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Pink Sweater, Currently + Link Up

So far the New Year feels like it isn't in full swing yet since we're still in between holiday life and real life around here. My husband's back in the office, but the kids don't go back to school until next week so it's still vacation mode for them. I'm not complaining though and definitely in no rush for them to go back. I'm thoroughly enjoying the relaxed schedule and lack of homework just as much as the kids. I've been reading a lot in my spare time so I'll have plenty to say in my book reviews next week! As for outfits lately, I've been opting for easy, throw-on-and-go sweaters a lot and this pink one from Romwe is a fun new addition to my collection since I didn't have any in this shade.

Sweater (c/o) (Similar) | Jeans | Belt | Boots | Necklace | Bag (c/o) | Identical Earrings |  Nail Polish "Beyond the Pale Pink"

This pink sweater is a "One Size" piece and as I'm consistently finding with Romwe/SheIn pieces, it runs like a size XS or Small. The sweater is a comfortable material (not itchy at all) and I'd consider it light to medium weight. I find that open knit sweaters like this have a lot of natural ventilation which is fine for my climate but would probably need a cami (or even turtleneck?) underneath in cooler places. (Update: This sweater sold out, then was re-stocked, so if it's not available when you're seeing this post, here's a similar option under $20 with great reviews.)

I have a confession: I buckled this this belt incorrectly (the strap is supposed to go under the Double-O buckle, not in between) and I didn't even realize it until after I took these photos and was adding in the product links. I didn't think it looked bad this way even if it's not "correct," so I decided it wasn't worth redoing the whole outfit photo process and just to share the outfit anyway. At any rate, belts seem to be making a comeback and I thought this Double O-Ring Belt was a cute Gucci-inspired option without trying to be an exact copy. (Although if you want an exact looking version you can get this one for $15 on Amazon.) Since I hadn't ordered a belt for awhile I wasn't even sure what size to get, but I followed the Size Chart recommendations for Bottoms (e.g. XS for 0-2, Small for 2-4 and so on) on the site and that worked for me.

Sweater (c/o) | Jeans | Belt | Boots | Necklace | Bag (c/o) | Identical Earrings |  Nail Polish "Beyond the Pale Pink"

My jeans and boots are nothing new around here. I took my normal size in both and didn't have any fit issues. I did add a cushioned insert to these boots for better comfort and that helped quite a bit since they don't have much padding in the foot bed otherwise.

Currently + What's New:
On the first Wednesday of the month I like to join Anne for "Currently" followed by Gretchen + Kristen for "What's New" on Thursday since I think the topics work pretty well for both! So here's what I'm currently Starting, Hoping, Scheduling, Reading, and Playing this January.

Starting...lots of things! First, I just started using my new planner for 2018. I ended up going with Plum Paper because they had a lot of customization options and it was the only place I could find with my page formatting preference (viewing a full week all on one page).  Second, I just started Cathe Friedrich's latest workout series, Fit Split. I'll work a review into one of my posts once I've completed the whole series since so far it has some pros and cons for me. And on the blog front, the 2018 edition of my Monday Motivation Series started here.

Hoping...someone will need to sell their Hamilton tickets at a very discounted price at the last minute so I can swoop in and buy them! Hamilton (the musical production just in case you're unfamiliar) comes to San Diego starting today through the 28th. From the prices I'm seeing now, I could justify the cost of one ticket for myself, but I would feel too guilty going without my family so as of now, I'm still just hoping to see the show while it's in town but not planning on it.

Scheduling...or more like procrastinating the act of scheduling some doctor and dentist appointments for myself and the kids. I cannot tell you how much I dread making such appointments. It's guaranteed to be a long wait on hold followed by listing out long insurance numbers, correcting the spelling of names back and forth, etc. etc. Not to mention we have new dental insurance this year so before I can make that appointment I have to do some research on a new dentist. Thrilling stuff!

Reading...Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica (so far so good) on Kindle and I just finished The How of Happiness on Audible. I'll do a full review of this book January 9, but generally I didn't like it quite as much as The Happiness Hypothesis (similar topics). However, the chapter on goals was very good and so appropriate for this time of year. (Obviously reading is a much happier topic for me than scheduling!)! On New Year's Eve we ended up playing Taboo and "The Bowl" Game (we did the "variation" option listed here) with our friends. Turns out I'm a much better guesser than clue-giver/actress! Yikes. I wasn't great at either of those but they were still a lot of fun. I mentioned that we bought Cards Against Humanity to play for NYE, we didn't end up playing it because thanfully some of you all let me know it was Adults Only. Our kids were home and hanging out with us so it didn't quite seem like the right night for that!

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And that's all I've got for you today! See you back on Friday for some everyday outfits and this week's edition of T.G.I.F.!

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  1. This is a classic Fall look, I didn't read at all during the break. I am just starting again.


  2. Oh that's such a cute pink top! And I didn't even know the belt wasn't fasted correctly until I read it - looks fine in the pics to me :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Happy new year! Hope that 2018 has started nicely for you! Mine has been so enjoyable as I'm still on leave from work so I'm taking the opportunity to relax too, just like you I'm enjoying a little extra downtime before everything starts again!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. My son is still on break, until tomorrow. It's been so nice slowing things down, in not ready to get back to reality! I've been doing a lot of reading too, can't wait to hear what you think about your recent reads!

    pumps and push-ups

  4. Such a pretty pink! Love that for this time of year. And I hope you get your Hamilton tickets! We are lucky to live pretty easy driving distance to Chicago, where it is showing for a longer period, so we were able to get tickets for later this month. Super excited.

    Thanks for joining in again :)

  5. Loving the color of that sweater, and how fabulous are those boots! Good luck with the doctor and dental appointments, those are definitely the worst but feels so good to get them out of the way afterwards <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. I’m wearing sweaters a ton too! But I only have a couple pullovers so I’m looking into getting one or two more for winter :)

    Enjoy the boys and their time off! I start online classes next week too so I feel like I’m on vacation as well!

  7. Anytime you have to call the doctor or dentist (or heaven!) it is such a pain! I swear I have to block out at least an hour! Good luck getting it all scheduled!

  8. I love that sweater and I think the belt looks great even if it was buckled wrong. Love this classic look!

  9. I love how so many people today are talking about their planners. I'm such a fan of planners! Ooh I hope you can score some Hamilton tickets. It's supposed to come near me for a couple weeks but I don't think it's on sale yet. I'd go by myself if I had to though since my family doesn't really know much about it.


  10. ooooh that sweater is CUTE. and incorrect or not, i love the belt and how you buckled it. yay Plum Paper! i really hope you're able to snag a ticket or two to Hamilton!
    we've played cards against humanity around young kids (who of course want to be involved) but at the age they start to half understand/repeat what you say... definitely adults only haha.

  11. I am loving the shade of pink on this sweater, and your boots too!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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