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My Current Fitness Routine

It's been awhile since I shared any fitness content here, and with the New Year motivation bug going around I thought I would give you all a little update on my fitness routine lately. It's been mostly the same routine for the last 13 years (since I had my first child), but I do make a few changes here and there when I learn something new or my body gives me hints that maybe it's time to make some adjustments. Also, truthfully I didn't feel like editing any new pictures today! So I dusted off some activewear photos from my archives (don't worry, I took these during summer!) and am giving them another spin with new context today.

First, just a few fit notes on some still-in-stock pieces I'm wearing. This camo tank is only $12 and true to size. It's standard stretchy activewear material, and there's not much else to say about it other than it's a fun piece for a great price!

My exact shorts are from Target last summer, and I think they might have been sleepwear? In that case, Target has this current option, though this similar style has the contrasting laces if you prefer that look. And I'm also wearing my Fishtail Braid extension, which I never actually for my work outs but I like how it looks in pictures, so that's that!

Now that it's colder I have to cover up a little more to go out on walks, so you might see me walking the suburban streets of San Diego in something more like this: 
Black Hoodie (c/o) | White Tank | Similar Leggings ($17- top rated) | Similar Hat | Black Sports Bra | Similar Shoes

My Core 10 hoodie and GAP tank are still in stock and both are true to size (I'm wearing XS in both). The hoodie is very form fitting when zipped all the way up, so if you don't want a bodycon look you might want to size up. This tank is my longtime staple. I have it in a few different colors and they've all held up very well over the years considering how often I wear them. I have seven workout tanks total for the seven days in a week (six of these GAP tanks plus the camo tank above) and that's enough for me. 

For the most part I keep my workout clothes pretty simple, but every now and then I get the urge to get a new piece. Usually it's when I know I'll be working out around other people instead of on my own! For example I have a sister get-together coming up and we often do something fitness related. I always feel like the least stylish sister in those situations since they all have such cute workout gear! 
One and Two: Shop Tory Sport Apparel | Three: Target Leggings | FourBlanc Noir Jacket 

If money were no object I would be getting a couple of pieces from the Tory Sport collection, like option one and two above! But realistically I'm more likely to get something from Target, and I kind of thought those leggings had a similar vibe to the Tory collection. They'd also be great if you're a Denver Broncos, New York Knicks, or Boise State Fan! The Blanc Noir Jacket is a splurge that's been on my wishlist for awhile. I love the details and love that it's longer so I can throw it on over leggings for workouts or casual wear! (Update! I ordered and returned the Blanc Noir jacket. It didn't have any zippers or snaps to fasten it shut, so you can only wear it draped open as shown on the model. That doesn't really work for what I had in mind. I'm sure I could pay a tailor to add some snaps or something, but for the $150 price I really felt that should have been already included!) 

If you're a newer reader, you might have missed some of my previous fitness content. So I'll start here with my a snapshot of my current workout routine, then share a few links to some past content you might have missed. The key areas of emphasis for me in my routine are Muscle Strength, Flexibility, and Walking. A typical week's schedule looks like this:

Monday: Lower Body Weights
Tuesday: Upper Body Weights Split One (e.g. Chest, Shoulders, Triceps)
Wednesday: Core Training and 30 minute walk or Yoga/Extended Stretch
Thursday: Upper Body Weights Split Two (e.g. Back and Biceps)
Friday: Lower Body Weights
Saturday: Core Training and 30 minute Walk
Sunday: Core Training and 30 minute walk

I do all of my weight training at home with DVDs, dumbbells, and a little bit of low tech, easy-to-store equipment (I'll link some reference posts below for more details on that). I also have a ten minute stretching and flexibility routine that I do at the end of my workout every day. The only exception is if I'm doing yoga or an extended stretch workout, then I don't really need to do additional stretching on top of that.

The addition of outdoor walking is the key change for me in the past two years. I used to do higher impact/higher intensity cardio routines (kickboxing, step aerobics, etc..  But after repeatedly reading about the benefits of walking, outdoors in particular (e.g. I found this article interesting as well as this one, but a quick Google search of "benefits of walking" will give you plenty of ideas), I really wanted to make more time for it. Swapping out my indoor cardio routine and adding walking in its place seemed like the best way to make that happen and I'm loving this change. For one thing: fresh air! I spend most of my days indoors and it just feels nice to get outside. Second, I love that I can "read" via audiobook while I'm walking. I'm always looking for ways to get in more reading time so this change helped make that possible.

The only other key change in the past couple of years that isn't really covered above is that I've made lower back strength and flexibility a bigger part of my routine. I just felt like I needed it to combat all the sitting and hunching over a computer that happens in my daily life. I do a bridge for 45 seconds every day as part of my end-of-workout stretching routine, and I try to incorporate some supermans or similar lower back work on my other core training days.

In case you've missed some of my past fitness content, here's are some reference links if you're interested in more details on any of these categories:

Favorite Weight Training DVDs: HERE

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Favorite Yoga and Stretching DVDs: HERE

Complete List of Fitness Equipment I Own: HERE

Fitness Q&A Part One HERETopics include:
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Fitness Q&A Part Two HERETopics include:
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What kind of outfits I wear to workout
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Nutrition: How often I splurge vs. stay strict
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Some of my answers to the Q&A might be a little different now than what they were when I wrote those posts, but that's all part of the fitness journey! If you're getting started on a new fitness journey for 2019 I hope you can find a little motivation or some fresh ideas somewhere in there!
Here's the latest of what's going on in the blog world, real life, and a few other notes!

I don't have a Monday Memo for today since my fitness update is taking the place of that, but tomorrow is book review day, and then I will have a new outfit post up on Wednesday!

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  1. You look lovely in your workout gear - mine is not presentable at all, haha! I did go out and buy leggings to wear to the PT sessions in the park I was doing, but I only wore them a handful of sessions before pregnancy and morning sickness hit (it was in the evening this time!) and I had to give up attempting to go! Apart from walking the dog and swimming I don't do much!

    Hope that you've had a great weekend and wonderful start to 2019! :) I've just started a new linkup on my blog for the new year, I'd love for you to check it out.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. LOL, I understand about the workout gear. These are my "nicest" pieces and they aren't anything near as fancy as what I see other people wear on blogs! Ha!

  2. I am soooo glad you shared this because you look incredible! I an not good about the weight training and that’s something I need to incorporate. Now no devices will let me comment ( my iPad and phone we’re allowing it just last night) as me so it’s Andrea Nine, lol. Happy Monday sweets

    1. Hey Andrea!! Sorry this is happening to you again! Argh. But glad you enjoyed the post. :)

  3. Your work out routine is so comprehensive and inspiring. I need to add more stretching and flexibility to my own personal routine. I am kind of a hyper person so I rarely do anything like yoga or pilates but I feel like I need to focus on that this year. I am also hoping to walk outside each day for the same reasons you mentioned. I plan to listen to podcasts to keep me going and I am still considering getting audible. I am so glad you shared this! Happy Monday Gina!

    1. I totally understand about feeling too "Hyper" for stretching! Getting a little bit into yoga was a big change for me a few years back. It just didn't feel as "active" as other cardio workouts so I didn't think it would do anything, but for one, there are some VERY challenging yoga workouts out there! For another, it's just so good for you!

  4. Your workout looks are so cute, love that camo tank. I've been doing a lot of pilates which is my weight training, I used to take other classes as well or just weight train again but I started going on walks outside instead. I knew the benefits of walking outside were goo but this article just proved me right.


    1. You and Caryl make me really want to try Pilates! I think it will have to be in a few years when the kids can drive themselves to their own activities at night. Right now I just can't get away for my own workout classes.

  5. Your active wear is always on point!

    You'll prob think im kidding but I was looking for a seven day workout plan. A general base really - a guide as to what places to focus on on what days (I was pretty random at the gym before - no set days for legs, arms, chest etc). Im totally gonna adapt your days since its one thats totally doable for me (esp the weekend focus on walking etc)

    1. Oh I'm so glad this post came at a good time for you! Hope you like the routine if you try it!

  6. every now and again i get the urge to buy a bunch of new workout clothes and they always give me a little bit extra motivation. i love the look of the tory sport stuff but ouch, yeah i am way more into target's pricing. i've been slacking on everything lower back lately, adding a bridge like that is so smart. i will try and remember to do that too, i definitely need it!

    1. I do feel like it has helped reduce lower back and neck pain, interestingly! It's my least favorite part of my workout but it feels necessary.

  7. I'm impressed you find time to get fitness in all 7 days in a week! I would love to get more weight lifting in and it's a goal for me this year. Your schedule looks like a great one!

    1. Aw thanks Laura! It's just been part of my lifestyle for so long it feels as normal to me as brushing my teeth every day.

  8. Thanks for sharing! I've never been that dedicated, especially when it comes to routines that I need to on my own. I start and rarely last more than two weeks.
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. Aw, maybe you just haven't found something you really enjoy yet. If I had to run or play sports I probably wouldn't be as consistent! Ha!

  9. I do weights 3 days a week and swim two but really need to incorporate more cardio into my routine. I love the idea of an audiobook for long walks. I'd probably walk more if I had something interesting to listen too and my dog would be happier too!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Yes! It's a great way to stay entertained. And if it's a good book I can hardly wait to get out the door and find out what will happen next!

  10. What do you mean by split one or split two for the arm workouts?

    1. Hi! All that means is that my upper body workout is split up over two days. And in each of those two days, I am isolating different muscle groups. So even though I'm working upper body on two days each week, I'm only working each major muscle group in the upper body once per week. Like with the example I listed above, I might do Chest, Shoulders & Triceps on Tuesday. Then on Thursday Back & Biceps. Since I'm following DVDs, some of them have a different "Split Routine." For example some might do Chest & Back combined one day and then Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps on a different day. I don't have a strong preference as to which muscle groups are worked together (some people do!), I just like variety. And I do find I get better results by working my arms in detail like this. By working fewer muscle groups on each day vs. working ALL upper body in a single day, I feel like each muscle group gets worked harder. Hope that helps a bit but let me know if you have more questions!


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