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Sale Favorites + Currently

Hello and Happy Independence Day! I hope you have some fun plans for the day. Ours are going to be decided at the last minute depending on the weather. If it's not too hot, the boys might try to play some golf.  If it's hot, we're due for another beach day. My outfit today isn't festive, but it is made up of plenty of pieces on sale right now that have been solid additions to my closet. If you do want some last-minute 4th of July outfit ideas I do have some further down in the post, but first here's the scoop on this outfit.

JACKET: My jacket is 30% off, true to size and a really great summer jacket. It's soft, comfortable, stretchy, and the neutral shade goes with everything! I removed the belt since it just got in the way and I haven't looked back.

CAMI: This black cami is on sale for only $10! It's a basic but very functional piece. I usually wear a small in fitted tanks like this, but I find LOFT runs a little big so I went with an XS in this.

JEANS: My jeans are 40% off and true to size (I take the Short Length at 5'4".) I love this lighter wash for spring and summer, and they're my go-to jeans for pairing with black tops. Express recently updated the stock photo on these so the color on them looks totally different than mine, but if you scroll down to recent reviews you'll see the user photos are much lighter than the product display (like mine).

SANDALS: These sandals are only $26 through today! They're true to size and pretty comfortable once you get used to the height!

EARRINGS: My Kendra Scott Alice earrings are not on sale as I'm writing this, but I did want to mention that they have been re-stocked in this Antique Silver color. They were sold out for quite some time earlier this year and I'm happy to see they're back! They're great for date night or just adding some fun to a slightly more basic outfit like this one.

Since we're talking 4th of July Sales, here are a couple of things I've shared recently that are on sale now, along with a more summery style option for this jacket:
ONE: Moto Jacket (30% off)  | White Tank | Similar Shorts | Sandals (c/o)

Each of these outfits have been featured in previous posts with more detail on the sale items. For the full post with my moto jacket + shorts go HERE, for more outfit ideas with the black skort go HERE, and for three ways to wear this lace top go HERE.

On the first Wednesday of every month I love joining up with Anne for her "Currently" link-up. She provides the variety of topics for current happenings in our lives, we provide the answers! This month all link up participants are sharing what we're Loving, Wearing, Celebrating, Visiting and Baking.

Loving...evening walks with the extra daylight! I have to say once again I'm so glad belt bags are "in" right now because it's the best thing for comfortably carrying my phone and keys with me. I talked about how much I loved my belt bag on my last trip, and I've since convinced a couple of family members to take belt bags on their trips and their loving them too.

For my walks I've been using this camo option from Target (sold out online but check your local store), and I thought it was a pretty reasonable dupe for the Rebecca Minkoff option below. These really are a hot item right now so it's easy to find a high end or bargain option to suit your style and budget.
1. Shop Rebecca Minkoff Bags (Nylon Belt Bag) | 2. Gucci-Inspired Belt Bag $16
3. Shop Rag & Bone Bags (S/M Dwight) | 4. Studded Belt Bag $17
5. Shop Steven Alan Bags (Alexander | 6. Beige Belt Bag $26 
7. Shop Parisa Wang Bags (Allured) | Black Belt Bag $17

Wearing...all things red, white and blue! If you came by for some last-minute 4th of July outfit ideas, here's a little recap of some 4th friendly outfits I've shared.They're easy on the red since I don't own a lot of red clothing, but add a red lipstick, earrings, nail polish or bag (or all four!) and you'll be set.

You can also check out this post or this one for more options!

Celebrating...aside from the obvious holiday today, I'm truly celebrating every day of summer. It's my favorite season and I'm making it a point to find some small pleasures every day, even if it's just going for a walk or sitting out in the back yard to read my book for awhile.

Visiting...Oregon later this month for my family reunion. I can't wait! We'll be doing a lot of the same activities we did there last summer, only this time with my side of the family instead of my in-laws. I'm pretty sure this is the first time for most of my family members to visit Cannon Beach and I hope they like it!

Baking...bread. In late 2017 I made a goal to reduce my sugar intake so I've cut back on baking cookies and sweets except for special occasions and celebrations. However I still bake a loaf of whole wheat bread for family consumption about once a week. My recipe is similar to this one, but I've reduced the portions just a bit so I can make the dough in my bread machine. Then I transfer it to the oven to bake.

This is the exact Bread Machine I use and it works like a champ!

Well, I was planning to do a "short" post today but I guess things didn't go quite as planned! That's fine...I'll just give myself the day off from blogging today to make up for it. But if things go as planned the rest of the week, I'll still have another post up Friday so I hope you'll stop by and check it out!

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  1. Lovely outfit, and you wear that jacket well in all the outfits! :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that you're having a great week so far! :) happy 4th July - I hope you do make it to the beach!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks Mica! Hope you enjoy your day as well!

  2. You've picked out so many great pieces! Hope you are having a great 4th July! xx

  3. I have a "belt bag" I use when I run, it;s super small but luckily fits my phone and keys. They are so useful and I'm glad I have mine. I haven't used it to go anywhere but run or walk since it's so athletic looking, but the more stylish versions would be great for vacation.
    Love reading what you are "currently" up to, summer is the best, I love how relaxed everyone is. It tends to rain here at night so while I'd rather take a walk later if I'm going to do it I have to do it in the morning. It's so super hot then so I usually have to come home and swim!
    Happy 4th Gina!

    1. Oh trust me, if I had a pool I'd be using that every day too! And the funny thing is, the belt bag I bought for vacation was more sleek but that ended up being a mistake since I was wearing athletic wear for everything we did. This one will probably get more use in my lifestyle.

  4. I'm loving the extra daylight too!! It doesn't get dark here until 10 or after! Happy 4th... loving all those adorable outfits.

    1. Whoa! You must live a little further north than me! :) And thank you for stopping by!

  5. That's amazing that you find the time to bake bread for your family each week! My mom used to make bread for us and I loved it, especially fresh from the oven!

    1. Aw, thanks Laura! Once I got the recipe down it's pretty easy. It only takes about ten minutes to get it going then 5 minutes for clean up.

  6. Oh I love that you make homemade bread for your family to eat! My mom used to make homemade bread sometimes and there is nothing like it. I love to bake but for some reason I'm pretty intimidated by making bread. I love all your red, white, and blue looks too!

    1. Thanks Shea! I will say when I first started making bread, it did take awhile to figure out a recipe that worked and how to get it to rise and all that. But now it's really easy to upkeep and we do love the flavor and texture more than store bought!

  7. What a cute outfit - I love your moto jacket! Hope you had a fun 4th!
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Love the moto jacket! And happy summer - I agree, I'm all about making the most of it, even if it's just the pleasure of getting to eat my lunch outside or read in the sun. The best!

  9. Oregon is definitely on my list of places to see one day! Looks like we are going to be coming to Long Beach and then a few days in Fresno in August for baseball but I'm hoping to find a little sightseeing fun too. I love that white H&M Blazer and see it also comes in black...I assume it's a nice summer weight?

    1. Oh that's fun that you'll get a little California vacation this summer! As far as the weight of the white H&M's not linen so I wouldn't say it's a true "summer blazer." But it's a fairly thin material (though it does have a lining) so it works well for our summer nights, which usually cool down quite a bit.

  10. That jacket is such a steal right now- so chic! Love it on you.

    Hope you had a happy 4th, doll!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Gina, I love your outfit! You can never gone wrong with black and white/ivory paired with denim! So classic and spot on. And all of your adorable sale finds. I hope you had a relaxing holiday!


  12. Your outfit is such a classic with the black and white color combo as well as the leather jacket and denim. Either way you can't go wrong! That'll be a lot of fun when you have your family reunion. I am always looking for the next time I see mine so I can just imagine your excitement. Bread sounds good! Yes please! I hope you had a great 4th and wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Maureen |

    1. Thanks Maureen! I love jackets and am a big fan of having a solid collection. :)

  13. You always look so cute and find such great things. Isn't it funny how you start a post thinking it's going to be short and then the opposite happens. Gotta' tell ya', for a split second I thought that bread machine was a roll of TP😂. Have a great weekend! XO


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