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Skincare Staples

This week I'm sharing some random topics on Instagram for my #storiesonthedaily series, and sometimes it's just easier for me to type things up on a blog post and have the links, images, and explanations accessible here. Plus, since I don't have 100% overlap in Instagram/Blog audience, I try to share both places as much as possible. All that said, today I'm sharing a few of my skincare essentials. I have a pretty simple routine, but here are the products I use consistently.

L'Occitane Shower Oil: This one is a blogger favorite and I never believed the hype on it until I received some as a gift...and now there's no turning back. I really love how it moisturizes the skin and makes it feel silky smooth. I've also mentioned the more cost-effective refill packages. Once you already have a bottle (or if you want to use a cheaper, non-brand bottle that would work too) the refill packages are a much lower cost per ounce way to keep your supply filled.

Olay Total Effects Moisturizer + Sunscreen: This is my everyday facial moisturizer and sunscreen. It's lightweight, non-greasy and absorbs quickly. After trying so many moisturizers that felt greasy, made me break out, or didn't have sunscreen, I've been happy to find this and have used it exclusively for at least ten years.

Nexcare Acne Patch: If I could only keep one of these products and had to change everything else, it would be this! If you get the occasional zit, you absolutely must try these. They are the best at extracting all the gunk inside your pimple and flattening out the area ASAP.

Amara Organics Hyaluronic Acid: This product is fairly new to my skincare routine and I'm using it for the alleged anti-aging benefits of Hyaluronic Acid. I hope it's working...I've been using it for several months and I don't really think I look younger, but I don't look older either so....? All I can say for sure is that as far as the product itself goes, it's lightweight, absorbs quickly, and is non-greasy so I don't mind adding it to my routine with the hope that it will help combat aging in years to come.

Makeup Removing Wipes: Confession: I no longer using a separate facial cleanser. I use these wipes to remove my makeup (though I still need a stronger eye makeup remover for my eyes), then I rinse my face with cool water and dry with a clean washcloth. I've spent money on high and low end facial cleansers over the years and none of them seemed to make a difference, so I'm pretty content with this affordable routine.

Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist: I don't know if this falls in the skincare category exactly, but if you're looking for a safe, natural deodorant, this one is my favorite. I prefer the spray over the rock/crystal forms because it's just easier to apply. It dries quickly on me and seems to work quite well, so I do recommend this if you're looking to make the change from chemical anti-perspirants. (If you're unfamiliar with the concerns over regular anti-perspirants, this Time Magazine article is helpful.)

I'll be back tomorrow with a round-up of my top three recommendations of what to get during the Express sale plus my Friday Four: Jewelry Edition!



  1. Good news - I bought the shower refill from Nordstrom! Same price as Amazon and then of course you get to pick 3 beauty samples (that's always my favorite perk of ordering beauty products from them!). I love Neutrogena facial wipes and they actually do a really good job of taking my eye make up off so I don't use a separate eye make up remover.
    That deodorant sounds interesting!!! I love posts like this, love learning about new products!

    1. Ohh!! Thanks for letting me know. I didn't even think to check Nordstrom for the refills! I might have to try Neutrogena brand wipes to see if they're strong enough for my eye makeup remover.

  2. I first learned of those acne patches from you--I think you did a live demo on instastories. Well, I had heard of them and thought they were gimmicky. They work! I really wish I had had those decades ago.

    1. Oh me too...I desperately needed them in my teens and twenties! I'm glad the live video was helpful! I thought about doing another one's kind of embarrassing! LOL.

  3. I'll have to check out those acne patches! I think Biore used to have similar ones and I loved them as a teenager!

  4. okay okay i will try that shower oil. i am horrible at moisturising my body when i get out of the shower or bath, so will that mean i don't have to do that anymore? or is it more like a cleansing oil? either way, you've convinced me.
    i used to use that olay and loved it! then my skin went nuts and if i even have olay in my house, my skin breaks out and stings and blows up (slight exaggeration).
    i've had those Nexcare Acne Patch things in my cart since you first mentioned them, i really need to buy them.
    i used to use makeup remover wipes but always had to do more for my eyes as well, that's why i used a cleanser on top of the wipes. but now i just use the cleansing oil (removes every.thing. seriously) and then a cleanser in the bath/shower because like i said my skin is nuts and i need it. that being said, the one thing i have learned from my skin hating me this past year is that everyone is different and if you have 'normal-ish' skin, as in no real issues, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' should be your motto.


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