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Cashmere Cardigan + Monday Motivation

When it comes to splurge items, I've noticed there are a couple of different types of people. Type A will purchase a splurge item and save it to wear on special occasions. And then there's Type B, who wear the heck out of the splurge item either because they just love it or want to bring down the cost per wear to justify the splurge. These days, I'm definitely Type B. I've never owned anything cashmere until I got this camel cardigan as a birthday splurge back in January. I've worn it almost once a week since then, including last weekend when I wore it to my monthly girls' brunch.
Budget Cardigan Options: Boohoo, AmazonAmazon
Leopard Crossbody Options: Budget | Mid End | Tory Burch

I didn't meant to go head-to-toe (er...ankle) Abercrombie with this outfit but it ended up that way by chance. My cardigan and lace trim cami both run true to size for Abercombie (I'm wearing an XS in both), and their sizing usually runs the same for me as Express sizing. Their jeans like this black pair I'm wearing also run true to size. They are narrower at the ankle than my black Express jeans, so I've started wearing these jeans instead of my black Express jeans anytime I'm not covering up the ankle area with a boot since I prefer the slimmer look.

Budget Cardigan Options: Boohoo, AmazonAmazon
Leopard Crossbody Options: Budget | Mid End | Tory Burch

My nude pumps and Double O-Ring belt are also getting frequent use, but they're both under $50 so the Type B Splurge Logic doesn't really apply. I wear them a lot just because they go with a lot! They're both true to size, though I did have to add heel inserts to prevent slipping on the pumps.

Monday Motivation: Values vs. Bloglife
Last week, this article popped up in my news feed and I found it pretty fascinating. In a nutshell, it's the story of a 26 year old girl who racked up $10,000 in debt trying to become an Instagram star. She bought all the right designer shoes and handbags, traveled to all the right locations to take her photos (which of course, were taken by expensive professional photographers) and lived a lifestyle well beyond her means, perhaps with the hope that it would eventually pay for itself.

While I was initially shocked at that $10K number, I guess I really shouldn't be. It's very easy to forget that what we see on blogs and social media is only part of the story. I suspect she is not alone in her debt situation, she's just the only one willing to admit it. While I am glad to say I've never gone into debt over anything Instagram or blog related, I can't be too judgmental because I know I've gone over budget at times and I've done things for Instagram that seem silly in retrospect. It's just two pages out of the same book, and who knows, under a different set of circumstances maybe I too could have gotten even more caught up in trying to achieve a certain level of blog or Instagram status.

I've been pretty open here about my ongoing effort to manage my time on social media and on my phone in general (e.g. this post and this one), and when I look back on the values I set out to work on in my new year post, I have to say social media is mostly a bad influence on all of those values:

1. Time Management: Pretty obvious how it's not good for time management!
2. Relationships: Actually, social media has primarily been positive for me on this front. I have made a handful of good connections and friendships through social media, but what's surprised me more is how much fun it's been to engage with real-life family and friends who follow my blog account. That said, it's not without it's problems on that front. I know more than a few people (myself included) who have had their feelings hurt by something that was posted by another friend on social media, often leading to a strain on a real life relationship. And it can easily be a distraction from in-person connections, too.
3. Personal Growth: The only way social media has helped me with personal growth is through book recommendations from social media. Otherwise I don't think it's really helping me grow as a person.
4. Health & Fitness: Hm, well, this is another tie. Sometimes social media can be a good influence on my fitness. When I see other people sharing their workouts, it motivates me. As for health, it's a terrible influence as far as food temptations. And it's repeatedly been shown to be bad for mental health (e.g. this article), so there's that to consider as well.

So it all begs the question...why am I doing it? I started my Instagram account to help grow my blog and hopefully create some new opportunities for myself. It's done that to an extent, but at what cost? I honestly have no answers in today's post...just questions. I apologize for potentially beating a dead horse with this topic, but it's been at the forefront of my mind a lot this year. I know I can't worry about what anyone else in the industry is doing, so if a blogger goes into $10k of debt in pursuit of Instagram fame, it's really none of my business, and at some point she's going to pay for her own mistakes anyway. What I am concerned about is how can participate in the industry in the most useful (to others), enjoyable (to myself) way possible. I would love to hear from you all what's working for you these days in terms of keeping it all in balance and in check and what social content you find useful vs. unhealthy!

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  1. this outfit is truly perfect and I see why you wear this cardigan so much. I love to wear my expensive stuff too, might as well get my money's worth.
    It may not have seemed that way but last week I really disconnected with social media, and yesterday I noticed how nice it felt to not constantly grab my phone and scroll through my feed. I was out everyday, interacting with friends and didn't bother capturing most moments. Last night things went back to normal and I started scrolling IG again and that made me sad. So now I'm going to actively not use IG as a way to distract myself. IG really is the worst SM for me, I can stay away from all of them.

    My goal now is to post my pics daily, give some love to my friend's account and stop watching stories. They are such a waste of time.


  2. Ugh, this is such a timely post. I haven't read the article myself but I totally believe she is one of many, many women going in to debt for fame. Often I wonder how all these young people have the money to buy all kinds of expensive clothing and accessories, travel, pay for photographers and honestly I wonder what I am doing wrong! Social media just isn't my thing. Of course I enjoy scrolling through and getting outift ideas, work out ideas, etc. but I feel silly posting things about myself. It isn't natural for me and feels forced. So I am at a crossroads because I do need to build my social media presence in order to have a more successful blog. All this to say, I have no answers for you only more questions for myself. But thanks for posting such a thoughtful commentary and I agree with you on so many points! Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. love it! you look gorgeous!!


  4. Absolutely love this outfit, Gina. And what an interesting article. I have to admit, there are times I wish to be bigger, but then I remember that I'm doing this for fun and to enjoy my mom's relationships together!!!

  5. A well made high quality splurge like your cardigan is a wonderful investment piece! I have a few pieces like that and wear them constantly! I don't like to save it for special occasions because I want everyday that I get to use it to feel special.

  6. Love the combo of the cardigan and the leopard bag! Thanks for sharing!
    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  7. I bought cashmere sweaters for the first time this year and just love how luxurious they feel! Camel is such a versatile color. You're going to wear it with everything!

  8. Great look! That cardigan and the bag fit perfect to the black outfit! I love it!

  9. Cashmere is my favorite!!


  10. I’m totally type B! I have to say the topic of social media has weighed on my mind a lot lately - personally I only participate in social media to help my blog because I love my blog. I love to write and create but I truly don’t like social media. I especially don’t like Instagram. It feels like a constant game that if you want to win you have to stay glued to it and I’m totally unsure if the connections I make there are real or for the other persons gain, know what I mean?! Where on my blog, I feel like the connections are just more genuine. It’s a struggle though, you feel like you need to be on it for your blog but at the same time, I always feel better when I avoid it.


  11. i saw that article and seriously couldn't believe it.. but then the more i thought about it, the more i did believe it. i am horrible with money and have blinked and been in debt before i realised, so i can see that happening. it's just so crazy to me. i understand how people get sucked in, i think it's all about finding what's best for you, what works and what doesn't. sometimes people sharing food or workouts have no impact on me, other times they make me feel guilty or want to indulge. i do think sometimes people share things that i wouldn't necessarily think of/find on my own, and that helps me grow as a person, but probably not that much haha. i know it's not always possible, but i don't follow that many people on instagram, i hide the stories of people i don't care about, i rarely scroll anymore. sometimes i open it, like the first few photos that pop up and then close it, next time i open it there will be different photos and likely none of them will be super recent lol. i don't know. it's all a bit hard sometimes i think, finding what works, and it's different for everyone.

  12. First, you look so pretty in that camel cashmere cardigan! I bet it’s incredibly luxurious! I e never owned cashmere either but your bday is the best excuse to treat yourself :)

    I did read that article that you shared and felt so sad for that woman. I often wonder how people can afford such lavish lifestyles, especially bloggers. I know they get vacations comped all the time but it all just seems too good to be true. In some sense, I feel like i would have to sell my soul to be popular on insta! People want to know every detail of your life and it’s so dangerous to put everything all out there! I just can’t seem to grow my account, but I’m finally ok with that. I value some of the friendships I’ve made on there and that’s the most important thing to me personally :)

  13. I always appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your personal journey. Not to mention your intentionality at maintaining balance and striving for growth. Social media can be so tough. Fun and positive in so many ways but also easily negative. I often ask similar questions with no answers. I feel it is necessary to blog, and I honestly love blogging. Not sure I have an answer either.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. Love your outfit! I especially love your purse. I'm a big fan of leopard spots.


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