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Varsity T-Shirt Outfit Ideas

I was a little stuck on the title of today's post and whether I should call this a Varsity T-Shirt or a Sporty Tee..or something else entirely! But regardless of the name, I haven't owned a t-shirt in this style in quite some time, so I wanted to try a few different styling options for it to see how I felt the most comfortable wearing it in real life. And then of course, I'll share them with you all so you can decide if any of them would suit your tastes and lifestyle since that's essentially the point of the blog.

ONE: SheIn Tee (c/o) | Similar Jeans | Sneakers (c/o)

Fit Notes:
I'm wearing a size Small in this t-shirt (it's only $11 and also comes in Charcoal Grey and Green) and that's normal for my sizing at SheIn, but comparable to an XS in Express t-shirts. One review said the length was longer than expected, but I thought the length was normal/just right (you can see it untucked in the first set of images). Also, this t-shirt material is nice and soft as a t-shirt should be! Some SheIn tops I've had have a different fabric that doesn't feel quite like the cotton we're used to here, but this one is great.

I had to order a full size down to get a good fit in these sneakers. (I normally wear a 7.5 and took a 6.5 in these). Everything else in these photos (for exact items) ran true to size. I did also have one friend buy the similar pair of studded sandals I linked on Amazon and she loves them! You can see her pic wearing them here

FOUR: Tee (c/o) | Similar Jeans | Ankle Boots
FIVE: Tee (c/o) | White Jacket | Black Ripped Knee Jeans | Similar Wedge Pumps
SIX: Tee (c/o) | Similar Shorts | Sneakers (c/o)

Fit Notes:
See above for fit notes on my t-shirt and sneakers. My ankle boots run big and I wish I had ordered a half size down. My other exact items ran true to size (I'm wearing an XS in the white denim jacket).

Personal Preferences + How I Wore It:
I'm not a big fan of wearing sneakers unless they're the only appropriate shoe choice for an activity or situation (again, this is all just personal preference and what makes me feel comfortable), but I do think they look pretty cute with this style of top and might be convinced to wear it with them at some point. Outfit #4 is the way I wore it in real life to a hair appointment followed by after school activity chauffeur duties earlier this week. 

I wanted to give at least one option for layering it with a jacket for cooler weather, and I first tried it with a regular denim jacket but I really didn't like it. The sleeves are the best part of the top and it just didn't look nearly as cute with them all covered up. But I didn't mind it as much with the white denim jacket and I think it's because the white jacket had more contrast and still gave the look of white sleeves to the pink top. I don't personally find flats very comfortable so I don't wear them, but I think they could easily be substituted for the wedges in #5 if that's your preference.

If you want to try this style of top but prefer a different color option or a U.S. retailer, here are a few currently available similar styles. Some of these fall under the "Baseball Tee" Category, but I think they all serve a similar purpose and could be styled the same way.
1. Nordstrom | 2. Z Supply Tops (Camo Baseball Tee) | 3. Monrow Tops (Rock Tee) | 4. Nordstrom
5. Amazon | 6. Amazon | 7. Amazon (Longer length for leggings) | 8. Amazon

All of the Amazon options above are under $25, and all of the options come in multiple colors (except #4). So if you see a style you like but it's not the color you wanted, it's worth checking the link to see if it does come in the color you want!

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  2. I am going to order your top Gina. I saw it at Shein but wasn't sure about the sizing - thanks for the input. I love the varsity tee and had been looking at several that were a little pricey by my standards. Converse do run so big! I didn't believe it myself but I actually had to size down a whole size - that never happens to me! I'm with you about wearing sneakers, I prefer something with a heel and a bit dressier but my Converse have been so comfortable they're a nice option to wear to run errands and go to my son's volleyball games.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend friend!

  3. This top is so cute and you styled it perfectly everytime.



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