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Favorite White V-Neck Tees

A basic white tee is one of my closet staples, and it seems like such an easy thing to buy since almost every women's fashion retailer has an option or two. But really, all t-shirts are not created equal. Fit and fabric make a big difference in how the shirt looks in an outfit. Taking outfit photos has really helped me see this (even just selfies) on myself and it's made me willing to spend a little more on a basic piece like this. My current favorites are under $40, but considering just a few years ago I wouldn't spend more than $10 for a t-shirt I understand that many will still see this  as "expensive" for a t-shirt. That said, they've been worth it to me so I'm sharing my current favorites here.

Express One Eleven Tee:

Even though I love this Express One Eleven t-shirt (it's been called both the Skimming Tee and the Easy Tee), I don't wear it too often in blog photos because it's constantly selling out, which means I have to find a similar piece to link. So if I know I'll be taking outfit photos, I might as well just wear my own similar option and make things easier! But I can't leave this off a list of favorites because it's great and worth getting when it's in stock! Of my favorite tees, this one has the softest, most comfortable fabric. It also has a clean front (no bust pocket) a flattering wide v-neck and a true-to-size fit that's a good balance of fitted but relaxed. It's also fitted enough at the waist and hips for me to wear it untucked, although I did front tuck it here to show the zip details of the pants. I bought a back up of this last time it was in stock because I like it that much!

Madewell Whisper Cotton V Neck Pocket Tee:
This Madwell t-shirt is generally sold at several retailers, e.g. Madewell, Shopbop and Nordstrom. Right now only Nordstrom seems to have white! Out of my favorites, this is the thinnest fabric, which I like for Spring and Summer because it's breathable and lightweight. It's a slightly more boxy in fit than the others and shorter in length as well, so I only wear this with a front tuck as it doesn't look good on me untucked. I can't help but suspect that taller ladies might find this too short in the torso, but I can't say for sure since I'm only 5'4" for reference. Out of my favorites, this one has the narrowest v-neck and it's not quite as deep as the others, which is nice for some of my mom-life activities where I need to be more concerned about that. It does have a small pocket on the bust, and I don't really have strong feelings about that but I know it's a dealbreaker for some!

Z Supply Sleek Jersey Pocket Tee:

While I do have this exact three pack (which includes my favorite camo tee as seen here), you can also buy an individual Z-Supply t-shirt via Amazon if you know you just want one color and don't want to splurge on a three pack. I won't try to say the price for these is reasonable or affordable, but I can say I haven't found a less expensive option that fits and feels like this. Plus, when you calculate the price per shirt or buy the single shirt option on Amazon, it's only $13 more per shirt than the Madewell version, so it isn't outrageously more by comparison. At any rate, this one is the longest of the three and it has a shirttail hem, so it still looks nice even when it's untucked, shown here:

A+D Burnout V Neck Tee

This t-shirt is really lightweight and has a bit of an oversized fit. It fits and feels a lot like the Madewell tee except that this has no pocked on the bust and is longer on the torso. It's somewhat sheer, and since I'm wearing a black sports bra under it here you can get a sense for how see through it is. It's honestly not bad in my opinion and completely fine when worn with a nude bra. The sizing runs Small-XL and I took a Small. I'm wearing XS in the other three and this fits similar to those, but maybe just a little bigger so I'd still say it runs true to size. When I first got this, it was long enough to wear with leggings but it did shrink a bit after I washed and dried it. It's still longer than my Madewell tee so it works better for a side tie like I've done here.

While most of the time I feel I have a good t-shirt pairing option for any outfit situation (wearing it alone, tucked/untucked, paired with a jacket or cardigan etc.) I'm still open to other brands and options for this piece. JoLynne has been recommending this one from J Crew ($25) and I'm intrigued enough by the look of it to give it a try next time there is free shipping or a sale. And since I've been so happy with my Z Supply tee, I'm curious about options from other top brands. Here are a few options from top brands at Shopbop that look like they might suit my preferences:
ONE: Shop Cotton Citizen (Classic V Neck Tee)
TWO: Shop James Perse (Casual Tee)
THREE: Shop Monrow (Oversized Tee)
FOUR: Shop Splendid (Cotton Modal Slub V Tee)

For me, this isn't a piece where I think there can just be "The One." I like different details on each shirt for different outfits. So if you have a favorite brand that's not on my list, let me know! I love hearing other people's favorites just in case I'm missing out on something great!

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  1. These are all great white tees! I'm impressed you have so many - I find white tops the trickiest to buy online as you never know how sheer they will be! I found a great one late last year and it's already become a firm wardrobe favourite - even if I do spend most of the time I'm wearing it worried I'll spill something on it and stain it, ha! I'm so clumsy!

    Hoping your week is off to a good start :) I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. Being bustier I have a hard time with tees - I need a v-neck because they're more flattering but sometimes the v is too low and I feel like I am constantly adjusting. White tees in particular are tough because some are so see through! This is a great selection and I should try a few side by side to really see what looks best. I find myself not reaching for a white tee as often as I could be because I don't have one I love. I'm glad you wrote this post - now I'm on a mission!
    Have a great Monday Gina!

  3. To dress up I like J.Crew perfect fit tee or my white bodysuit. For casual I like the z supply specially since you can wear it with leggings.


  4. White tees are just the best and you always rock them so sweetly! I especially like your casual looks with the Camo pants and the shorts\hat one I replicated. Lol. You are just the cutest! Wishing you a super start to your week! xo

  5. You shared so many great white tee options! I used to be a white tee only person - now I have gotten hooked on white tanks in the summer - they are just cooler - and not so hot! But, I would like to find a few lightweight white v-necks. I have the Madewell in a beige (and it is breathable) - so I might just have to buy a white one.

    Daily Style Finds

  6. I love how you wear the timeless staple with everything.

  7. Finding the perfect white tee is not easy! The Madewell tees are my favorite! Thanks for sharing these other options! I need to check out Z-Supply!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. This is such a timely post! I typically end up getting a new white tee about once a year or once every other year because the inevitably get stained while wearing or in the wash. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect one! That express one looks like a great option! I love the way it fits and that it has no pocket.

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  10. I haven't tried Z Supply but I think I need to! The Madewell tee is my go-to; such a solid wear-with-anything t-shirt.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Great reviews Gina! I’m going to add this post to one of Pinterest boards so I can refer back to it. You’ve convinced me to try the madewell tee! I am in need of a thin tee I can easily keep tucked into skirts, and your review has helped immensely, the express one eleven tees are on my list too, I wore one to death and need to repurchase.

    1. Sorry for all the grammar mistakes! I’m typing from my phone ;)


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