Memorial Day Sale Fitting Room Reviews

Last weekend I hit the mall to check out a couple of my Memorial Day Sale picks (from this post) in person since they all happened to be in stock in my size at one store. It was worth the trip because ultimately I would have spent the same amount of time returning things that didn't work out like I hoped!

Here's a look at what I tried on, then I'll go over each piece in a little more detail:
1. Top | 2. Jacket | 3. Babydoll Cami | 4. Eyelet Cami

1. One Shoulder Top:

I was happy to find that in person, the metallic detail on this top is not too bold, because I feel like I can wear it for both dressy daytime events and nights out. I ended up bringing this one home with me but there are a couple of things worth noting: First, I don't think the stock photo (nor my fitting room photos) accurately depict the color of the stripes. I thought they looked black/grey/silver but they are actually medium blue with a gold metallic stripe.

Second, I chose to size up in this top. My normal size was pretty snug around the shoulders (I'm finding this happens a lot in off-the-shoulder tops, I guess I have big shoulders) so it wanted to ride up. When I sized up, the shoulder area relaxed down on my shoulders and felt more comfortable,. I also thought this was just a bit snug in the bust in my normal size so once again, going one up made that fit more comfortably. The bigger size did make the sleeves a little long and loose and the waist area a bit more flowy than necessary, but it was worth the trade. If you have normal/small shoulders and bust for your frame your true size should work.

I ended up wearing this top Friday and Saturday night this weekend and got so many compliments. Luckily I was around different people each time so n one had to know I was repeating my exact outfit! Here's a look at how I styled it:

Top: Express | Jeans: Mott & Bow c/o | Bag: Express | Earrings: Stella & Dot | Shoes: Target | Clip-in Ponytail: Ebay

Front View: 

Shop the Look:

2. Military Parka

As many reviewers noted, this jacket is more like a shirt. Which is exactly what I wanted since Summer is just around the corner. I love lightweight jackets like this to throw on for cool mornings/evenings or in air conditioned buildings. That said, once I tried this one I didn't feel like the color was exceptionally flattering on me (which is not that easy to tell in the fitting room lighting), nor did I feel like I was already going to have a lot of options for color pairing or that it went with things in my closet that none of my other jackets did. So while I do think it's a great piece and have no complaints about it, I decided I didn't need it for myself right now.

3. Babydoll Cami:

I posted the striped version of this exact cami in my Friday post, and I tried that on as well but didn't like how the photo turned out so I opted to share this one instead. The fit of the two pieces is exactly the same. It is such a cute top, but all in all it was just too bare. I wear plenty of camis but this one shows a lot of cleavage, has a very open back, is cropped so it shows your midriff even with mid-rise jeans, and cuts really deep on the sides so you cannot even wear a strapless bra with it. I'm wearing my normal size in the photo up top, and if I had an entirely different lifestyle, then that's what I would purchase as well.

4. Eyelet Cami:

After my recent success with Banana Republic camis (see my cami comparison post here) I decided to stop by there to check out their sale and see if they had something like the babydoll cami but with a little more coverage. And they did! Obviously the style is different, but the higher neckline and longer length will be a lot more practical for me. And I thought the eyelet detail was very pretty and summery. I'm wearing my normal size above and the fit was perfect. This comes in baby blue as well, which is another tempting option!

* * *
I'm taking a break from my Monday Motivation today since it really didn't fit in with the sale post, and with the holiday and all I really wasn't motivated to write about motivation of any kind! I'll try to get my act together again for next week!

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  1. I'm trying to avoid the Memorial Day sales (with mild success), but I have to say that you look stunning in the one shoulder top. The hair, the earrings, the whole outfit. It's a beautiful look on you.

  2. That one shoulder is so cute on you! I wish the colors were a bit more different for me to merit having two of them! Ha! This post makes me want to shop!!! I still love that babydoll cami too! Bummer that it's a bit too bare. It looks so cute on you!
    Caryl | http://morepiecesofme.com

  3. I think my fave item of clothing throughout it all are your jeans, Gina :) xo

  4. I really love that eyelet cami on you! I will have to remember Banana Republic as a good option when I am looking for more camis!

  5. That off the shoulder top is really cute and it looks great on you! I hope you had a great long weekend!

    Nicole to the Nines


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