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Lilac Sweater Outfit

A little while back I posted my Spring Wishlist, and a lilac or lavender top was right up there on my list. It took a few weeks of trial and error (a.k.a. purchase and return) to find one that worked for me, but after trying on this one at LOFT I had a keeper!
Sweater | Exact Pants (Similar w/ More Sizes) | Boots | Necklace | Bag (c/o) | Earrings

The unexpected comment on this outfit came from my neighbor who saw me wearing it while unloading groceries from my car. She called out to me across the street, "You look like Ariana Grande today, Gina!" I couldn't help but reply, "Thank you! Next!" I am 100% sure I've never been compared to Ariana Grande before but I did remember that she has worn a similar color sweater at some point. I looked it up on Pinterest, and sure enough, she has a lavender sweater + tall boots outfit! She opted to wear her sweater sans pants...I opted for pants. Just a guess, but we probably have very different lifestyles! So it's likely the sweater, boots, and the love Ari and I share for big fake ponytails that my neighbor had in mind with her comment!
Sweater | Exact Pants (Similar w/ More Sizes) | Boots | Necklace | Bag (c/o) | Earrings

Anyway, on with the outfit notes! I thought this sweater ran just a bit small compared to other LOFT tops I've own or tried. I usually wear an XS in tops there, but the sleeves and torso length on that felt a bit too short for me so I went with a Small here. I also knew I wanted a fairly relaxed fit for this so sizing up made the most sense for me. It does have a shirttail hem, which I always like since I think it makes it a bit easier to do a front tuck. My pants are almost sold out, and you do need to order one size up, but this Express option looks very similar. My boots are also true to size and my favorite affordable OTK boots at under $50! The only caveat is they don't have a lot of cushion in the footbed, but I didn't mind buying a gel insert for them since they were so affordable in the first place.

My silver necklace is just one year old and I really love it for the bargain price ($13). But it is starting to tarnish, so I'm looking for a replacement. This seems like a simple piece that should be easy to find, but so far no luck! Everything that's the right style is the wrong metal (gold)! I already have a gold one so I'll just keep looking. I'm tempted to just purchase another one of these for $13 to last until I find a better quality option!

Here's the latest of what's going on in the blog world and in real life!

On the Blog: On Wednesday I'll be sharing Six Amazon Favorites for Spring. These are all pieces I've shared on the blog in the past but some I haven't worn in quite awhile since it's been too cold.  But Spring officially starts on Wednesday and it warmed up a lot here over the weekend so it was good for me to go through my outfit archives and get reminded of some of the pieces I can wear again.

In Real Life: Nothing too crazy or exciting happening in real life lately! I get all my excitement from books lately - ha! I'm currently listening to The House we Grew Up In on Audible (my last Lisa Jewell book!) and reading How to Walk Away by Katherine Center on my Kindle. We haven't been watching any shows lately since the homework and activity schedule in the evenings doesn't allow for it. What kinds of tips or things do you all have for keeping positive and motivated when life is just ho-humming along? Nothing bad to report, but nothing exciting on the horizon, either? I always like to have something to look forward to, but sometimes it's a little tricky to either get that on the calendar or into the budget! I'd love to hear how you all handle that!

I hope your week gets off to a smooth start and I'll see you back on Wednesday!

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  1. This outfit is really cute and looks so amazing on you.
    xo Corina

  2. Hahahaha, I can only imagine your surprise at your neighbor's comment! I would have had to look that up too - the pants were a good idea! Ha! I don't own anything lavender, is that weird? Not sure why, it's a pretty color! What's up with Loft lately? I feel like their sizing is changing. I used to know for sure how things fit but lately I am finding that not to be the case.
    As for life just kind of ho humming along, hmmmmmm I'm not really sure how I handle that. I feel like my life is always sort of that way, sometimes I grateful for that!
    Have a great Monday!

  3. Ha - I would probably opt for the pants, too! I have noticed that LOFT sweaters can vary in sizing - and typically wear XS, too - but have found myself getting a medium in some - just so they are comfy. Hope you have a great Monday!

    Daily Style Finds

  4. Arianna Grande??? You actually made me laugh out loud, your neighbor is a trip lol.
    What I do is that I create little things to get excited about, may it be buying plants, having a little project (could be blog related), decluttering ( i actually get excited about that since I hate clutter). I like it when life is just humming along.


  5. Although I don't think Arianna when I see your outfit I do think it's cute on you! :)

    I find when life is just happening it's usually too busy to come up for air or think too far into the future - definitely in that season at the moment but I know things will level out soon!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend! It was a bit stormy here, but we had fun anyway! I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From The Blue

  6. I think I would wear it with pants, too! I guess I'm pretty mainstream that way! Haha! The sweater you found is beautiful and the perfect shade!

  7. You are way prettier than Ariana Grande! Gosh, I sure do love you in this lavender and you know I am crazy on the lavenders and lilacs, I just got a jumpsuit and that color. This is a sensational outfit and you are a sensational person!

  8. Lilac/lavender looks beautiful on you. Loft has some beautiful shades of it. I found a cardigan there that I bought and love. Can't wait for Wednesdays Amazon finds! XO

  9. I'm loving the lavender color for spring! Your sweater looks so cute styled with those pants and tall boots! Life is always ho-humming along over hear so I could use some tips too!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  10. Omg, I love your neighbor! That’s so funny! I don’t much about Ariana but thank you, next has become one of my favorite catch phrases LOL! Lavender looks great on you Gina, it’s perfect for Spring :)

  11. That lavender sweater is so pretty! OMG the no pants made me laugh. You look gorgeous and I love your hair up in a pony!

  12. You look so pretty. Lilac is a hit on you . Love - Jill stylishatsixty x

  13. That lavender is such a pretty color. Cute outfit.


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