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Everyday Outfits + Friday Four 4/27/18

Welcome to another Friday post with some everyday outfits from the past week along with four other random topics of discussion! This week I have a mix of sale news, beauty reviews and pop culture trivia to share, so let's get started with the outfits and then on to the Friday Four.

Outfit Recap:

1. White Denim Jacket, Black Jeans:

Believe it or not, we've had two parent meetings this month for the 2018-2019 school year! I wore this to one such meeting and I felt put together but not overdressed. I debated wearing my white blazer but that really does tend to make things looks more dressy/date night than back to schoo night. At any rate, my white denim jacket fits true to size (I'm wearing XS) and is marked down to $43 this year. Sizes are limited though, so if your size is sold out you might try this one that's fully stocked in all sizes. My Dolce Vita sandals are true to size and sold out in this color, but this color would work just as well with the same outfit. Or you can go for the budget option, which doesn't have the cute studs but is much more affordable.

2. Hooded Cardigan, White Cami:

I originally posted this cardigan here with more details, but in a nutshell it's comfortable, true to size (I'm wearing XS) and I have no complaints about it! I thought I would wear it to the airport for our Spring Break trip, but then I didn't because it was going to be over 90° for the arrival in Las Vegas and drive to Zion. In other words, way too hot for this cardigan! But it was just the right temperature with this cami for a day of running errands and after school chauffeuring when the weather was a little over cast and in the upper 60s.

3. Lace Henley Top, White Jeans:

I love this top and also have the white version (shown here), but I do think the black version ends up looking a bit more dressy than the white version even though it's really just a stretchy, knit top. It always gives me Argentine Tango vibes when I wear this, especially if I carry a red bag with it! I'm wearing a Small in this, and I also prefer to wear my own cami underneath it instead of the tube top thing that comes with it. For what it's worth I also don't find it necessary to wear a strapless bra with it. I just wear a regular bra (black with the black lace henley and nude with the white version) and the lace + cami does enough to conceal the straps in my opinion. My jeans and shoes are also true to size. I think I'm going to repeat this outfit for my girls brunch next weekend since none of those friends saw me wear this, and I love when I can repeat an exact outfit for a different "audience!"

1. $50 Off Miller Sandals:

If you've considered splurging on a pair of Tory Burch Miller Sandals, they're currently on sale for $50 off $200 with code PRIVATE.

The code is actually for $25 off every $100, so you will need to add something small to your cart in order to save $50. This is one of those cases where you have to spend more to save more! Here are a few low-priced, fairly practical items to throw in your cart to get the $50 savings:
Water Glass $4
Bath Bomb $6
Lip Balm $7.50

2. Ardell Magnetic Lashes

Awhile back I tried a pair of magnetic false eyelashes on Amazon and I was not a fan. They were not easy to get on, they felt really weird on my eyes, and they hardly added any volume to my lashes. Then I recently saw these magnetic lashes by Ardell, and since Ardell is my go-to brand for the typical glue-on type of false eyelashes I decided to give the magnetic style one more try. Overall, I like them and will definitely be using them again. That said, they were not easy for me to get on at all. It took me almost as long as applying regular false lashes, with the only upside to these being less mess from the glue. It took quite a few tries and almost ten minutes to get them fixed on both eyes, but once they were on I was really pleased. They looked nice, my eyes adjusted to the weight and feel of them pretty quickly and they didn't bother me throughout the night. I posted this pic of me wearing them on my Instagram story:

The lashes were really easy to remove and didn't pull out any of my own lashes like the glue-on kind usually do. I'm also thinking I'll be able to re-use them more times than glue-on lashes, so even though they cost a bit more than those, they should last longer. I bought mine in-store at Target and I have also seen them at CVS, but Amazon had the lowest price of the three.

3. The Middle
If you listen to the radio at all I'm sure you've heard the Zedd/Maren Morris song, "The Middle" that's popular right now. But I didn't know until I read this article just how many other singers were going to do the song before it ended up on the radio. From Demi Lovato to Camilla Cabello and many more! The music industry seems pretty fascinating behind the scenes.

4. Miscommunication.
I may not have communicated a few things very well in my posts this week based on some feedback I I received, so I just wanted to clear up a couple of things. First, in Monday's post I didn't mean to imply I was quitting blogging, only that I'm dropping the Monday Motivation series for now. The blog isn't going anywhere just yet!

Second, in Wednesday's post I mentioned a newsletter. That's simply a goal (pipe dream?) of mine for now. I don't currently have a newsletter but I hope that if I keep talking about it I'll motivate myself to do it. And if/when I do start one I will be sure to announce it and mention it frequently so everyone has the scoop on how to sign up for it and what to expect from it.

And that's it for today! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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  1. I like all of your outfits for the week and can totally see how you'd feel put together at a school meeting while not being overdressed - you nailed it! Love the black lace too. Perfect for a girls brunch! I bought the magnetic lashes and never got them on. I gave up for now but will come back to it, I've watched some Youtube videos and it looks so easy but not for me! I kept dropping them and then when I'd get the top and bottom both on they wouldn't be close enough to the lash line. It was pretty comical but I could see that once I get the hang of it how nice wearing them would be. And yes, I think they'll last quite a while so the price is well worth it. You look stunning in yours - gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful weekend Gina!!!

    1. Oh I hear you on the tutorials that make it look easy! They just pop on the lashes and voila! Done! That was definitely not the case for me. I hope I get better with practice. And thanks so much for the nice outfit comments!

  2. This lace henley is the cutest, love the white version too. I'm in a shopping rut, meaning I hate most things right now. Let me check out this bloomies sale. Have a great weekend.


    1. I definitely go in phases where nothing works. It's kind of a blessing since it means I save money! Hope your shopping luck changes a little. :)

  3. Thanks for the heads up on those sandals! That's a great deal! I love the eyelashes on you. I've been toying around with getting a pair of magnetic ones and it's nice to know what types other people recommend!


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