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Everyday Outfits + Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! Yesterday was the last day of school in our neck of the woods (FINALLY) so all day I was thinking it was Friday. When I woke up in the morning yesterday I panicked because I didn't have my post finished! But then I remembered that it was a Thursday that felt like a Friday. Phew! Luckily I had some time to finish this one up and keep with my regular schedule. I'm just sharing some everyday outfits today along with some chit chat about where I wore it and how items fit, so let's get started!

Olive "Open Sweatshirt" + Chino Shorts:

This "open sweatshirt" came in the Daily Ritual sample selection Amazon sent me (a little more about that along with some other pieces in this post) and it's most definitely my favorite item from their selections. I call it an "open sweatshirt" because that's the product name, and it does a good job of describing the item. It feels soft like a sweatshirt, but it's not too warm or heavy. I've worn it a few times already as you'll see below! It ran true to size for me - I'm wearing an XS here which is what I typically wear in cardigans at Express or LOFT and other cardigans I have from this line.  I started my Saturday wearing this with my closet staple leopard sandals, but then my husband wanted to grab lunch so I wanted to dress the outfit up a notch with wedge sandals instead of flats. I also persuaded him to take a couple of photos while we were out so I could show the front view and length on this "open sweatshirt."

Our photo session was cut short because for one, the bright midday lighting was not helping our amateur skills, and for another, some guy kept circling the parking lot area where we were taking pictures. I try to avoid having an audience when taking blog pics because it makes me feel awkward and therefore look awkward in photos, but this guy seem determined to keep watching us. Finally he parked his car near a bench...and then got out and smoked a cigarette! I kind of had to laugh at myself because here I am thinking he's being weird watching us, but most likely he just wanted us to leave so he could smoke his cigarette in privacy. He probably wanted to make sure we didn't know him and go tell his wife or something! Anyway, that's the long way of telling you here's the front view of this outfit/open sweatshirt and this is the only semi-decent pic I could use from that day!

Olive Open Sweatshirt + Leggings:

While I'm on the topic of this cardigan/sweatshirt hybrid (I'd love to give it a clever name but I don't think "sweatigan" really has a nice ring to it..."cardishirt" doesn't sound great either!), here's one more way I wore it in a standard work from home outfit of a tank + leggings. In case you missed, it, I shared Ten Work From Home Outfits in this post, and you might also recognize this outfit and the next one as my Foolproof Outfit Formula put to work yet again!

Olive Jacket + Black Cami:

One thing I know women love are outfits that can multi-task and take them from desk to drinks. I find that doesn't work out so well for me since I work from home and like to be pretty casual and very comfortable. But what I can do is take my outfit formula from desk to drinks, if not the exact pieces. When it's 4:30 on Friday and my husband texts me and asks if I want to meet him for happy hour, my answer is yes! But chances are I want to wear something a little cuter than leggings and a sweatshirt, and I need to decide on an outfit and be out the door pretty quickly. So I took the same black-on-black + olive outfit formula and re-created the look in a happy hour-ready outfit. This also goes back to my Seasonal Shopping Strategies Post. While these outfits aren't meant for different seasons per se, I do like having a dressy and casual version of the same piece for easy outfit styling for different occasions.

Striped Hoodie + Joggers:

Nothing new or exciting here! Just a standard, comfortable work from home outfit and a Starbucks Honey Citrus Mint Tea. Earlier this month our family all got hit with a virus that was something worse than a cold, not as bad as the flu. I always crave that tea when I'm under the weather, regardless of the season! Anyway, as for the clothes here, I sized up in this t-shirt hoodie for some extra length since I also like to wear it with leggings. (You can see the front view of it under my jacket in my Big Bear Weekend Recap post). The similar joggers I linked are a style that I have in two other colors (Blue and Light Grey) so I can vouch for the fact that they're very comfortable and true to size!

Maxi Dress + Denim Shirt:

This maxi dress wins the prize for item I wear the most yet post the least! I wear it almost every day after I apply my sunless tanner to let the product dry but still be covered while I work or do other things about the house. It's the Daily Ritual "supersoft terry" fabric, which is thicker and closer to a sweatshirt material. Just like the t-shirt hoodie above! I've only worn it in public once as shown above, but once was enough to make me realize I'm just not a maxi dress person. There's no rhyme or reason to it, but I either prefer pants or a shorter length skirt. That said, it's still a great dress and I do use it a lot! Just more as a functional piece rather than fashion piece.

Lavender Tee + Black Shorts:

When I bought this tee (first shared in a standard front view post here), it was $32. My guess is that it might have been price-matched or a returned item, but I have noticed that prices aren't always static on Amazon. Sometimes a different color or size of the same items costs more, and it's infuriating when it's the size I need! My point is, Amazon does still carry the exact option, but in my honest opinion it's not worth the current price of $68. I purchased this myself but I wouldn't have done so at that price! If I were shopping for a tee in this color I'd get this Ann Taylor option instead. The color is very similar to mine and I like the boat neck styling. And with the current promotion it's under $30, which is way more reasonable. At any rate, my exact version is true to size, as are my shorts and sandals.

Henley Tank + White Cardi + Black Shorts:

We had a crazy heatwave earlier this week that came out of nowhere! Our temps have generally been in the mid 70s, and then all of a sudden on Monday it was 100 degrees! Needless to say my cardigan didn't last long on this day, but I like the way the selfie looks better with it on, so it stayed for the photo! What I do love wearing on hot days are these henley tanks from Aerie. I got a couple of colors last year and still love them, and they're back again this year with a few extra colors, currently $12 each. I wear a Small in these, which is pretty standard for me in this type of fitted tank. They came out with a basic white one this year which I had to order since it's my favorite for layering. I do have this white henley tank c/o Amazon for the same price (with Prime Shipping), but honestly the Aerie ones are better. Softer material and a bit more length in the torso which seems to fit me a bit better and stay in place better. Now if only Aerie would make this in black!

Time to join up with some blogger friends for Friday Favorites!

1. Shopbop Sale: In case you haven't heard, Shopbop is having a big "Sale on Sale! Take 25% off all sale items with Code SCORE19. My top two categories to browse for these sales are Designer Handbags and Shoes

One: Sam Edelman Shoes (Bay Slide Blush Gold) 
Two: BB Dakota (Double Agent Trench Jacket)
Three: Rebecca Minkoff Bags (Small Love Crossbody

I also have to add BB Dakota to my sale "Must Check" list. They are one of the more affordable clothing brands Shopbop carries and they make some of my favorite jackets! My collection of their jackets is growing, e.g. the black jacket I'm wearing in this post and the pink fleece jacket in this post are by BB Dakota. If I didn't already have a few olive jackets, I'd be adding the "Double Agent Trench" to my collection!

The Sam Edelman Bay Slides have been a very popular shoe this year, and the Blush Gold color is included in the sale. I also love having a red crossbody bag! And the RM Small Love Crossbody is just the right size for date night, so I'd be snagging that during the sale if I didn't have a little red bag!

2. Favorite Blog by a Sister: Not that I'm picking favorites with my sisters because I truly love all three, but I only have one sister with a blog so this is an easy favorite! My sister Denae has made some cameo appearances here over the years and she's decided to start her own blog this summer, Denae In Motion. You might remember her from last summer when we twinned in our J. Crew Sweaters:

Or from her recent visit to San Diego with my mom and two other sisters:

Denae has a master's degree in physical education and knows her stuff when it comes to health and fitness! She's been a great resource for me over the years and I'm happy she's sharing her knowledge with everyone else now! She has a few posts up on Four key movements we should all be doing (regardless of age!), Four "Legs" of a Healthy Life, and Do You Get Enough Rest? (I got terrible sleep this week so I already know the answer to that!) She's been an amazing support to me over the years and I'm so excited to support her in this new blogging adventure! If you need some realistic, practical, and well-informed motivation for health and fitness she is your woman!

4. SUMMER BREAK! In case you missed the intro, I am more than a little excited about school being out for summer!  My day to day life doesn't change all that much since my kids will be doing action-packed summer day camps, but the evenings should be a lot more relaxing. No homework for the next nine weeks!

Hope you all have a fun, exciting or relaxing weekend lined up too and I'll see you back on Monday!

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  1. Oh wow, I didn't know your sister had a blog - I will check it out. Sounds like something I'd love! Okay, the guy circling the parking lot? I think he wanted to watch a beautiful woman and smoke his cigarette! That would make me anxious too though, I hate having people watch me get photos taken. Generally their my neighbors who just stand in the yard watching while I'm looking all kinds of awkward in the street. I'd love to come up with a clever name for your cardigan-sweatshirt but all I could come up with is sweatigan and yeah, it's not too appealing, oh well!
    Have a great weekend, I bet your kids are so excited to be out of school!

  2. OMG I'm so excited to follow your sister, it's awesome she started a blog. I'm all for tips from a professional.


  3. I love seeing your sisters and mom. Yay - for summer break and more relaxing evenings. Can you send the heat wave this way - 100 is hot! I am with you - I don't do well when taking pictures (which I haven't done forever) but anyone that watches makes me uncomfortable. I am with you on maxi dresses - they always look great on everyone, but I only feel comfortable going out to dinner (at the beach) in one - running around town or where I live (they feel out of place). I hope you have a great start to the summer break this weekend!

    Daily Style Finds

  4. Do you recommend sizing up/down on the Daily Ritual open sweatshirt? It looks so cute and comfy!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh, sorry for not mentioning this in the post! It's true to size! You should be able to order your normal cardigan size. :) And I hope you have a great weekend too!

  5. I’m singing for you School’s Out For the Summer....” So cool about your sis, I will check that out. The black maxi with the denim shirt is my favorite and so sorry about the creeper. xo

  6. I like that henley tank! It's a great color. I That lavender top is always so pretty when you wear it! But $68 for a regular tee is way too high for me, too! Thanks for sharing the less expensive option!

  7. That's so cool that your sister has a blog too! Her focus is right up my alley so I will make sure I check it out! Love the olive cardi/black shorts outfit! The guy circling during your photo shoot would have made me freak out a little bit but you're right, probably wanted to sneak in a smoke! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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