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Designer Inspired Bags

I often share designer-inspired bags, jewelry and other items on my Instagram stories, but those disappear after 24 hours so I like to give them a permanent home on the blog, too. Not to mention some of my most loyal blog readers aren't on Instagram and I want to make sure they have equal access to content. For price reference, most of the designer bags pictured here from Chloe and Celine retail for around $2,000, and the See by Chloe and ZAC bags are around $400-500. All of the inspired versions are under $100 unless otherwise noted.

Chloe "Hudson" Inspired Bags:

1. Chloe Hudson (Motty Gray) | 2. Chloe Hudson Bag (Caramel) | 3. Amazon
4. Amazon (3 Colors) | 5. Amazon ($30) | 6.  Amazon (4 colors) 

See by Chloe Inspired Bags + Chloe "Faye" Inspired Bags:

Celine + ZAC by ZAC Posen "Eartha" Inspired Bags:
1. Celine Belt Leather Handbag | 2. Amazon ($180) 3. Amazon ($180)
4. Celine Trapeze Bag | 5. ZAC by Zac Posen Eartha | 6. Amazon (3 Colors)
7. Amazon  (9 Colors) | 8. Celine Luggage Bag 9. Amazon ($119)

Which style of these is your favorite? Personally I've been eyeing the See by Chloe Hana shoulder bag lately but am torn between the Cognac and the Taupe/Grey color.  But the H&M version looks great and is so affordable, it might be a good "trial" piece to see how much I actually use it before I take the plunge on the real deal.

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  1. You always find such great dupes! I am enamored by all things Chloe but that's probably the closest I'll get to owning anything that's actually Chloe. I don't want to say they're out of my price range because if I really wanted one I could make it work but then I'd probably have to spend less somewhere else. The dupes would work perfectly for me, I'd get the look I want and still have money to shop for other things! Thanks for doing all the hard work of rounding up great bags!
    Happy Monday Gina!

  2. I love the nano version of the Celine luggage bag.


  3. These are all such good options for those of us who can't or don't want to spend the money on the real thing! I have my eye on a few of the Chloe Faye inspired ones!

  4. These are killer dupes, lady- great sourcing! I need a few new handbags in my closet (which I just decided after reading this post, haha).

    Le Stylo Rouge


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