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Daily Ritual Jacket + February Update

Based on last week's post when I talked about my white t-shirt being my favorite wardrobe piece, I have a suspicion that today a few of you might say, "I could never keep that color of jacket clean!" Well never fear, it comes in three other (darker colors): Olive, charcoal and black! As for me, I wanted this cream version for a few reasons. The main one being that I have a decent jacket collection as it is and this is the one color I don't already have in a similar jacket! While I do like all of the colors I didn't want a redundant piece, so this was the best choice for me.

Second, I also really liked the spring vibe this color gave the outfit. Official Spring is just a few weeks away and after the dreary winter we've had, I wanted something light and bright! You all probably know by now that I'm a big fan of the Daily Ritual line at Amazon and this jacket and t-shirt are two perfect examples of why I love it. Reasonably priced items (the jacket is $39 and the tee is $20) that are well made, comfortable, and practical for my casual lifestyle. I am always trying to keep tabs on their newest releases because there's a good chance I'll want it! Ha! Plus the line has really gained popularity among bloggers and sizes tend to go quickly, so when in doubt, I order it now, make final decisions later. I hate returns but they're free with this line and about as easy as it can get.

A couple of notes on sizing: First, the jacket comes in numeric sizing: 2-16. Is it just me or is that a little more of a guessing game than XS-XL for anyone else? I ordered a 2 (which is usually what I order in blazers at Express) and thankfully that worked out well. For reference it's a little bit roomier than similar cargo jackets I have from Express or Old Navy in size XS, but it does have a drawstring at the waist to help give it more shape and make it look more tailored. The sleeves were also borderline long for me, but if you're taller than my 5'4" or have longer limbs you'll probably appreciate that. I have the sleeve on my left hand cuffed in the second photo and I thought it looked fine that way too so that's an option for us shorter ladies. My t-shirt and jeans were true to size, so no special challenges or sizing notes required there.

Today I'm joining What's Up Wednesday for an end of the month, behind-the-blog life update. You can view the prompt questions for this post here, or just read on to find out what's been going on around here lately!

What I'm eating: Earlier this month I bought a bag of Pirate's Booty after not buying it for years and I forgot how good it is! It's addictive and easy to eat an entire bag in one sitting since it's not filling. It's so fluffy it doesn't seem like it should have calories but somehow it does.

What I'm loving: The weather! We've had lots of much-needed rain this winter, but this week it's been nice and sunny again and I appreciate it more after so much gloominess. Of course, I just got a rain-friendly trenchcoat that I'll be sharing on Friday and now there's no rain in the forecast! Figures! Oh well, it will eventually rain again and now I'm well prepared with outerwear.

What I've been up to: Here's what I wrote for this question last month: Work, blogging, domestic tasks, taking kids to a zillion doctor appointments (there's always something!) plus all of their extra-curricular activities and lessons on evenings and weekends. And I try to squeeze in some date nights with my husband on the weekend. That's pretty much my routine and I just lather, rinse repeat. Honestly, I could answer this question the exact same way this month. Not much has changed, but that's just the stage of life we're in and I'm content with it!

What I'm dreading: Getting an oil change on Friday. It needs to be done, but I can't say I'm looking forward to it. Actually, I just dread the part when I pay and they make other mechanical recommendations for me and I look at them like a deer in headlights. I always feel like Charlie Brown listening to his teacher in class!

What I'm working on: Getting back into the swing of taking everyday outfit selfies. I fell out of the habit for a few months but I'm trying to get going again. I shared a round-up of some outfits on Monday and am planning to make those posts like that a regular thing again.

What I'm reading: 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne. It's pretty cute and enjoyable but so far (35% into it) I'm not at the "loving it" level or even liking it as much as The Hating Game by the same author.

What I'm listening to: A River in Darkness: One Man's Escape from North Korea on Audible. Also not quite loving it. I'm over halfway through and at this point I'd say A Thousand Miles to Freedom (another memoir by a former North Korean) was much more engaging.

What I'm doing this weekend: My kids have a full load of weekend activities, which means I have a full time chauffeur gig. From practices to performances it's going to be non-stop.

What I'm looking forward to next month: My mom and sisters are coming to visit! You can see us all in this post from the last time they came to town.

That's the latest from here! I'll see you back on Friday!

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  1. I'm definitely one of those people who are in the 'could never keep that jacket clean' camp, haha! A darker colour like you mentioned would be much better for me :) So exciting that you have family coming to visit!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that your week is off to a great start!

    Away From The Blue

  2. I think the lighter color cargo jacket makes perfect sense! I have worn my new cargo jacket this year only twice! It has been so warm this year. I am hoping to squeeze it in a few times before summer. I couldn't wait to get it and now it just sits in the closet with all my other warm clothes looking so desperate!
    Glad your mom and sisters are coming to visit - that is something fun to look forward to. Have a wonderful Wednesday Gina!

  3. I am ready for "official spring" and warm and sunny weather, too! I am with you on the oil change - I dread those appointments. I need to get a warranty fix on my car - and I have been avoiding it. And, I am looking forward to more of your outfit selfies.

    Daily Style Finds

  4. 99 percent mine was no the hating game for sure. The end gets better once you get more of the story also there's a nice surprise at the end about Josh and Hazel. This jacket is cute you are brave for wearing such a white jacket lol, I feel like your winter is lasting forever.


  5. I am all about the lighter color cargo jacket, it looks so flattering on you! Oh girl, do I ever remember the chauffeur days. I was scared when they got their license but yet happy to because it cut way back on the Mom Train. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday beautiful girl!

  6. That looks like a great jacket and I love some of the other colors they have available too. I still need to try that line! I feel the same way anytime I go to a car appointment... I feel like they can read my lack of knowledge on my face too!

  7. The lighter cargo jacket is a refreshing change and perfect way to transition into spring! I don't like getting oil changes either - they are always trying to add on services!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. Gina, I love this look and the white jacket is perfect for the transition into Spring. Your “what I’m dreading” made me smile in acknowledgement! I just had my car in for an oil change and they came out to me with recommended fixes in the amount of $1,100. I was totally a deer in headlights. So irritating! And the biggest problem ($600) was one we literally just fixed, making me suspicious of false recommendations!


  9. Ha, yeah. White is tough to keep clean, but I love white jackets. I have a white North Face and I must admit that I'm afraid to wear it to dinner because I know I'll get something on it, lol.
    x, Julie | ThisMainLineLife.com

  10. I always forget to do a little bit of What's Up Wednesday. I was literally lying in bed EARLY this morning and thought "dang it"...oh well. I guess if I'd look at my planner instead of flying by the seat of my pants. Great jacket and it will be perfect for spring and summer evenings. I love how you mixed gray and taupe. I'm getting more comfortable with doing that myself. PIRATE BOOTY...YUM. We mix it in with popcorn sometimes and that's yummy too. I agree, it should be calorie free.

  11. I love this jacket!

    Mariya | www.brunetteondemand.com

  12. I think the jacket was a good choice. What are washing machines for anyway, right? I would be looking forward to a mom/sister meet up--have fun!

  13. Great jacket! I like the white color and can see why you would like it for spring. I haven't heard of that Amazon line, but I will have to check it out. How fun to have your sisters coming to visit! I feel like our weeks are about the same too, so I can empathize with what you said.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. I like the look, the jacket compliments it so well

  15. I love white jackets and coats! They are so chic. I wish I could manage to keep it clean, but I keep hoping later in life when my kids are older I can get something like that and not worry as much! I'll just live vicariously through you for now!

  16. I love that jacket- and it def lends a spring feel to a look, which is perfect!

    Totally feel you re: oil changes. Especially the part where they want to upsell you on a bunch of stuff! I always call my dad and ask (right in front of them, lol) if it's worth it, and he tells me (usually it's "no, you're fine" hahaha).

    Le Stylo Rouge

  17. That jacket is great! I love white coats/jackets, as evidenced by my new old navy coat! So chic, and looks good year-round. We are getting more rain this weekend and next week so you’ll put all of your pretty jackets to use Gina! The rain isn’t going away just yet...

  18. Love the look dear, so perfect for spring! And yes, that jacket never gets out of style! Super versatile, really lovely with the boots.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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