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Shopbop Sale Favorites + Link Up

There are so many retailers starting Black Friday deals earlier each year that I'm finding I really have to have a game plan in advance to keep myself from shopping all of the sales from now through Monday. I'm planning is to limit my shopping and purchases for myself to just a few stores, starting with Shopbop. I'll definitely be talking about the Express sale too, of course! But the Shopbop sale today because it ends sooner and some of the things I wanted are already selling out! This sale is not a straight percentage discount: some items are 30% off, some are "Buy More, Save More" with discounts starting at 20%. All of the specific details can be found here. I thought I'd start with an outfit including a few of my current Shopbop favorites:
Shopbop Sale: Jacket (c/o) by Cupcakes and Cashmere |  Regan Satchel (c/o) by Rebecca Minkoff
Camo Tee 3-Pack T-Shirt (c/o) by Z Supply 
Also wearing: Express Jeans (50% off) | Amazon Boots | Kendra Scott Earrings | Hair Extensions (Gift)

My jeans, boots, and jacket by Cupcakes and Cashmere all ran true to size. Although for San Diego this "jacket" is more of a winter coat because it's very warm! The interior has a soft lining, so despite the wool-blend exterior, it's not itchy to wear. This line has a lot of other cute pieces included in the sale that would be great for everyday wear (e.g. the Sahar Draped Cardigan on the left) or holiday parties or outdoor winter activities. The Allon Front Coat (far right) would be perfect for an outdoor tree lighting ceremony, holiday parade, or checking out the holiday lights at a Botanical Garden, etc.

I have two things on my own wishlist for this sale: a classic black satchel and a nicer wallet. I browsed the selections a bit and am leaning towards one of these bags from Kate Spade, but I also noticed a lot of blogger favorites still in stock as well:

As for my wallet wishlist item, I like wallets small enough to fit in any of my crossbody bags. I also find lighter colors work best for me because they're easier to find in the abyss of some of my darker or bigger handbags! At the moment I'm narrowing down my selection between some of these options from Tory Burch Bag and Kate Spade:

I'm finding it hard to make a final choice on my wallet and bag purchases, especially with the wallets since I haven't seen them in person to know how my stuff fits! But I'm sure I'll manage and then it's on to the Express sale for me! I'm already polling my friends for their current favorites and wishlist items so I don't miss anything good. I'm planning to share all of that in Friday's post, so I hope you'll stop by then after enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And P.S. The $450 Nordstrom Giveaway is still open. Go here to enter!

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  1. So many great items on sale! I am in love with that plaid coat! It's so festive and a great way to brighten up a gloomy and grey winter day!

  2. Love your Fall look, I cannot wait to wear my tall boots again. I also cannot wait for my Shopbop order eek!


  3. I love to buy bags or shoes from the shopbop sale, the best deal! I love the Rebecca minkoss crossbodys and I just asked my husband for a small wallet for Christmas! I have a huge one I've been stuffing into my cross body bags haha, time for a change!

    pumps and push-ups

  4. These picks are so cute. I love the leopard wallet.

  5. Casual yet put-together Gina, love that jacket. Also the Shopbop sale is perfect for this time of the year and to get some cute designer pieces.

    I want to wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Turkey day!! Welcome by Thursdays and linkup with me, too. <3 Ada.

  6. Loving all the early access to the sales so it's not a mad rush over the weekend! I need that crushed velvet RM bag! Happy Thanksgiving <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. I love your jacket! I had my cart all ready for the Shopbop sale - and by the time the sale started - half my items had already sold out. All these sales - that go on for days - make me want to shop, shop, and shop - I am trying to limit. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Daily Style Finds

  8. oh hey, those are the exact jeans i bought today! woo. i felt like i really wanted a lighter colour. they look great on you! i had a few things on my wishlist for black friday and such, most of them were 'needs' instead of 'wants' (i need new work pants and other boring things) but it's fun to throw in some fun things too. i am really hoping to find a handbag, but i am so picky about what i want in a handbag so i haven't found anything yet. i love those kate spade satchels pictured, but woof. the prices. KC would legit kill me haha. happy thanksgiving girl!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! I am obsessing over your bag picks. So perfect. Love it.
    xoxo Falasha
    Bite My Fashion

    Instagram| Bloglovin'| Facebook

  10. Love, love, love those boots! Do I need a pair? I rarely wear boots (I'm not sure you've noticed!) but I feel like I get way too hot in them! However, I love the look of OTK boots, and a black pair would go with everything! I've already started my shopping. I went to Nordstrom yesterday after seeing my dad in L.A. and I got the leopard scarf that you featured! Plus a couple gifts ;) I think I'm going to partake in more shopping later this week!


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