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Everyday Outfits + TGIF 12/29/17

I feel a little guilty saying this because inevitably someone reading this had a rough week, but I'm pretty sure this has been the most relaxing week of the year! The evenings in particular have been nice because there's no homework to worry about and no activities to keep us rushing off here and there. It won't last, but I'm trying not to think about that and just enjoy the slower pace while I can. As usual, I'm sharing a few of my everyday outfits today from the past week or so with a few notes on how each item fits.

Outfit Recap Part 1:

Light Grey Sweater, Pink, Cami.

Fit Notes: All items ran true to size.

Burgundy Cardigan, Leggings

Fit Notes:  All pieces ran true to size. I went one size up in the cardigan since XS wasn't available and the fit worked out nicely, but otherwise I don't think you need to size up. This medallion necklace was a gift from Rachelle. You'll notice it's a two-layer necklace in the stock photo but I Macgyvered it to make two separate necklaces. I did have to add some links from other necklaces I had lying around to get the length I wanted on this one.

White Lace Neck Top, Grey Jeans:

Fit Notes: I'm wearing a Small in this top and would recommend going one size up from your normal size at Express since the fabric doesn't have stretch. Although if you normally wear an XS (or sometimes XXS) at Express and have a smaller bust, the XS in this should work.

Outfit Recap Part 2:

Grey Moto Jacket, White Lace Trim Cami:

Fit Notes: I took my normal size in all of these pieces. After doing a few different posts with options for dupes for this lace trim cami, it finally came back in stock and they added a few new colors to boot! If you missed it the first time, definitely snag it ASAP. I love that it has adjustable straps so I can make it sit higher on my chest/give more coverage than a lot of other camis.

Long Neutral Cardigan, Black Lace Trim Cami:

Fit Notes: All pieces ran true to size. This is the same cami as the previous outfit, different color option.

Plum Sweater, Charcoal Jeans:

Fit Notes: I'm wearing a Small in this sweater, and currently it's only in stock in size Medium. If you normally wear a Small in brands like Express the medium should fit. This material is so soft and comfortable and I really haven't had any issues with it shedding like some of my chenille sweaters do.

On Fridays I share a few little random topics here to go along with my outfits. Since most of these outfits have already been posted on Instagram, I want to make sure there's something new for my regulars! don't want the entire post to be redundant content. I use the T.G.I.F. acronym to share whatever random words and topics come to mind for each of the letters. Here's my list this week!

T. Taken
...as in the movie with Liam Neeson. We watched it as a family on Christmas and I hadn't seen it since it came out (in 2008...hard to believe that was almost ten years ago). I remember liking it then and it was just as good this time around. It was the first time my boys had ever seen at and they both thought it was great. If you have older kids who haven't seen it this, it's a good one for family movie night.

G. Goals
...for the New Year. I've been thinking a lot about mine and I have a couple of specific ones that I'll be sharing in Monday's post. I was very inspired by what I read in my favorite non-fiction books this year, so if you missed my that list you can find them here.

I. If
...you have any favorite games to play with adults, let me know! We are having a couple of friends over for New Year's Eve and want to do a game or two. Last year we played "The Game of Things" and our friends are still talking about it. This year we bought "Cards Against Humanity" to try because we've heard so many great things about it. I'd still love other ideas so we have options for this event or the next one!

F. Family
...Album. Every year I put together a Shutterfly Album with all of our best photos from the year. I've gotten pretty good at working on it once a month to keep the album up to date with photos from that month so that it doesn't end up being such an overwhelming project at the end of the year. I fell behind a little and didn't finish the November section, so this weekend I need to get caught up. I guess I could have done it during some of my aforementioned relaxation time, but I just couldn't find the motivation!

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  1. Good to know the lace trim camis have adjustable straps! I like a bit more coverage and wasn't sure I could get that with those, but the adjustable straps will help! Have a great weekend!

    1. The straps really do help a lot with getting a bit more coverage as a layering piece. It's definitely worth a try.

  2. taboo is still my all time favorite game, and the heads up app is so fun, too. enjoy!

    1. Oh yes, that is a fun one! I think it would be a good fit for this group - thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I think the chenille cardi outfit is my fave of this group but they’re all great! Cards Against Humanity is fun! It can get uncomfy depending on who you’re playing with! Ha! This week has almost been too relaxing for me, if that’s possible! I will definitely be relaxed going into 2018, especially since we still have next week in Orlando!!
    Caryl | http://morepiecesofme.com

    1. OK, you'll have to tell me more about "uncomfy!" Now I'm worried about playing this game in a group!

  4. I’m trying to figure out how I can get all these pieces at Express. I think I would have to find something similar.

    1. Hm, all of the jeans and the pink cami (in the first outfit) are from Express. But I didn't have the best luck with their sweaters and blouses this year, which is why I branched out to a lot of other brands. They definitely have some similar options that could work as substitutes for most of the other pieces, though. It just might have to be a different silhoutte or color option rather than a very similar looking piece. e.g. for my lace trim cami, they don't have anything similar, but you could use a plain white cami and their Double Layer Satin Cami could work for that.

    2. I was thinking the same thing about the cardigan and sweaters. It was very limited. Right now I live in Hawaii but I am moving to Minnesota in two weeks. I know for sure my show options are going to have to be closed toed until spring.

  5. That white lace top is my favorite! Cards Against Humanity is always fun and I also love playing Apples to Apples and Exploding Kittens. Happy New Year!

    Doused in Pink


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