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Pink Sweater Take Two + Monthly Update

This month my mental clock is a little out of whack since we had both Spring Break and Easter a bit later than usual this year. So it still feels like mid-April to me, but this is actually the last full week of the month and the last Wednesday of the month, which means it's time for my monthly update. I packed a lot in this month, although most of it happened in the last week. As usual I'll start with what I'm wearing. This month I focused on repeating a lot of my new-to-me pieces. I wore this lightweight pink sweater with jeans back in March, then last week I wore it again with shorts on a warmer day.
LEFT: Pink Sweater (c/o) (Tunic Version) | Shorts | Sandals | Necklace | Earrings | Handbag (c/o)
RIGHT: Pink Sweater (c/o) | Similar Jeans | Shoes | Handbag (c/o)  | Necklace | Earrings

If you're thinking about adding any shorts to your closet this summer, I think now is the best time to start shopping for them. We've had some shorts weather here and there and when I've gone hunting for links to my "old" shorts for blog posts, many that were sold out at the end of last summer (like my black Old Navy shorts here) have been re-stocked for the season. I really like these shorts since they're cut more generously around the thighs but still fit properly around the waist. I took my normal jeans size in them. 
Pink Sweater (c/o) | Shorts | Sandals | Handbag (c/o)  | Necklace | Earrings

As for my sweater, it's called a lightweight v-neck sweater and the name says it all. This is lighter and thinner than some of my t-shirts! A lot of women I chat with don't like showing their arms, so this would be a great option for covering up without adding a lot of warmth. It's also moderately sheer...especially the white version. I ended up returning that one because it was just too sheer for me. But as long as I'm wearing this pink version with a nude bra I didn't think it was too see through to be a problem. It's true to size with a relaxed fit. It does come in a tunic version if you prefer a longer length for wearing with leggings or if you're tall and find a lot of tops too short in the torso.

That's it for "What I'm Wearing," so here are the rest of the What's Up Wednesday prompts I'm answering this month!

What I'm eating: Too much junk lately, that's for sure. Between our Spring Break trip to Big Bear, a day at Knott's Berry Farm, and Easter this past weekend, it hasn't been healthy month. As much as I've enjoyed some treats I don't feel my healthiest and I'm ready to eat normal again.

What I'm reminiscing about: All of the fun times this month! Aside from eating not making me feel my best, we really did have a lot of fun. I recapped our Big Bear getaway in this post. I won't do a separate post for Knott's Berry Farm because I don't feel like it needs a whole post. It's a pretty typical amusement park. We did spend extra to get the Fast Lane passes and that helped a lot with the wait times on rides. Food was another story since Fast Lane didn't cut the wait time for any restaurants or food stands, so those all took a long time. It was in the upper 80s on the day we went so here's what I ended up wearing. I brought a sweatshirt "just in case" it cooled off, but never ended up needing it. Oh well. I've been cold more times than not so luckily it wasn't a big hassle to wear it around my waist.

It was just me and my boys since my husband had a work event that day, but I actually like going on roller coasters so I went on everything my kids wanted to go on. The rides were a blast!  If you're familiar with the rides at Knott's Berry Farm, I think our collective favorite was the Pony Express. It was a short ride but fun and fast so we went on it three times! Our most intense ride was Montezooma's Revenge (misspelling intentional!). That one made my legs like jello afterwards...I could barely walk! The only ride that made me sick and that I regretted going on was the 4-D ride, Voyage to the Iron Reef. I think I'm done with that type for good. The one at Harry Potter world in Universal Studios (we went there on Spring Break 2016) was the absolute worst for me!

What I'm loving: Spring Blooms! I go on walks a few times per week and I just can't get over how pretty all the flowers are at every turn. I can't resist snapping a few photos of the beautiful colors and blooms along the way.

What I'm working on: A Blogging Q&A Post for Friday prompted by Jill of Doused in Pink! I'll also have six easy Spring Outfits in that post...things you can re-create with what you already own.

What I'm excited about: Hm, well, most of the big excitement happened last week and there's not much else on the horizon right now. I guess I'm excited that Flag Football season is almost over. That's been a 3 nights/week commitment this Spring and while I'm glad my kids are enjoying it, I won't mind taking a little break from that until Fall.

What I'm readingNeed to Know by Karen Cleveland. I'm halfway through and it's interesting but not exactly a page-turner.

What I'm listening toThe Myths of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky...enjoying this one quite a bit! I read her other book The How of Happiness but am enjoying this one more. I also listened to Sarah's Book Shelves Podcast thanks to Rachelle's recommendation and have enjoyed that one too. I really liked the Mystery/Thriller episode with Carla and added a bunch of new books to my TBR list thanks to her recommendations. I also loved hearing that people ask Carla all the time how she reads so much. Our answers and feelings on that topic were very similar! (You can read my Tips for Reading More in this post.)

What I'm looking forward to next month: Mother's Day! My family is always extra sweet to me on Mother's Day, and I love teaming up with my siblings to do something special for my own mom!

If you ever happen to compare the prompt questions to the ones I answer, you may notice I skip a few every month. Any time I can't think of an answer to something I just move on to the next. I like these posts to be fun to create and if I have to think too hard on an answer, it's not fun! So that's it for this months recap but I'll see you back on Friday for Blogging Q&A plus Six Easy Spring Outfits!

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  1. That's such a cute pink knit and it looks great with the shorts! :) Sounds like you've had a really exciting month! :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope you're having a great start to your week :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. That sweater would be perfect for FL! As I type this I am in my gym clothes and a little lightweight cardigan that sounds like the same material, just enough of a layer w/o roasting. I need to get back on track with my eating, this last week has been ridiculous. Glad you had fun at KBF - my boys don't like rollercoasters, go figure, so we rarely go to amusement parks. I'm looking forward to MD, we are going to the beach with my mom and sister's family. Should be a great weekend!
    I am ready for the weekend!

  3. Such a lovely pink and such a lightweight sweater. Ideal for the cooler summer days.
    Love - Jill stylishatsixty

  4. Aw, Gina, great post! I love this lightweight pale pink sweater for Spring. I do love pairing sweaters with shorts when it actually gets warm enough for shorts. It is still only in the 40’s and 50’s where I live so it’ll be a while before I can wear shorts comfortably. And I hear you on the eating too much junk lately! Ugh. Spring break and Easter really got the best of me and my healthy I am trying to lose the 5 pounds I gained in two weeks before I do another 7 day cleanse. Wish me luck!


  5. I always love these recaps, happy you loved that podcast. I'm a fan of it too, I loved Carla's episode too. She mentioned books and authors I've never heard of.


  6. You are always so pretty in pink! Well, you’re always pretty but I really love pink on you! I just love the Gap tank you wore at the amusement park, cutest girl there I am sure! It’s been a great month for you girlie! A very happy Wednesday to you!

  7. That looks like the perfect weight sweater for this time of year and it's so cute with shorts! I'm completely opposite of you, I prefer the virtual reality rides to roller coasters! Can't wait to read your Q&A on Friday! Thank you for the shout out!

    Jill- Doused in Pink

  8. I'm going to do a Prime Wardrobe box when I get back from my trip and I'm adding that sweater to it in the black and white stripe (hopefully they have my size). I used to love roller coasters and we'd have a ball. The older I've gotten, the less thrilled I am about's been years since I've ridden one. Happy Wednesday!

  9. I'm digging that sweater- what a great summer weight! The light pink color is perfect, too.

    I'm also totally loving all the spring blooms- our trees are leafing out at the new house and I'm starting to get a sense of where my sun/shade patches will be so I can start planting! Yay!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. I have exactly ONE pair of shorts now since donating a couple so I'm definitely on the hunt for a new pair! Old Navy makes great options so I'll look there!

    And you looked so cute at Knott's! I haven't been in ages. I'm actually petrified of rollercoasters and it's become such a phobia. That's great you had such a fun time with the boys :)

  11. I am looking forward to Mother's Day, too! It's been a busy few weeks with my husband traveling so I can't wait to take it easy! Getting shorts early is a really good tip. I got a few pairs for this year already and I'm so glad I did! When June rolls around and I can finally wear them I could never find any in my size in past years!

  12. I am with you - I'd rather have the sweatshirt than to be cold. I love the idea of a lightweight sweater. It is perfect for me in the summer for work - when it is in the 90s outside and 60s inside. Can't wait to read your answers tomorrow.

    Daily Style Finds

  13. That sweater is so pretty and the weight looks perfect for this time of year. It's always hard to find a sweater that is truly meant for the spring I think. It sounds like it was a busy month! I hear you on being exited for things to slow down a bit.

  14. Sounds like you had a great month! I went to Knotts Berry Farm last summer and had a great time, especially since the crowds were light and we got to ride the coasters a bunch of times. Of course I didn't really want to get wet but my sister wanted to do the rafting ride. Naturally I got drenched and she barely got a drop. Then an hour later when I was finally dry she says she wants to go again. I'm sure you can guess what happened!
    Chic on the Cheap

  15. You had a busy month!! I am in love with this pale pink sweater and both ways you styled it!

    xx, Elise


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