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Everyday Outfits + Friday Four 4/20/18

Hello and thanks for checking in today! I hope you all had a good week. We survived the post-vacation adjustment period and now things feel pretty much back to normal. I'm still working my way through the overload of photos we took on our trip to Zion National Park (recap here) and trying to just get them all organized in a photo book. It's a task I dread but the sooner I force myself get it done after a trip, the better. Aside from that, as usual I have a few outfits to share that I wore this past week along with a few other random topics to discuss in my Friday Four.

Outfit Recap:
I haven't really gone for a lot of traditional Spring colors this year, but I did carry my red bag with the second a third outfit after seeing Rachelle's post about red bags, and I felt like that brightened them both up a bit more for the season. (You can see the second outfit with the bag on Instagram.) I stopped carrying bags in my mirror selfies this year because it really simplifies the linking process for me. It's also had the side benefit of helping me stick to a smaller bag collection since it helps me not feel self-conscious about constantly repeating the same ones over and over here. Just thought I would mention that in case anyone wondered whether that was an accidental or intentional change!

Black Moto Jacket, Camo Jeans:

Lots of oldies but goodies in this outfit! My black t-shirtcamo jeans, and shoes are all true to size. My jacket is a great bargain at just $31 and I'm wearing a Small. I tried a few layering options (e.g. blazers and cardigans) for the t-shirt and jeans before settling on the jacket. It seemed like it went the best with everything else. I had a bunch of errands to run this day (mall returns, Target, take kids to activities, etc.) and I was glad for the jacket since there was a lot of temperature variance everywhere I went.

Charcoal Cardigan, White Henley Tank:

I think this is my third time wearing this cardigan since I got it last month, although I can only find one other previous posting. I keep reaching for it because it's just so soft and comfortable! I also think this curved hem style is a little more flattering on me than some of my others, so I'll be keeping that in mind for future purposes. Mine is a size Small, and I took the same for this White Henley Tank. I do think the tank runs a bit Small, since I think this fits more like an XS. My black jeans and shoes (budget-friendly dupes for the Vince Camuto "Tressa" style) are both true to size. 

White Cardigan, Black Lace-Trim Cami:

If you're following me on Instagram you might have seen this outfit on my stories on Wednesday. We stopped for some take out dinner after basketball practice and the restaurant had nice landscaping so I persuaded my kids to do a quick photography test for me. I can't imagine my own childhood as one where my mom repeatedly asked me to take pictures of her in different outfits and settings! But we're living in different times now where many things are far different than my own childhood, so I try not to beat myself about whether that's "normal" or not. At any rate, everything shown is true to size so that makes for an easy caption here!

How about a little random chit chat before we head into the weekend? I'll keep it to four things here otherwise I can easily ramble on for too long!

1. Overnight Oats. I'm always looking for easy, healthy breakfast ideas and I've heard of these a few different places so I gave them a try this week. I used this recipe and made the blueberry version...and I was not a fan. I really did not care for the taste of cold oatmeal, and the ingredients just didn't blend as well they do when they're cooked with heat. Has anyone else tried these and not loved them? Now I need to figure out something else to do with the bag of chia seeds I bought just for the one teaspoon required for the recipe!

2. The Greatest Showman. I finally saw this movie last weekend since it's out on DVD/On Demand. I thought the music was great and I can see myself listening to this soundtrack again. But overall I only liked it okay...didn't love it. I think the visuals and sounds would have been more enjoyable in the big screen format, so I missed the boat by not seeing it in the theater. Also, my husband and kids didn't want to watch it with me so I watched it alone, and I can safely say they would not have enjoyed it so I'm glad I didn't push the issue. Your family tastes may vary!

3. Coffee & Tea Drinkers. Since we talked coffee here on Wednesday I thought it was interesting that this article came up in my news feed this week: This is what drinking coffee and tea all day will do to your body. Here's my personal favorite quote from the article: "The smugness of people who drink copious amounts of water every day might be somewhat unfounded — or their scorn for people who only drink tea and coffee might be, at least."

4. Pillowcase Rules. For ages I have washed our bedding once per week (probably because that's what my mom did?), then on Instagram this week one person said that it needs to be done almost daily. Whoa. I'm not sure if I can commit to that much extra laundry, plus putting on pillowcases is my least favorite part about laundering the bedding. But I also don't want to be un-hygienic! I read a couple of articles on the topic here and here, and I'm considering going to 2x per week. How often do you all wash your pillowcases?

This weekend is looking pretty ordinary for me but the weather is supposed to warm up a bit for Saturday-Sunday so I'm looking forward to that and hoping to spend some extra time outdoors. I hope you all have some good plans for fun and/or relaxation this weekend too!

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  1. Love the second!


  2. Damn....washing the pillow cases daily might send me over the edge. haha Gonna have to read the article on coffee/tea drinkers now. Happy Friday Gina!

    1. Ha! Glad I'm not alone. Extra laundry? No thank you!

  3. Seriously who has time to wash bedding that often?! I only have two sets of sheets for each bed, too! Maybe in the summer when you are hot and possibly sweaty, but in the winter I barely have any skin on my sheets with all the clothes I wear to bed. The idea of changing out pillow cases halfway through the week is much more doable.

    1. Agree! If it's more than once a week I need to feel like there's a particular reason.

  4. Oh heavens, I refuse to wash bedding more than once a week. I'm healthy and well so I don't think it's hurting my health but it would certainly stress me out doing it daily. I'd like to see the Greatest Showman but no one in my family would be interested. At. All. I'll have to watch one night when they're all gone!
    I love your moto jacket and the price is so right!
    Hope your weekend is a good one. I need to go through pictures for my son's graduation party. I love looking at pictures but it will end up taking me hours.

    1. Ha, yeah, I am guessing it's not the type of movie your boys would enjoy either! Pictures are definitely a love/hate. I love having them and looking at them. Keeping them organized...that's another story!

  5. I wash sheets weekly and sometimes my pillowcase more often because the Vit. C serum I use nightly seems to rub off on it... Also, just FYI, both links send you to the same article. I'm a weirdo who actually likes to read about these things!

    1. Ack! Thanks for letting me know about the duplicate link! I just updated with the correct second link. And that makes sense about washing extra when you can tell there's excess product on there. I do that occasionally too, but haven't committed to making it a regular thing.

  6. I'm the most of proud of my bag collection because it is small and I truly love every single one. Your red bag is too pretty not to be worn. My dermatologist growing up told me about pillow cases and yea they carry out a lot of junk.

    I have a coworker who would love this coffee article, I have to show it to him. He hates drinking water.
    Loving all your classic outfits, I wish camo pants looked as good on me.

    1. I think I am almost to the same point as you with bags (not quite) and it really does feel great. If you don't like camo pants you could always do a camo skirt. ;)

  7. As much as I like the camo print pants, I love the last outfit the most :) I repeat bags all the time - like clothes, we have favourites that are on frequent repeat! You shouldn't feel bad about it :)

    There are SO many things you can do with chia seeds too - I don't like overnight oats, but I love adding chia seeds to yoghurt and leaving them for a bit so they swell up - delicious and you've added extra goodness to a yoghurt. They also work so well in baking (nice addition to muffins!) or sprinkled over a salad. I'm always adding chia seeds to things, haha! I started when we had a maternity class at the hospital and the midwife pointed out how much goodness was in them. I was off steak so all the extra iron they had made them appealing! :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend :) We are having the perfect weather - warm and sunny in the morning, then cooler in the afternoon and evenings when the storms roll in. We spent time by the pool yesterday morning!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. Cute outfits dear! Love the camo look, so chic and badass!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  9. I love these looks--especially how the lace cami adds the perfect amount of dressiness to that last look.
    I'm not a fan of oatmeal in general, although I keep trying different varieties to see if I like it--but the texture just gets me.
    I don't have the time or energy to wash sheets multiple times a week, yikes! I can barely do all the laundry I do already, ha! :)


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