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All Stripes, All the Time + June Update

Today I'm joining What's Up Wednesday for an end of the month, behind-the-blog life update. As usual it includes some talk about what I'm wearing lately so if you only like to stop by the blog for outfits, no worries I've got a few of those to share. You can view the full list of prompt questions for this post here, or just read on as I answer a few questions about what's going on around here lately.

At some point in the early Spring I started thinking I didn't have very many striped pieces in my wardrobe, so over the last few months I've made it a point to correct that. I might be over-correcting at this point, but this striped cardigan is one such addition.

Cardigan: This cardigan runs true to size and is a thin, breathable fabric. Perfect for cool morning/evenings here and throwing on in the A/C all summer. I do have a similar striped cardigan from J. Crew that's a cropped length, and I liked it so much I thought it might be nice to have a longer option as well. Plus this one is thinner and the sleeves can be pushed up, making it a little more summer-friendly.

Tank Top: This tank is very similar to the Target maternity tanks I wear a lot. It's very thick and not see-through, plus it's very long. Almost too long for some outfits I've tried, but I'd rather too long than too short. I don't even have it pulled all the way down in these photos, so this is where it naturally sits on me (I'm 5'4"). I'm wearing a Small, which is normal for me in fitted tanks like this.

Earrings: My friend Lisa posted these cute earrings on her blog awhile back (see the post here) and since they were only $7 they made for an easy add-on to get free shipping on an Old Navy order. Shipping is normally $7 anyway so this seemed like "saving" money! I don't like earrings that are too heavy, and these are acceptable for me. I wouldn't describe them as ultra-lightweight, but they're light enough for me to wear all day with no problem.

Shorts: My jean shorts are from last year (or maybe two years's getting hard to keep track!), but they still carry the same style. Sizing can vary from year to year, so even though mine were true to size, I can't be 100% certain about current sizing.

I guess I covered this above, but I'm loving stripes lately! I shared three more striped tops I'm loving over on my page but will add them here for those not on that app. All of them would make for an easy 4th of July outfit by adding a pop of red with something like shoes, earrings, or a bag. And if you're not into shorts, of course you can easily swap those out for jeans. 
THREE: Striped Sweater (c/o) | Similar Shorts | Earrings | Sandals (c/o)

These Morningstar Farms Veggie Crumbles are a new staple for me. I've eaten their veggie sausage patties for breakfast for years but have only recently branched out to some of their other items. I don't know why I waited so long! I heat these up with a little bit of cheddar cheese and add salsa, then eat with tortilla chips for a fast, easy, flavorful lunch. (And to be clear this is not sponsored, though I kind of wish it were since I talk about the brand so much! Ha!)

So far I've been using the first 1.5 weeks of summer break to catch up on some random projects around the house that slipped through the cracks during the school year. From sorting out all the clothes that the kids outgrew this year to catching up on photo albums to getting a couple of watch batteries changed. My mixed metal watch is my favorite and I've been wearing it around for a few months despite the fact that the battery was dead. I hardly use it to look at the time since my phone can give me that, but my wrist just feels weird without a watch there!

Also, thanks to the extended daylight hours plus reduced after-school activity schedule for summer, I've been going on a lot more evening walks. It's such a simple pleasure for me and one of my favorite things about summer!

Breaking up with my phone.  I'm currently reading How to Break Up with Your Phone to help me with the process. I'll give it a full review in my next round of book reviews (coming July 12...if you need a good book right now check out my June Reviews) but I'm almost finished with it and I can tell you I'm really loving it. I'm listening on Audiobook but would recommend buying a hard copy to go with the audiobook. I've ended up taking a lot of notes on a separate page so I can remember all the steps and tasks, and that's pretty inconvenient.

My current fiction selection is The Girl with No Name by Diney Costeloe. I'm only 15% into it but so far it's holding my interest well. It's about a German girl who is separated from her family at the beginning of World War II and sent to live with a family in London.

Since my audiobook requires me to take notes, I'm listening to podcasts whenever I want to listen to something but can't pause to write notes (e.g. driving). The Influencer Podcast is one of my favorites, and I think everyone who uses Instagram for business or blog purposes should listen to Episode 63 with Tyler McCall.

Hm, it's only Tuesday as I'm writing this so I'm not entirely sure yet. I know I'll take my kids to parkour and golf lessons this weekend and have them snap a couple of outfit photos for the blog while we're out and about. (In case you didn't know, my 11 and 12 year old sons take all the non-selfie photos for my blog.) Aside from that, TBD. Both boys still want to see Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and we couldn't make it happen last weekend, so maybe we'll try again this weekend.

I signed up for another Hatched Collective Event next month. If you're in the SoCal area  (they have events from Orange County down to San Diego) and working on a blog or other personal business or hobby endeavor I highly recommend them. I can see myself being a regular at their events because it's exactly the type of positive, creative, in-person energy I like. I'm also looking forward to my family reunion in July! I think last month I mentioned I'd start planning that after the kids got out of school, but oops. Haven't done it yet. Guess I better get on that!

Thanks for checking in today and can't wait to hear what you've been up to this month!

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  1. You have such a good eye for a well cut piece Gina - love all the items you are wearing! How sweet that your boys take photos of you. My daughter does a lot of mine too xx Maria

    1. Thanks so much Maria! Glad to know I'm not the only one putting my kids to "work" for me! Ha!

  2. I think it's impossible to over-correct, you can never have too many stripes!

    Hope you do manage to make it to the movies this weekend - I've heard good things about that movie although I haven't seen it myself. can't remember the last time I watched a movie actually, haha! May have been before my youngest was born? I've tried to watch a few on netflix since but there's never the time!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that you are having a great week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. LOL, glad to know I'm not over-correcting on the stripes. :) I hear you on the movies - my kids are older than yours and there was a loooong period of time where we never got to see movies. You'll get there again!

  3. your outfit is so cute and love the longer stripe cardi. I have to try these morning star crumbles, I've had the patties and they are pretty good. I could use the crumbles to make veggie bowls. I will listen to that episode of the influencer podcast, I'm happy I broke my post everyday instagram spell, hopefully i pick up some even better tips.


    1. Oh the crumbles would be perfect for veggie bowls! I forgot to mention where I buy mine - I get mine in the freezer section at Target but I have seen them at basically every grocery store.

  4. Perfect 4th look and oh so cute and versatile! My sons are a tad older but they take many of my photos too. Way to start em young and it's so sweet!

  5. I love that striped cardigan; it looks great with that red bag.

  6. Love the striped cardigan!! Perfect 4th outfit!

  7. Aw, thanks for sharing a little bit about your life behind the blog! I always find it so interesting what other bloggers do “in real life”. And I am loving all your stripes. I am always drawn to striped pieces and have probably too many stripey things in my closet. But they are always classic and always in style! Thanks for hosting and have a great week!


    1. You are so right about that - they are classic and always in style! So many other colors and prints come and go quickly but stripes stand the test of time.

  8. Lots of fun stuff here. I didn't realize you wore the maternity tanks from Target...LOL I tried on the maternity tees a while back and still may get one eventually. Great minds! I keep meaning to look for those crumbles and always remember once I'm home. HA. Fat lotta' good that does me. I jotted down that podcast. I'm not a big podcast listener, but I'm going to give it a try. Have great rest of the week! XO

    1. You know, I'm not really a big podcast person either since I always have audiobook going, but for some topics I really think podcasts are the way to go since they can get the information out a lot sooner than a book so they're more current.

  9. No such thing as too many stripes in your closet! Love everything that you've picked up, that Old Navy cardigan looks so lightweight and perfect for this time of year. Looking forward to your upcoming book post - I always get so many good recommendations from you!

    1. Oh thanks Karly! I'm so glad to hear they're worth your time!

  10. I want to break up with my phone too LOL! Especially in the Summer!

    I also need to try those veggie crumbles. I haven't been eating breakfast lately and I need to get back to a healthier routine. Happy mid-week Gina!

    1. Ooh, they would probably be good scrambled in an omelette!

  11. I loooove Morning Star- their prime burger patties are SO GOOD!

    Love the length of that classic striped cardigan- perfect for summer layering!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Yes! Totally agree about the burger patties - those are great too. :)

  12. That striped cardigan is so cute! I love the longer length! Your outfit is subtly festive for the 4th too which I love!

  13. Sooo I just typed a long comment and the internet ate it. Insert crying emoji here. Short story:
    Jurassic movie was good. Chris Pratt is hot.
    More daylight makes me more productive.
    I always have watch batteries that need changing.
    That bag is awesome next to that cardigan!
    Caryl |

    1. Oh I hate it when that happens! Thanks for the comment recap though! LOL! I loved your feedback and I ALWAYS think of you when a watch battery dies since I gave you such grief about replacing yours that one time! Ha!!

  14. Those are the cutest earrings - so glad you got them! I can't wait to read your "How to break up with your phone" book review.

    Daily Style Finds

  15. Missed this last week while on vacay. Those veggie crumbles are so good! I served them to my dad and he had no idea! Such a nice alternative and the taste is so good. I think they're so much easier to cook with than ground beef since there is no need to brown them ahead of time! Easy peasy!


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