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Sequin Skirts + Monday Motivation

Even though we haven't crossed the Christmas finish line, it's already time to think ahead to New Year's Eve if you plan on purchasing something new to wear so it can get here in time! I have a sequin skirt (or two) that I consider to be a closet staple because I dust it off year after year for various events around the holidays. I originally bought mine for New Year's Eve many years ago (even before I started this blog) from Express, but since it's long gone I rounded up some current options at higher and lower price points that could serve the same purpose.

1 - 2. Shop Sequin Skirts on Shopbop
3. Nordstrom
4. Express
5. Amazon (Only $15)
6. Revolve
7. Charlotte Russe (Only $15)
8. Amazon (Brand Name Under $30)

I tend to keep the rest of my outfit really simple (and usually black) when I wear a sequin skirt since I don't like my outfits too be too "loud" - even on New Year's Eve. Here are a few different options for styling a sequin skirt with some basics you probably have in your closet:
Sequin skirt from Express (old) in all three photos - see similar options above

Outfit One:
Similar Fitted Sweater | Similar Criss cross bralette | Similar Boots $$, Similar Budget Boots | Similar Tights

Outfit Two:
Black Fluffy Sweater (c/o) | Similar Tights | Similar Red Crossbody Bag

Outfit Three:
Moto Jacket | Lace Tank | Similar Tights | Over the Knee Boots | Similar Red Crossbody Bag

Monday Motivation:
Last week was extra special for me since my mom was in town for most of it. We had a lot of quality time to visit and it felt like a mini-staycation for me because we went out to lunch every day, watched a couple of movies together, and I even took my mom to get her first ever pedicure! She's spent decades taking care of others so it was nice to see her get pampered for a change. I fully enjoyed my time with her, but as usual when you take "time off" you end up making it up for it before and after the fact.

All that is to say this week I don't think I'll be very focused on personal development! My motivation is mainly to get through a list of tasks that seems to keep growing...signing my kids up for a holiday camp they decided to try, baking some treats for parties with their teammates, volunteering at a school event, and getting my clothes dryer fixed since this weekend it decided it doesn't want to dry clothes anymore! It's going to be a little hectic, but I think if I can make it to Friday it will make the weekend and holiday that much more enjoyable by comparison!

How are you all doing with the holiday grind? Are you feeling on top of everything or a little bit of crunch time stress? I'm obviously in the latter category but trying to maintain focus on gratitude and knowing these are all first world problems that can be handled in short order! Here's to hoping we all have a good week!

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  1. Quality time with mom is always good, happy you had a great time with her. Yea I think it's ok to forget about self development for now, we can start again in January.


  2. I'm so glad you had a great time with your mom! And I agree with Rachelle, I think now is the time to just relax and enjoy the last bit of the year. We can start fresh in January!

  3. Seriously- go on a vacation for Christmas. This is shaping up to be the best hassle free season ever. I really just cleared everything off the to-do list and things have never been more relaxed in that avenue. Love the sequin skirt outfits! What an adorable festive skirt! Love the look with the OTK boots best but they're all great! Glad you had fun with your mom too! You guys did a lot! Very fun!

  4. I just ordered a couple sequin skirts in my latest thredup order and can't wait to see if they work out! These are all great options!

  5. Oh that skirt is so fun! I don't have a sequined skirt but I do have a sequined jacket that I love. And OTK boots are the perfect choice to wear with it. Sexy but not too sexy.

    Allie of ALLIENYC


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