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Pink Jackets + Seasonal Shopping Strategies

I'm not one who's known for loving rainy weather, but I will say that ever since I got this pink trench coat, the rain bothers me just a bit less because it means I have a reason to wear it! Our rainy days this month have been more drizzly than downpour (just enough to make you regret getting a car wash), which is a good thing for me since I don't have any rain-friendly spring shoes. If we did get something more than a tenth of an inch of rain I guess I'd have to pull out my winter boots again!

I first shared this trench back in March and I am optimistic that this is going to be in my closet for years to come. Although pink is possibly not as much of a long-term safe bet as other neutral colors, I do think this shade flatters me more. Plus, for someone like me who otherwise wears a lot of solid, neutral colors and basic pieces, I think the pink just adds a more interesting finishing touch to the outfit. If you don't like pink or it doesn't make as much sense for your wardrobe, this does come in Coral, Black, Camel and Grey as well. It's true to size and a really nice piece!

Since it wasn't especially cold, I opted for my sleeveless mock neck top instead of my long sleeve version. I called it a turtleneck above in the product details for convenience but technically it's a mock neck. If you're not used to wearing turtlenecks this would be a great starter piece since it doesn't fit tight around the neck. Plus it's a nice, stretchy t-shirt material and very comfortable overall. This was a great summer-to-fall transition piece and now I find myself reaching for it again for Spring weather. I'm not sure it will be a summer favorite, but there are only so many seasons one wardrobe piece can be expected to suit! You can see the top sans jacket in this post from October.

In the winter I picked up a similar long sleeve version of this top and loved that as a layering option too. In case you haven't noticed or if I haven't mentioned it for awhile, that's one of my overall shopping strategies to simplify the process of getting dressed. If I find a great piece that works well in an outfit formula, I'll shop for a similar piece to re-create that outfit for a different season or weather situation. For example, I have the long sleeve mock neck and the short sleeve version. I also love my pink trench, but if it's not raining, it's not very practical to wear. So I'll use the same outfit base with my pink fleece moto jacket instead:

On colder days I would have worn this with my long sleeve top as a layer instead and black boots instead of black shoes! This might sound strange, but documenting my outfits over the years (i.e. taking any type of outfit photo for the blog) is something that has really helped me be a little more strategic with this shopping strategy. When I review my old outfit photos, I'll see which outfits still stand out to me and think about how I can re-create them for the current season. In some cases that does mean shopping for a new seasonal piece to complete the look, but overall I feel like it's helped me define my style better and be more strategic in my shopping habits. Rather than just browsing for anything that catches my eye, I go in search of a specific item because I know it will be the finishing touch for a complete outfit. It didn't happen overnight at all and I've made plenty of impulse purchases along the way, but in the last year or so I've been focusing on doing this more. If you're in the stage of building your wardrobe or figuring out your own style, I wrote a post a a few years back about how I built my wardrobe. My lifestyle and tastes have changed a little since then, but the foundation points are still things I believe in now. You might find it helpful if you're in a place of re-starting your wardrobe due to a lifestyle or job change or just wanting to refine your personal style!

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  1. You are such a smart shopper! I think your trench coat will serve you well for many.many years. The pink is so pretty and it's neutral in my opinion. If it were bright pink it may be harder to wear but I think you made a terrific choice!
    I admire your strategies - you know what works on you and stick with it. I bet that keeps you from making some serious mistakes like your friend over here in FL who sometimes shops like a chicken with her head cut off! Ha!!!

  2. I like the pink color of the trench coat. It's soft and subtle, but you're right it add extra fun to the outfit...then comes those distressed jeans. Those are super cute. I wish I was as organized with you in purchases! I love to organize my closet, but shopping is overwhelming to me at times!

  3. As someone that also loves neutral colors, I agree - pink adds that "extra" to a look. I love it paired with jeans and a black top. There is something so chic, yet classic about it. I have been adding more pink to my wardrobe over the years. I am trying to be more strategic with my buying. I definitely have with shoes. If they are not comfy - I don't buy them - even if they are really cute and trendy! I hope you have a great day, Gina! (Can I send a little rain your way - it has rained continually, I think, for over a month, or more!)

    Daily Style Finds

  4. Okay, now I need a pink jacket! I have a few but I am thinking a trench and a moto jacket in pale blush might be a necessity now. Great looks!


  5. I love your pale pink trench coat! I think the subtle hint of color will keep it current for years to come. You have the best shopping strategy! I really should look back at outfits I love and try to incorporate similar looks for other seasons!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. I think your method of shopping for one thing in particular is a good one to reduce impulse purchases! I know I made quite a few impulse purchases this month, haha! I really like that pink trench on you too, a trench is a must have!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  7. What a beautiful trench and absolutely, pink makes the rain just a little bit better! That trenchcoat fits you so good! You are one of the smartest rappers I know and I hope you have a fabulous day!

  8. LOL...that should be shoppers....but hey maybe you can rap too, lol

  9. Love the jackets - especially that cute fleece moto! And I'm pretty convinced that spring shoes that work in rain just don't exist....

  10. I agree and think you'll have this trench for years to come. It's so classic, pretty and feminine. I love it with the distressed jeans and heels too. You look darling! XO

  11. This pink trench looks so pretty on you, I've tried so many trenches and they never look right.


  12. Love that trench coat. I've been looking at those pink ones for a long time now, but I want something with a hood (hate umbrellas) and I can't find one.

  13. I think blogging has helped me figure out what pieces could really make my wardrobe more versatile, too. Although I'd say there are some impulse purchases in there too! You never know what you 'need' until you see it in a store, right?! Haha!

  14. I absolutely LOVE that jacket! Such a pretty color!

  15. A blush pink trench is PERFECT! Subtle but still makes a style impact. I love this on you!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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