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Camo Tee, Denim Skirt + Outfit Planning

Just before I embarked on No Shop September, I did two things. First, I placed an order for a few things during the Express Labor Day Sale...a little feast before the famine, if you will. Second, I sat in my closet with my calendar and planned out which outfits I would share on the blog for the month of September. I've never been great at planning my posts very far in advance aside from the themed link-ups that I join, like Book Reviews. But I was inspired by The Blended Blog's Fall Fashion Frenzy themes to get organized this month to see if that wouldn't help me stay on track with No Shop September. Their theme for this week is Calling All Camo, so I paired my camo tee with one of my Labor Day Sale purchases, this denim skirt.

First, let's talk about this camo tee. Mine is from a three pack of t-shirts c/o Shopbop, but you can buy just the camo option from Amazon. But I have to warn you about two things. One, it's rather pricey for a t-shirt.  Two, I've had it for a year now and it's starting to pill, which is no bueno when you're talking about splurge item. I rounded up a few other camo t-shirt options that cost less than this one in case you're interested in adding one to your closet but don't want to spend as much on this brand considering the risk. I may end up getting one of these myself if the pilling gets any worse, but first I'll probably try one of those sweater shaver things.

ONE ($35) | TWO ($13) THREE $15 | FOUR ($14) | FIVE ($19) | SIX ($30)

I have not owned a denim skirt in a couple of decades, and after warming up to the idea of adding one to my closet again, it took some trial and error to find one I liked. I wanted it not too long, not too short, some distressing but not too much. I went up one size from my normal Express jeans size in this because I wanted to make sure it wasn't too tight and that it could potentially sit lower on my hips for more length. It is a bit loose in the waist and I'm realizing that might limit which tops I can wear with it, but I don't think I would have wanted it any tighter in the hips so I guess it's a trade off. You can probably go either way with sizing (normal size or one up) depending on what fit you prefer.

Outfit Planning:
Last week I was asked to elaborate on my outfit planning process a little more, and this month it was not as difficult as I might have imagined. But I also didn't plan every day of the month since I don't always know exactly what I'll be doing each day that far in advance or what the weather will be. I just planned my M/W/F post outfits, so that's only 12 outfits instead of 30 for the month. I started by filling in each Wednesday with The Blended Blog themes, then choosing a Key Piece in my wardrobe that fit the theme. I mentally plan an outfit around the Key Piece and put some notes and ideas on the calendar, but a lot of details usually end up changing once I actually put on the outfit, so nothing's set in stone at that point.

After the Wednesdays were filled, I looked through my closet for pieces I haven't shared at all on the blog or haven't shared in awhile that make sense for the current season. I made a list of those items, then started filling them in on Monday/Friday slots, shuffling things around so that I wouldn't have outfits that are too similar in back-to-back posts. I left a few spots open since I knew I would be getting some items from brand partnerships this month so I'll need to share those sooner rather than later. And I may want to do some non-outfit posts like recent Amazon finds since those seem to get pretty good feedback, and it's easier for me to put a lot of content in them when I schedule them separate from outfit posts (like this post, for instance).

So far it's been great having a schedule! I actually used to do something similar when I worked in an office and it was a huge time and money saver. At the end of the month I'll re-evaluate, but most likely I am guessing I'll find myself back in my closet on September 30 with my calendar, planning out the month of October. What about you all? Do you have an outfit planning schedule? I know some people choose their outfits for the week on Sunday night, and that seems like a great system too. Let me know your methods in the comments today!

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  1. Shame the tee is pilling as it's really cute! I like it with the denim skirt :)

    Thank you for sharing your outfit planning process too! I would love to be that organised, planning the night before is too difficult sometimes, haha! Maybe in summer and winter it will be easier to try as the weather changes so little, but right now it would be impossible!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope you are having a great week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. This is the first month I've ever done this (as a blogger) and it's been really helpful! I'm definitely doing it again next month.

  2. Ooooooooh I love your new denim skirt Gina! I haven't had one in decades either. This one is perfect, I love the distressing and the length. My problem used to be finding the right fit so I think that's why I have shied away. I just bought a camo tee at American Eagle over the weekend and I love it, it's so soft. Couldn't find it online at all though.
    I applaud the way you organized your calendar for this month, that seems like such a great idea. Having TBB themes is really helping me and makes things much easier as far as planning what to post!
    I'm so glad you joined us in your camo cuteness!

    1. I hope you ladies keep making these themed schedules so I don't have to think of my own ideas! LOL! It definitely made the entire planning process easier.

  3. Love that skirt!!!! I find it helpful planning out my outfits too!

  4. I love this outfit, Gina! I absolutely adore all things camo. This tee is so great with the distressed denim skirt. I am looking forward to styling all of my fall camo pieces....I have booties, a wrap, and 2 jackets that are begging to be worn!


    1. Thanks so much, Shelbee! I know...I have to spread out my camo pieces so I'm not wearing something camo every single day. By looking at my closet, I guess it's my favorite print...who knew?

  5. Oh Gina, I love This look. Soooo happy having your Camo inspire us on Camo Day. I included a look of yours from last week on The Blended Blog today as one of my favorites. But I could chose you every week because you’re always a favorite!

  6. Can we talk about how happy I am that denim skirts are making a huge comeback?! Loving this one and of course the camo tee, and yay for enjoying the schedule! I need to try it too <3
    Green Fashionista

    1. You should join in! It really makes outfit planning easier. :)

  7. Such a cute camo look! Love your skirt!

  8. That is such a great way to work out your outfit planning! I am lucky if I get an outfit laid out the night before. It makes sense to pick one item around a theme and go from there though. It makes things much less stressful!

  9. What a great casual outfit. That skirt is darling on you! I love the distressing. I am so envious of your planning, considering I am constantly flying by the seat of my pants (which is super strange since I'm not at all impulsive). Obviously my personality is mixed up. HA! Happy Wednesday! XO

  10. I place outfits around the room, gradually adding to them. I never know when I'll wear them. Just that, when something comes up - I'll have something ready! I am seeing camo more right now - maybe it's the new leopard..? Hope you are having a great week? Maria

  11. I haven't worn a denim skirt in years and your's is so cute! Your outfit planning system sounds great and something I need to try if I ever go back to blogging! I've never been organized in that department and am always throwing things together at the last minute.

    Doused in Pink

  12. I like the muted camo top and totally need to get one. It's popping up everywhere for fall. I haven't worn a denim skirt like this in years. I like the one you're wearing now!

  13. lol i always do a 'feat before the famine' when i do a no spend as well.
    love the way you outfit plan! i like to try and get all my outfits for the week out and it really helps save time and it gives me a... satisfaction, i guess, that helps curb the urge to shop.

  14. Oh I love reading about others' planning processes so thank you for sharing! I like to roughly plan out my posts in advance but I don't necessarily plan the details, but it's something I'd like to get better about. I like the idea of starting with a Key Piece and going from there, that totally makes sense.
    I love that camo tee and have been thinking about adding a similar one (I think I saw an Express option) to my closet.

  15. I think you've picked the perfect time to buy a denim skirt, as this one looks fantastic on you!

  16. I've never planned my outfit beyond the day before, but I can see how planning the whole month is a great way to keep impulse shopping in check and feel more organized! Of course assuming the weather cooperates!
    Chic on the Cheap


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