestly, I hope that I'm influencing someone out there to do something. hehe. Anyway, may I be so bold as to say that you're legs are fabulous! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it! ;)

  8. I love it! We have the same way of thinking about shipping and getting something for basically free. HA! I'm like you, I keep seeing this brand, and don't want to pay return shipping, so I haven't chanced it yet. I'm glad you had good luck. I wish we had these stores out here. I'll have to go into one next time I'm in Nashville. You got cute pieces!

  9. I hadn't heard about Evereve until I met Caroline at our blogger meet up who works there. They have so many cute things! That cami is adorable on you and so is the jacket!

  10. How have I never heard of Evereve?! That jacket is too pretty, and I'm all about anything with leopard print <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. Oh I haven't heard of this brand but I LOVE that pink jacket! You look so cute in both pieces and I'll have to check out this brand!



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