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Olive Shirt Jacket + Cognac Sandals 3 Ways

The day after book review day always feels a little anti-climactic for me on the blog front. The books I've read in a month are more unique and varied than the outfits I wear in a month!. But it could also be that I haven't been blogging about books as long as I've been blogging about clothes, so it still feels like new territory to me. Today's outfit is definitely not new territory since I've shared all of these pieces before, but they're good ones that I love having in my closet just the same!

I've shared this Maurice's jacket in my top view posts before, but I'm liking it a lot so I wanted to make sure to get non-selfie photos of it so you can get a better idea of the fit. It's true to size for me and I took the same size as I would at Express or Old Navy in jackets, though I do think it feels just a touch more snug than the same size jackets there, so if you're worried/between sizes, go up one size.  I don't shop at Maurice's a lot (especially since I don't have a local store for free/easy returns), but every now and then their items will come up when I'm searching for a specific product and I'll check it out. I do have a Maurice's burgundy faux leather moto jacket from a few years back that's identical in every way to my Express (Minus the) leather jacket except for the price! Oh, and speaking of price, I was able to get this jacket for 30% off (making it $34) plus free shipping with a text code. I'm not sure when it will expire, but try texting STYLE30 to 50427. Then you have to reply "Y" to sign up for promotional text messages and get the code. Of course, you can always reply STOP to cancel after you order if you don't want anymore messages. I signed up to get the discount when I ordered this jacket about a month ago, and so far I've only received two text messages (one on Cinco de Mayo and one on Mother's Day) so it was worth it to me for what I saved!

In terms of the other pieces, my exact Gap tank is still in stock and true to size. It's a nice staple that I have in a few colors (white, black, navy and olive). I got these last year to replace some of my Target tanks because I liked the wide scoop and thick material of these better. Not the Target maternity tanks though - I still like those for wearing with leggings! Just the older Mossimo/Merona ones. And Gap is always having 40% off sales so you can easily get them for $10 a piece or less. 

My jean shorts are old from Target, but none of their current selections looked quite as similar as this Old Navy pair to my eyes. Last summer I made it a goal not to buy any more jean shorts...and I accomplished that goal! I didn't share it on the blog because truthfully I was afraid I'd fail! But I did it! This year I decided to get one pair of longer jean shorts for some of my more active, sporty mom life duties. Most of mine have a 3" inseam and that doesn't work well for things like bike riding. I got this pair at Target for $20. I'm sure they'll make it to the blog in the near future, but thought I'd share now since they're well stocked on sizes just in case anyone is in the market for an affordable pair of mid-length shorts (5" inseam). But now that I have those, I'm back to my goal of not buying any more jean shorts for the rest of the summer! 

I talked a lot about the black version of these sandals last week so there's not much else to say about these. But they're favorites and I like to repeat my favorites! This cognac color has been great too since it goes with any color of shorts. Here are a few ways I've worn this pair:

THREE: Striped Sweater Tank (c/o) | Shorts | Sandals (c/o) | Handbag (c/o) [Budget Option] | Exact Earrings (My color sold out, Similar Color/Style) | Necklace

I know some people don't like to own duplicate colors of any one product but clearly I am not one of those people! Having staple styles in a couple of different colors really makes getting dressed easier for me. That said, I do try to limit myself to three of a kind just to prevent some of my previous bad habits of collecting a ridiculous amount of one style. So far that's been a good number for me! Do you all put limits on repeat pieces or how many colors you'll get of a particular style? I love hearing how other people handle this so feel free to share your thoughts and methods in the comments!

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  1. I have never shopped Maurice's but I have read other blogs that have and they all really like what they get! I'll need to check out and I'm with you - I'll buy multiples in something if I really like it, totally worth it!

  2. You are not alone. If I find something I like and know that I will wear it, I buy it in a couple colors (a lot of times white and black - my two favorite colors). I need to make an effort to buy some non-jean shorts this summer. Since I work indoors, and I am always cold - I actually do not own many shorts or wear them much, but I would like to change that. That olive shirt jacket was a great deal - and find! Have a great Wednesday!

    Daily Style Finds

  3. I've never heard of Maurice's and need to check them out. Your shirt jacket is such a great find and is so cute on you! I always consider buying something in multiple colors but never do and regret it later!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Soooo much love for this olive and cognac! I have always loved Maurice’s. You look sooooo sensational! XOXO

  5. I'm totally cool with duplicates pieces specially when it's a piece I really love. I want to challenge myself to not shop at all til my birthday and I'm afraid to say it, just in case I fail lol. So I totally get it, but you did good. It looks like you have all the shorts you need.


  6. I love this jacket. I have a similar one and it is perfect for Spring and Summer nights. We are still so far from shorts weather here though! You look fantastic as always!


  7. I don't tire of seeing olive jackets styled - truly! there's so many different cuts etc. I love it! Also, would you believe I finally added a decent pair of denim shorts to my closet this spring?? I found them at GAP and now I want another!

  8. These 3 looks are all styled beautifully! I love that you have different pair of shorts. I need to get more because the ones I own are now tight on the waist - thank you snacking! I do love the idea of getting two items in different colors but in my experience, I never end up using them equally. I tend to gravitate toward one color and the other sits collecting dust!

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

  9. How cute! I love it when items are so versatile that you can wear them again and again and they still feel fresh and new.

  10. There was a Maurice's in Minneapolis when I lived there, but I haven't seen any out here. I know one of the moms loved to get her jeans there. I've tried on the ruched maternity tee's at Target, but not the tanks. Good idea. Buying items in colors you love is only good sense...even if it means multiples. 👍🏻

  11. great spring outfits

  12. Such great outfits! I adore that olive jacket. Love your style. :-)
    ~Melissa xx

  13. These types of jackets are my favorite because they are so versatile and great for in-between weather! It seems like it's hot one day and cold the next! I've never shopped at Maurices but from the looks of this jacket I think it would be right up there with my style! And of course I love the shoes as well :)

  14. That jacket is a really nice lightweight layer! Sometimes jackets are stiff, but this one looks soft and easy to move in!

  15. That is a spring classic! I have an olive jacket for spring and love wearing it!


  16. Haha I love that your summer goal was to not buy any more jean shorts. I own zero of them and am kind of aspiring to do so - so I'm glad to see your options here. Also love the sandals - part of my issue with finding jean shorts is that much as I love them on other people, I always feel overly casual for my usual style preferences when I put them on - but a wedge like that definitely takes the outfit up a notch!

  17. I'm so on board with buying a few duplicate items in different colors when you really love the piece!

    Digging this shirt jacket- totally on point with the utility trend we're seeing more and more of!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. Lovely classic outfits! I try not to buy duplicates of things but I do that sometimes - I'm trying to wait and only buy one and then buy another in a different colour once the first one has proven it's a must-have in my wardrobe! I have more success with keeping (and wearing!) things that way.

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well :) We are in Scotland now after our trip to Disneyland!

    Away From Blue

  19. This is such a great casual summer outfit!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!




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