Long Sleeve Peplum Top + Friday Favorites

It's Cinco de Mayo today, and in San Diego that's a pretty big deal! If I had really thought this out I might have posted my One-Shoulder Top Outfit today instead of Wednesday since I think it would be a good fit for Cinco de Mayo drinks with friends. But in reality, I'll be wearing my Tae Kwon Do uniform tonight (my least favorite outfit even though I like the activity!), then relaxing on the couch in pajamas. I did wear this outfit to help out at school, go to an orthdontist appointment, and then a Target run and it worked for all of those things even if it's not the most festive for the day!

Top: Gap (also comes in blue, white, and black) | Jeans: Express | Bag: c/o Amazon | Shoes: Amazon | Ring: Kendra Scott ("Daisy" with Iridescent Drusy) | Nails: OPI "Let's Be Friends" (Similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott (Gift)

This top is 100% cotton, but it kind of feels like linen to me. The fabric is lightweight and very breathable. Consequently it's also sheer so when I pulled it out of the package I thought it might need a cami, but once I put it on I didn't think it needed one (otherwise it would have gone back). That said, the V neck is narrow but somewhat deep so depending on your needs and preference you may still want a cami for modesty. It comes in three other colors as well as Tall and Petite sizes, so plenty of fit options. I opted for the Regular fit and it ran true to size for me.

My jeans and shoes both ran true to size for me as well. The shoes have a 3.5" in heel and typically I don't like to go over 3" for everyday wear. But they're alright for a moderate amount of walking. (e.g. a standard Target run!).

Front View: 
Top: Gap  | Jeans: Express | Bag: c/o Amazon | Shoes: Amazon | Ring: Kendra Scott ("Daisy" with Iridescent Drusy) | Earrings: Kendra Scott (in Chalcedony)

Friday Favorites:

Here are a few of my favorite things this week!

1. Favorite People: School Teachers
This week was Teacher Appreciation week at our school and it was fun to do a little extra spoiling for our teachers! We have been really fortunate to have so many great teachers over the years. I chaperoned a field trip last week and it reminded me just how difficult it is to manage large groups of kids (even just for a few hours), so I really respect those who do it every day!

2. Favorite Fitness/Lifestyle Article:
I subscribe to Cathe's weekly newsletter and every week she does a good job of putting together relevant, interesting articles about fitness and nutrition. I usually skim the title and end up reading one or two each week, which helps me feel somewhat up-to-date on the latest news in those categories! This week I really enjoyed This Article that summarized research on people who live in the areas of the world with the greatest longevity. It explained the similarities in their diet, actiivity and lifestyle in general. I found it enlightening and inspiring, because you don't have to live in those zones to  adopt their behaviors.

3. Favorite Blog Post about Microblading: 
A couple of months back I was planning to do microblading on my eyebrows...and then I backed out due to family pressure plus not feeling good about spending $400 on it right before we went on a big (ahem, expensive) vacation. I am still interested in doing it someday, and a couple of you expressed an interest as well. Megan shared her experience with it and results Here in a very informative post, so if you're considering it as well it's worth a read!

4. Favorite Way to be a Minimalist:
Ever since my first experience with Rent the Runway (posted here) I've been a huge fan of renting special occasion dresses instead of buying them. I never seem to have the same type of event twice (or if I do, they're in different seasons so I need a different dress!) so instead of spending a lot of money on a dress that I wear once and then store in my closet indefinitely, I just rent something different on an as-needed basis. I typically set the filter to $50 or less and there are plenty of options in that price range. I also pay the $30 annual fee for PRO membership (it gets you free shipping and insurance on an unlimited number of rentals). It's optional, but by the time you rent twice it's paid for itself.  Here's the dress I wore to my friend's annual client appreciation soirĂ©e last weekend. (I'm not a client but I guess the party invitation is a friendship perk!)

Dress: Rent the Runway (Purchase option Here) | Sandals: Target | Wristlet: Express | Ring: Kendra Scott

I have another rental on the way for this weekend so follow along on Instagram and I'll share it on my Insta-stories!

5. Favorite New Linkup:
If you missed my announcement on Wednesday,  I am co-hosting a new Linkup with Amy Ann starting next Wednesday, May 10! We'd love to have you join us so come back next Wednesday and link up your latest style posts!
 * * *
On the opposite end of the favorite spectrum (in other words, bad news!), a savvy Canadian reader (thanks Cathy!) tipped me off to the news that Express is closing its doors in Canada! Wow!! Here's a link to that article! First Target, now Express? What's next? That is very disappointing and no doubt frustrating for my Canadian readers! I am going to work on tracking down some similar items at Canada-friendly stores, but I would also love to hear from any of my other Canadian readers who shop at Express where else you typically like to shop that has similar options! You all might be able to help each other more than I can (aside from helping make the connection) since you are more familiar with which retail options you do and don't have there, who has reasonable shipping rates, etc. I'd love all of your input on this!

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  1. This Gap top is so cute and off to read Cathe's post. Have a great weekend and you looked stunning in that fab dress.


  2. Wow. Thanks so much for the shoutout and I'm really glad you liked the post. Although I've seen so many posts about the Rent-the-Runway, I've never used it. I always forget about it when the (rare) time comes to get dressed up. I need to change that.

    1. You know, it does take re-training habits for those special events (and they do offer more casual pieces too so it doesn't have to be just formal dresses) to get used to renting rather than buying. But it's a very fun habit to change, and I do feel I can dress more appropriately (and have more fun doing it) for each occasion because when I buy a dress, I usually try to keep it neutral enough to work for a future event. It never does, but I can't help but try anyway since it makes me feel better about the cost!

  3. I love that pretty pink top! It's such a gorgeous soft pink color! The dress you got from Rent the Runway is gorgeous! I have some events coming up this summer I might want to consider Rent the Runway because I just checked and they actually have maternity options! Awesome!

    1. Oh that's great! I didn't even realize they have maternity options! Hope it works out for you!

  4. Okay, you shut it down in that lace dress! Rachel Zoe reference there :) You looked amazing! I've never tried rent the runway but you ladies definitely have me convinced it's the way to go!
    Happy cinco de mayo! We are grabbing drinks with my mom for lunch and then I'm making tacos tonight...in pjs lol.

    1. You are too kind! Your Cinco de May celebrations with your mom looked very fun on Snapchat!

  5. Love the blue lace dress. You look very elegant and beautiful in it! I read the Cathe article and loved it too! It reminds of the things Katie Bowman is always teaching!

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the Cathe article! I can see that being very much in line with your life philosophies too!

  6. ooh that article sounds super interesting. off to check it out.
    oh poor canada, that sucks about express. i had no idea target closed too. weird.
    that RTR dress is gorgeous on you! glad you like RTR so much :)


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