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Everyday Outfits + TGIF 1/12/18

Happy Friday! At the beginning of the week it felt strange going back to "normal" after the holidays, but by the end of the week it all felt like old hat. We survived with only a few hiccups...colds for everyone, sick day for one kiddo, and a moderate rainstorm that make San Diegans act like we need to hunker down for a hurricane. (Not to make light of that situation since some people in the region were killed or seriously affected by the impact the storms, but around here it wasn't really that bad.) It went as far as influencing my outfit choices, so if you're a regular reader, some of these outfits might seem a bit more casual/athleisure than my usual style, which hopefully makes for some nice variety. As usual I'm sharing a few notes about how things fit and where to get them!

Outfit Recap Part 1:

Black Fleece Pullover:

Outfit Notes: Normally I try to avoid putting two such similar pieces together in a collage, but in this case I thought it might be helpful to show them side-by-side so I can talk about the differences between the two. The black/gray version I'm wearing in this picture is the original version from Abercrombie. I am wearing a Small and it's true to size. I often wear an XS in Abercrombie tops but I wanted this more oversized/relaxed so I sized up. I'm also wearing a Small in the Pink/Ivory Dupe version (which also comes in Navy) and it fits more like an XS. Even though it looks about the same length on my torso, it came up higher under my arms, was a little more fitted through the body, and is shorter in the sleeves. The quilted contrast section of the chest area on the Abercrombie top is slightly bigger than vs. the dupe. And the quality is definitely nicer on the Abercrombie version: it's thicker, warmer and just feels sturdier. The original version also has pockets which I really love, but you are paying almost $50 for all of those features since it's $68 vs. $20 for the dupe.

Pink/Ivory Snap Pullover:

Outfit Notes: As mentioned above, I'm wearing a Small in this and it runs small. This feels more like an XS, so I suggest sizing up. My jeans are true to size, and I took a half-size down in my boots. The only size left in my boots is  6, but I found a similar Target pair in the same price range.

Grey Puffer Jacket:

Outfit Notes: This is my standard "Going for a Walk at Night" outfit. We usually go for an evening walk on the weekends and I wanted a more sporty coat to wear since all of my warmer coats are a bit dressier. I'd been eyeing this Abercrombie Puffer Jacket (currently on sale for $60, also displayed in dark grey in the widget below) so this jacket seemed like a good alternative. Unfortunately by the time I ordered and received this puffer jacket from SheIn it was already sold out! (I'm keeping the link to the original item just in case they decide to restock it in the future.) I can tell you I'm wearing a Small in this and it's exactly what I needed. If you're in the market for some budget-friendly outerwear they do have a few other current options. I really love the red coat, but I know for sure I can't justify more than one sport coat!

More Outerwear Options:

Outfit Recap Part 2:

Light Chenille Cardigan, Black Lace Cami:

Outfit Notes: This Target Cardigan is on clearance for $15 and worth every penny! It fits true to size and is in the "ridiculously soft and comfortable" category. All other items ran true to size as well.

Plaid Scarf:
Scarf (c/o) | Similar Target Tee | Jeans | Belt | Boots "Taupe" (c/o)

Outfit Notes: You can find the full post for this outfit with more details here, but in short, every piece ran true to size.

Neutral Sweater Jacket:
Sweater Jacket (c/o) | Black Z Supply Tee (c/o) | Jeans | Boots | Necklace | Bag | Belt

Outfit Notes: The full post for this outfit is here (along with my time management objectives for the new year). This cropped sweater jacket is "One Size" and will likely work best for XS-Medium. All other current items ran true to size.


On Fridays I share a few little extra tidbits here to go along with my outfits. Since most of these outfits have already been posted on Instagram or in a full post, I like to have something new here for my regulars! I don't want the entire post to be redundant content. I use the T.G.I.F. acronym to share whatever random words and topics come to mind for each of the letters. Here's my list this week!

T. Television
My husband and I like to have a show we watch together, and lately it's been a serious struggle to find something we both like. We just got a one month subscription to HBO Go to give us some new options (it was $10!) so now we're watching Big Little Lies. I read the book but I'm still enjoying the show for the most part, but I do think it's really slow at times. It's not 100% engaging for my husband either, but he's hanging in there. If you have any other HBO shows you think we'd enjoy let me know so we can enjoy while our subscription is active!

G. Gucci
In the last year or so, it seems like Gucci started to dominate the accessories game. I've seen their belts, bags, and sunglasses on a lot of the "big budget" bloggers and of course lots of others who saved up for a splurge item or two. My Double-O Ring belt (shown in the last two outfits above) is probably loosely inspired by the Gucci version, and if you're in the mood for a splurge or an inspired version there are plenty of options for both:

Gucci Belt ($350) | Inspired Belt $14.99
Gucci Bag ($3200) | Inspired Bag $34

I. Irresistible
In my post about Time Management on Monday, I mentioned that I was considering the book Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping us Hooked:
(On Amazon)

Well, I went for it and I'm halfway through now because the book itself is addictive! I am absolutely loving this and I will be shocked if it doesn't make it on to my "Best Books of 2018" list. It's changing the way I see social media and having a very positive impact on my life. I can't recommend it strongly enough (thus far) to anyone willing to listen!

F. Fit Split
For my fitness friends and fellow Cathletes, I promised I would review any new series I purchased and now that I've had a chance to complete all of Cathe's Fit Split Series (her most recent), I'm ready to share my thoughts!
Available here

This series includes 4 DVDs. Each DVD has a warm up and cool down plus cardio workout segment and a weight training segment. There's also a Bonus Ab workout on two DVDs, but it's the same workout so you're only getting one additional abdominal workout. The workouts vary from 48-59 minutes total, but I broke mine down into shorter time increments, which was very easy to do with all of the custom Premix Menu options. Each day I included the warm up (anywhere from 4-12 minutes) as well as my own cool down and stretching for. Cathe has some recommended rotations on her site here, but here's how I did them over an 8-Day period.

Low Impact Cardio + Bonus Abs

Shred Cardio

Legs & Glutes (from Boxing Bootcamp + Legs & Glutes)

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Quads (from Shred Cardio + Push Day)

Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Hamstrings (from Mixed Impact Cardio + Pull Day)

Boxing Bootcamp (cardio) + Bonus Abs

Metabolic Conditioning (total body weights) (from Low Impact Cardio + Metabolic Conditioning)

Mixed Impact Cardio

My Final Thoughts:
There are a lot of things that I really liked about this series and one main thing I didn't, so I'll break the rest of my review into pros and cons.

Pros: One thing I always expect from Cathe is innovation and she did not disappoint in that regard. While there were some familiar moves, a lot of them had a brand new twist that I've never done in any of her workouts and that twist was always effective! I especially liked the bonus ab work. Cathe was her usual positive self (but never bubbly or cheesy) with excellent cue-ing. Since I was doing the weights workouts the first time through, I paused a lot to take notes for my future workouts (e.g. which exercises we did, how many reps, what weight I used). I can tell that some of these workouts are going to be killer when I try to do them straight through. I loved that she made each workout very easy to customize for time constraints. Even though I don't do as much cardio these days, I really did like all of these cardio workouts: they were neither too complicated nor too repetitive or easy.

Cons: The #1 Con (and really my only complaint!) is that I didn't like the way the lower body weights were broken up and randomly thrown in with the Push/Pull workouts (both of which have an upper body emphasis). On Monday I did Legs & Glutes, then on Tuesday I did Quads (with Push Day), then on Thursday I did Hamstrings (with Pull Day). Friday was total body weights so my legs got worked yet again. Since none of the individual workouts were as exhausting as Cathe's usual leg workouts, I wasn't sore so I was able to do the exercises, but I still would prefer to have a day or two in between working lower body muscle groups. I don't feel they can be isolated as easily as upper body muscles, for instance when I'm doing front squats for my quads, I'm still feeling it somewhat in my glutes and hamstrings. If I wanted to create my own complete Fit Split Lower Body workout (and I may do this next time I do the series), I'd have to insert/remove three separate DVDs to get the job done right. That's a lot of hassle for one workout.

Those are the key points that stood out to me with this series, but let me know if you have any further questions and I'll be happy to answer. In case you missed any of my other fitness content when it was a regular part of the blog, you can find everything in my All Things Fitness Reference post!

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  1. Sorry your family got the cold, I did too and it has not been fun. Loving these casual looks and your cute outerwear. I share your opinion about fit split. Each workouts are great but to me they are not good enough to work a section lower or upper body. But the cardio is challenging and I'm loving mixing them with other workouts.


    1. The flu hit this area so hard I'm just glad that so far we've only had colds! And glad you had the same feelings on Fit Split. I agree- next time I do the program I'll have to combine the weights with segments from another workout series.

  2. Well I couldn't wait for you review and pulled the trigger on the Fit Series. Collage Video was having a sale and after being obsessed with watching the online clips, I just had to. I'm glad to see that overall you like the series. I've been pulling out my Cathe DVDs a lot more. Thanks for the review and I still love those pink New Balances.

    1. Glad you were able to get a good deal on the series! If you like any of Cathe's other workouts (which I already know you do!) I think you'll be very pleased with the purchase.

  3. These cozy outfits are perfect for this single degreee weather we just landed upon! I still really love that chenille cardi. It looks so snuggly but not overpowering or bulky. It’s perfect! And after I finish the book you got me, I will have to read Irresistable!
    Caryl | http://morepiecesofme.com

    1. First, I hope you enjoy BOTH books! Second, the cardigan really is perfect and impossible to beat the $15 price! Good luck staying warm this weekend!

  4. We dress extremely casual for work and so I really enjoyed this post. I do love the colors of that dupe sweatshirt in the white and pink. Is it soft?
    :) gwingal

    1. Hi Nikki! Glad you liked this post! The dupe sweatshirt is indeed soft. It's a very comfortable fleece-y type material. The neck panel (the pink part in the case of the dupe) is obviously a different material so it's not as soft, but it's also not itchy or a problem in any other way. Same goes for the original version. It's soft too but the neck/chest panel is a different, stiffer material, although not uncomfortable at all.

  5. I just ordered one of those fleece pullovers from amazon and can't wait for it to arrive! Looking at yours, I think I might have to go ahead and get the pink one too! After reading what you wrote, I am glad I sized up!


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