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Amazon Does it Again + Currently

It's the first Wednesday of the month so once again I'm joining Anne for her "Currently" link up. She provides the fun and creative prompts for this, and today's participants are sharing what we're
currently picking, going, wishing, wearing, and celebrating. In sticking with my normal post format, I'll start with what I'm wearing and share the rest of the topics below!

My top and jeans here were gifted to me via the Amazon Fashion Influencer program. Typically I make my own selections for what I want to wear and share on the blog, but this month I had the chance to try a few pieces from the Daily Ritual line (hands down my favorite Amazon Brand for apparel) without knowing what I was getting in advance! Normally I would pass on that because I'm picky and don't trust that the options I get will actually be something I want to use or wear. But this time I said yes because I've had such good luck with the brand. Almost everything in the entire line is something comfortable that works for my casual lifestyle. And the prices are always reasonable which I know we all appreciate! Also, I wasn't required to share these items in exchange for receiving them, so I knew if I didn't like them, it wouldn't put me in an awkward situation.

Anyway, that's a long disclaimer/explanation, but I wanted to share that backstory since honestly, this t-shirt isn't something I would have chosen on my own! On the model it looks pretty blah so I doubt I would have selected it myself. But when I put it on...I was pleasantly surprised! The fit is unique to anything else I own. It's almost like a blouson style t-shirt. It's flowy through the body but fitted at the hips. What I liked about wearing it is that it's completely fuss-free! I didn't have to tuck it in or mess with it at all. It stayed in place nicely. It is true to size and as usual for this brand, a nice comfortable material and a very reasonable price ($14.50).

These jeans were also included in the Daily Ritual box, and again, they were a pleasant surprise. I might not have tried these if left to my own devices! They do look nice on the model and I've considered trying a few times in the past out of curiosity, but I always backed out because I didn't really need another pair of dark wash jeans. But these are very nice and I'm excited to wear them again! They're comfortable, true to size, and very slimming. They're called Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, but they come up higher on me than my Express mid-rise jeans so I was surprise they weren't "high rise." I am wearing the Regular length with a 29" inseam, but I have them cuffed just a bit, which you probably can't tell in these photos because of the dark fabric (I'm 5'4" for reference).

So while it's nothing new for me to be wearing a t-shirt and jeans, these new-to-me options were fun to try and will definitely be part of my regular rotation. I put these two pieces on the same day I got them and decided this was the perfect outfit to wear that day to take my kiddo to a birthday party and then out for errands until it was party pick-up time. Nothing fancy but just right for the occasion!
That does it for what I'm wearing, so here's what I'm currently picking, going, wishing, and celebrating!

Picking...a red top for the 4th and beyond! Certain holidays (Christmas, Valentine's and the 4th of July to be specific) always get me in the mood to wear more red than I usually do! Here are a few splurge vs. save options that caught my eye:
Shop: Amanda Uprichard (Emmett) | I Am G.I.A. (Naomi) | Bailey 44 Top | Old Navy Top |

Going...back to the dance studio, at least for summer! Even if I can't keep this up when the kids go back to school in the fall (we're still in school until next week but the activities and homework have slowed down for the year), I figure this is a fun way for me to maximize summer and do something I enjoy.  I'm signed up for a workshop this weekend to focus on improving turns, so hopefully I don't get too dizzy and sick before the end of class!

Wishing...I had a pool! If I did, you'd find me lounging on that mermaid floaty in a leopard print bikini. Or poolside in the eyelet cover up and leopard print flip flops! (Leopard flip flops + bikini isn't too much, is it?)
Shop: Sunnylife (Mermaid) | Onia (Alise) | Kos Resort (Eyelet Tunic) | Havaianas (Animal Print)

Celebrating...birthdays and Father's Day! My husband's birthday is this month so I'm sure we'll do something a little special to celebrate. And of course Father's Day is on the 16th. That's a bittersweet one since my own dad passed away, but my siblings and mom and I celebrate him in our own way that day by sharing fun memories and photos. And of course, I make sure my husband feels appreciated by myself and the kids for being an active, involved dad! (June is a good month for him- birthday and Father's Day all in one!)

Okay friends, that's the update for today! Can't wait to hear what's Currently happening in your neck of the woods!

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  1. I really like that tee and I will check it out! What a nice surprise to receive things that work well and you really enjoy. Sometimes the stock photos don't do an item justice, so much better to see it on a real person!
    This Father's Day will be a rough one for us - we don't know how we'll be celebrating yet. These "firsts" are so hard and I feel like once we get through the first year it will be a little easier. If that is even possible.
    I'm glad you have your husband's birthday to focus on as well, it's a nice balance and keeps things in perspective!

  2. I love it when things turn out to be a pleasant surprise after looking kind of blah online... will add that tee to my list of Daily Ritual items to consider buying :) And for once with a spend vs. save item, I actually like the cheaper item more! That red Old Navy tie-front tank is so cute. Jealous of the dance - how fun! I haven't been able to find any place around here for non-kid dance lessons...

    1. Isn't that cute!? And eek - sorry I realized I had the links in the wrong order under that graphic this morning but corrected it now. You'd think I'd be better at this gig by now but I still mess up alllll the time! LOL!

  3. Both those pieces are great! I love the grey tee with the dark wash jeans. And, it's funny because I just saw a similar look on TV, and wanted to re-create it! So, you have given me even more encouragement to give it a try. I will be thinking of you on Father's day without your dad. I hope you have a great Wednesday!

    Daily Style Finds

  4. I've not heard of that brand on Amazon and now I'm regretting my minimal amount of effort on the Amazon Associates program. Sheesh, who gets booted out of that? Me? Anyway, I think you look lovely and I'm intrigued to hear you say you're returning to the dance studio...what style of dance do you do?? Oh, and my mom and brother's bday are in June. Good month!

    1. It definitely takes some effort for me as a smaller blogger to stay in the program! I can’t just post a few items here and there and call it a day, so don't feel badly.

      Right now I'm mainly doing jazz and heels/pop contemporary. But over the years I've tried just about everything! Ballet, tap, lyrical, musical theater, salsa, line dancing, hula, hip name it! :) I can be easily convinced to try just about anything if I have a friend who wants to attend with me or I'm familiar with the teacher!

  5. I am loving your red top picks! I just got a red and black Buffalo plaid tank top that will be perfect for this summer. I can’t wait to style it and share it on the blog!


  6. Such a cute tee, it's great you got it for free! :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well!

    Away From Blue

  7. Yes, it would be tough not knowing what I was getting but huge score, so cute! My husband’s birthday is this month too so he gets a two for one but we do celebrate both. I’m so sorry it is bittersweet for you but I know you have good memories. Have a great day you precious lady!

  8. I love the style of your tee! Isn't it the best when you don't have any expectations for something and then are pleasantly surprised! I don't think I have anything red in my closet and all of these tops are cute options! Father's Day is hard for us too. You just gave me an idea to watch old home movies from growing up with our daughter so she can learn more about her grandfather!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  9. Glad your Amazon experience worked out so well!

  10. That's awesome you're going back to the dance studio for the summer. During the year, I do Cardio Hip Hop and Tap. For the first part of summer, I'm doing Cardio Hip Hop and then I might add in Tap for the second summer session. It's one of my favorite ways to get moving.


    1. Oh that's awesome that you take so many classes! I did tap for a few months as an adult right before I had kids. I stopped at about five months pregnant because trying to be nimble on my feet in tap shoes was just NOT happening! If I found a good teacher I would totally do it again. It's a fun challenge!

  11. That tee looks like a wonderful addition to your closet! I like the way it fits more at the hips. It's more slimming that way! The jeans look really nice on you too!

  12. I keep hearing about the Daily Ritual clothing and I think you've inspired me to final try it out!

    (Stopping by from the Currently Link Up!)


  13. Oooh, so much goodness in one post! First, I really appreciate your backstory on your Amazon influencer program. Daily Ritual pieces look amazing on you and I know you have a few of their pieces, so I wouldn't have thought twice about the collaboration. But it's nice to see bloggers being so transparent! Thank you Gina :)

    Also, I'm going to be up in Wyoming for the 4th so I'm looking for a fun top to wear with shorts! Your red top picks are all adorable.

    And third, I want that mermaid pool float! And a day this Summer on Vintana's patio with of wine in hand ;) Just sayin'

  14. Red is always the color that I'll pick up last for some reason. It's just never been my go-to. Weird how we get those preferences.

  15. I wish I had a pool too!!! That's awesome that those two pieces worked out so well for you! You always look adorable in everything! XO

  16. Love the tee -- wondering the best size to order. What size are you wearing?

    1. Hi Michelle! I'm wearing an XS in the tee! Hope that helps!

  17. These are such great wardrobe staples!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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