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Everyday Outfits 11/16/17

Happy Friday! This week has been a little stressful on all fronts in our household and I am really glad it's coming to an end. Everyone seemed to have one too many homework assignments or presentations, and I probably took on one too many blog posts and collaborations! But we got through, and at least the kids have the week off from school next week so some of us will be more relaxed! As usual I'm sharing some everyday outfits from the past week or so. A few of these are from previous full-size outfit posts and I'll link to those for if you'd like additional details.

Outfit Recap Part 1:

Plaid Shirt, Over the Knee Boots:

Fit Notes: My top, jeans, and boots all run true to size. See previous outfit with this top here.

Camel Moto Jacket, White Tee:
Jacket (c/o) | White Tee (c/o) | Jeans | Mules (c/o) | Necklace | Crossbody Bag | Nail Color

Fit Notes: This jacket runs small and I recommend going up one size. See previous outfit with this jacket here. Jeans, shoes, and t-shirt all run true to size.

Black Dress with White Contrast Trim:

Fit Notes: This dress is a thick but stretchy knit fabric that's actually very comfortable and easy to move in, although it is very fitted/runs small and I went up one size. My blogger friend Kristen saw this pic on my Instagram story and commented that she loves this brand but does find it runs small in general, which is good to know because I have a few of their other items on my wish list. You may want some shapewear under this dress...I opted for these since I didn't want to spend a lot (they're $15) and I was happy enough with them although I don't think they're necessarily amazing.

Outfit Recap Part 2:

Plaid Waterfall Cardigan, Black Lace Cami:

Fit Notes: Okay, I got this cardigan because I thought it would be such a fun piece for the holidays! It had some good reviews and looked great in one of the reviewer's real life pics. And it is a really fun-looking piece! The fabric is thinner than I expected, which is fine for SoCal weather, but I have to be honest and tell you I'm a little disappointed with the fit on this. I was able to configure it to look decent for a photo, but the reality is that I think the cut is off. The back and shoulders are too wide and it was constantly falling off my shoulders. I had to keep hiking it up. It would work fine in a "staged" situation like family pictures or an event where you don't have to move a lot. But for everyday life it's the functional equivalent of an off the shoulder top. I've had lots of great luck with SheIn pieces (e.g. the camel moto jacket and lace top in this post) and I love working with them, but I want to be honest in my reviews with you all so you can make your own informed purchase decisions.

Light Grey Cardigan, Black Lace Cami:
Light Grey Cardigan | Similar Black Lace Cami | Grey Jeans | Similar Wedge Pumps | Red Handbag (c/o) | Nail Color

Fit Notes: When the plaid cardigan wasn't quite working out I switched it to this light grey one instead so I thought I'd share this version as well. And I changed shoes too because the weather was getting warmer than I expected! All items run true to size. My exact cami is from Abercrombie but I do have the white version of the current option I linked above. It also runs true to size and you can see it styled in this post.

White Lace Neck Top, Jeans:

Fit Notes:
I went up one size in this top and took a half-size down in the boots. Complete post with this outfit here.

Ruched Dress, Leopard Scarf:

Fit Notes: My dress and boots run true to size, although the dress will ride up so if you want a little extra length, size up. I previously this dress here with more dressed up/holiday party styling. Conversely, I shared a more casual outfit with the scarf here!

And that does it for today! I have quite a lot of fun content planned for next week so I hope you'll check in here often! There have also been so many great deals on things I've worn lately and I'm finding it easiest to write a quick note on my Instagram story about those pieces. So I hope you'll follow along there and be sure to check in on my Story. I try to keep them short, quiet and to the point so they're easy to tap through no matter where you are! That said, I hope you all have a great weekend and see you back on Monday!

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  1. So many good outfits this week, I kinda want the ruched dress but I don't think I need it lol.


  2. Good to know about that plaid cardigan because it definitely caught my eye! I have lots of great items from Shein, but every once in a while I get a dud, too.

  3. Oh it's a shame about that cardigan as I love the style of it, it looks perfect for cooler days, but so frustrating that it's too big and slips off your shoulders. Would be a dealbreaker for me!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :) Cold and wet here, a bit unexpected after our warm week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. I know the feeling about taking on too many things and then you're overwhelmed lol...I do like like these work outfits. The lace top is really unique. I love the sleeves.


  5. Ohh I love that plaid blouse so much!!


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