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Denim Jacket Outfits:Spring to Summer

Today I'm continuing with my Closet Staples series and sharing a six ways I've worn my denim jacket for Spring and Summer outfits. I know there are already hundreds of posts on multiple ways to wear a denim jacket and I am quite sure no one needs a "how to" on this item! But I still enjoy seeing posts along these lines for common items since I often get a new idea for how to wear what I already own or a reminder to reach for something in my closet that I haven't used in awhile. So I hope this has the same effect for you!

I have two denim jackets and they are both the "Samantha" style by Mavi Jeans, one is a lighter wash and one is darker. I reach for the lighter version about four times as often as the darker one! I can't say why exactly, but I also don't regret having the darker one on hand because sometimes I just like the way that one looks better with a particular outfit. My exact washes are sold out, though I do think their Current Katy Jacket is pretty similar to the lighter wash Samantha style I have. But for the rest of this post, I'll link this Old Navy jacket as a similar option since it's more affordable. And I'll share my try-on photo with it at the end of this post!

ONE: Tank Top  + Tiered Skirt

This type of skater skirt/tiered skirt is really trending strong this summer! Mine is from Abercrombie last year but I didn't think their current options were as similar as the ones I linked above.

TWO: White Tee + Black Jeans

I think the reason I don't wear my denim jacket as much in Fall/Winter is as I do in Spring/Summer is because I wear blue jeans so much in cooler weather. And I'm just not one to pair my denim jacket with my blue jeans. But I do love a denim jacket + black jeans combo! My jeans are Hale Jeans c/o Amazon, and they probably won't be making any future appearances on the blog unless I repost this pic! I wanted to DIY the hem for a cropped jeans option...and that didn't go as well as I hoped. I'm not sure if they can be rescued, but aside from that I do think they ran a bit smaller than their blue jeans. I got my normal size and they fit okay, but the fabric just didn't have as much stretch so they felt tighter. If I end up replacing these I may try a size up.

THREE: Cami + White Shorts

My purple cami is from Abercrombie last year and I linked the style above, though they don't carry this color right now. In general the style runs true to size. This option from Express also has a lace detail at the neckline and currently has a more similar color option to mine ("Thornberry"). 

FOUR: Colorful Dress 

This dress is true to size but a little on the small side (like Junior's sizing), so if you're between sizes or have a larger chest go up a size. My color is "Wine Red," but I think it's more berry in person than it looks in the stock photo. In case you can't tell from the photo, it also has pockets, and there's an unofficial blogging commandment that thou shalt always mention if a dress has pockets! My hand right hand is in the pocket in the photo above, but it's a little hidden back there. To be honest, this dress didn't survive my last closet cleanout. In general I still recommend it and think it's a good piece. It's cute and affordable (under $25), but ultimately I decided the style wasn't "me." I think it's the empire waistline and the fact that I didn't like how I looked in it unless I had a jacket over it, and I didn't want to be committed to always wearing a jacket with it. But what doesn't work for me may be exactly right for you if you need a cute and simple summer dress!

FIVE: Jumpsuit
Jumpsuit (Similar /w more sizes) | Similar Denim Jacket | Earrings | Handbag (c/o) [Budget Option] | Similar Necklace

It's funny, when I first got this jumpsuit I thought it would be a piece I'd wear just for working from home/lounging at home. But as it turns out, it's something I grab when I'm in a last-minute rush to go somewhere, like the hair salon or a quick trip to the grocery store because we're out of milk. At home I still prefer separates, and now that I know that about myself I'm content with a jumpsuit collection of one! But it is nice to have for those occasional situations!

SIX: Little White (Faux) Sundress

Every summer I debate whether to get a little white summer sundress because they always look so cute and summery on others. But I'm just not convinced I would actually reach for it enough or find it practical enough for my lifestyle, so I keep holding off. Last summer I improvised and paired my white tank and skirt for a dress look, and I think it worked pretty well!

Old Navy Jacket Try-On:

As promised, here is the Old Navy jacket that I always link as a similar option to mine. I'm wearing the XS in this photo. It is a bit longer whereas mine is a more cropped style, but I think the rinse is very similar. H&M also has a similar style and it looks a bit shorter like mine. Their sizing runs 0-14, and I personally always find that more challenging to decide which size to get! They do have a size generator so if you want a more cropped length, it might be worth buying a couple of sizes there and returning what doesn't work to get the right fit.

If you'd like to refer back to this post for outfit ideas feel free to pin the image below!

I didn't set out to do so many "Multiple Ways to Wear" posts in a row but it ended up happening due to photos that didn't turn out, photographers (a.k.a. my kids) with other commitments, etc. etc. I did actually sneak a few new outfit photos in these last few posts as well, but in some cases (like today's photo with the denim jacket and black jeans), the outfit just didn't seem worthy of an entire post in all and of itself, so I opted to expand a little to make it more "post-worthy."  At any rate, that's just a little behind the scenes chatter for you. On Friday I'll be back with a more standard Friday Favorites post so I hope you'll stop by!

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  1. A good denim jacket is worth it's weight in gold. Mine is so old and from Gap - about 15-16 years old in fact but I still love it. I don't wear it as much as I would if I lived in a slightly cooler climate so maybe that's they key to its longevity. Too bad about your diy project not quite turning out - I bet you can rescue them. I saw that someone mentioned adding a row of little pom pom fringe to jeans just last week and thought that was a great idea! I have faith in you Gina!

  2. While it's too hot for a denim jacket in summer I love mine in spring and autumn! mine was getting old, over 10 years I've had it so I was thrilled to find a newer one to update it with recently - hopefully I can get a few more wears of it before it cools off too much this winter :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope you're having a great week so far :)

    Away From Blue

  3. I wear my denim jacket all of the time in the summer and love the look of it styled with dresses and skirts. I'd like to find a good fitting lighter version and need to check out ON! Have you thought of DIYing your jeans into cut off shorts?

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. So very adorable! I am going to be wearing my denim jacket today over a red dress and again tonight over a different dress, LOL! I love your fun outfits!

  5. A jumpsuit collection of one...I'm a charter member too. LOL I have a lighter and darker denim jacket as well. I wear the lighter one more in the summer and I love them both, but I still find myself grabbing a long cardigan more than my denim jackets. I think I just like that warm, cozy feeling. As always, you've share some really cute daily looks. XO

  6. I've had my denim jacket for years and It didn't cost much in the first place. I'm wanting a new one so I can embellish it in some way. Thanks for sharing and hosting. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  7. Your comment about the blogger commandment and pockets had me laughing out loud! I tend to wear my denim jacket more in the spring and summer too but I think that is because sweaters don't tend to fit under it that well, but now that I think about it, I wear jeans a lot more in the fall too! Most of my shorts are colored or patterned so denim jackets are a nice compliment!

  8. A denim jacket is a must, loving all these cute outfits.


  9. Your denim jackets both look great, and the ways you've styled them are spot on! I feel like I don't get much use out of mine, but I'm bringing it along on our road trip in case we have any chilly nights! I wear jeans all the time and I personally am not comfortable wearing a denim jacket with them so I feel like I mainly wear mine with little dresses and skirts. It's a pretty combo!

  10. That is such a great denim jacket, Gina! It is super versatile and I love the lighter wash. I have been wearing my denim jackets a ton this season. I have like 6 or 8 different ones and they are so great with so many different outfit styles. I really need to get a white one!


  11. Like you, I never tire of the denim jacket looks. You're right - I'm either inspired anew or reminded of a fave shirt that I've neglected. Perfect example...your denim with the purple top and white shorts reminds me of a my top, which I styled exactly the same way only with pants. I'm reminded that I need a new pair of white pants b/c those no longer fit me - ha!


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