Date Night Top + Goals Check-In

Today's outfit involves another case of "blogging made me do it." Marta originally posted this top on her blog about a month ago and I was smitten. I don't normally go for off-the-shoulder tops because I find them a bit fussy with the way they tend to ride up the shoulders. But I loved this top so much that I decided it was worth the trouble. Especially since planned to wear it for a night out where I don't need to do much more than sit at a table and chat with friends. And that's exactly what I did this past Saturday!

Top: c/o SheIn | Jeans: c/o Mott & Bow | Shoes: DV Safia (Option) | Ring: Kendra Scott | Nails: OPI Let's Be Friends (Similar)

Outfit Details:

This top is my second piece from SheIn and I think it will by my go-to for Spring and Summer date night, drinks with friends, etc. Hopefully those events will involve different people each time so no one will know exactly how often I'm repeating this piece! I wore it this past weekend and got more compliments from strangers than I can remember getting on anything I have worn. It's very easy to get on and off, especially since it has a zipper in the back and plenty of stretch in the arm/shoulder area. The neck tie was actually a little difficult for me to do on my own because once I'm actually in the top, it's hard to reach around my neck! But it's doable. I ordered my normal size in this, but I wonder if one size up might have given me a little more room in the shoulders and helped the top stay down a little better (since I frequently had to re-adjust it down on my arms), but it wasn't worth the trouble of returning/exchanging.

I did a full review of these jeans in this post, but the short version is that they run true to size and I find them very slimming! They've also become my go-to for a night out.

Front View: 
Top: c/o SheIn | Jeans: c/o Mott & Bow | Shoes: DV Safia (Option) | Ring: Kendra Scott | Nails: OPI Let's Be Friends (Similar) | Glitter Clutch: Express (Similar)

Monday Motivation: Update and Check-In

It's been a minute since I've done an update on the goals I've posted about in the past couple of months, so today it's time for a check-in. In my original New Year Goals post (find it Here), I listed three main areas of focus for the year: Relationships, Time Management, and Personal Growth. Here's a recap of what I've been working on in those areas since my last check-in:


1. Building Stronger Relationships (Here): I don't have anything significant to report on this one since it's always going to be a work in progress! Many of my goals aren't going to be something I ever get to mark off as "complete," but they're areas where I want to continually improve just to be a better human.

2. Giving Family My Undivided Attention (Here): I am really working on this and will admit it's hard! As this article stated: "Instant notifications are a drug that train you for a life of distraction." No matter what I'm doing I get antsy when I get a notification on my phone and feel like I must check it immediately at least to see who/what it is. That can be disrespectful to my present company, and I'm working on overcoming the urge to respond to my phone immediately, or else just putting it on silent somewhere out of reach so I don't even have the distraction.

Time Management:

1. Time Management Techniques (Here): While I didn't touch on it as much in this particular post, one of my big goals for time management this year was to work on punctuality. I feel like I am finally making progress on this one. I've had to get real about how long it takes me to get out the door for certain things, e.g. in my head I think I can be changed and out the door for Tae Kwon Do in five minutes, but really it takes ten minutes by the time I change clothes, pull my hair back, use the bathroom, get my water bottle ready, etc. I've learned to adjust my "must start getting ready" time accordingly or drop something off the get-ready list when I don't start on time. I've had to go to Tae Kwon Do several times with my hair down and annoyingly in my face because I didn't start getting ready on time, but I was on time for class and proud of it!

2. The one-hour packing plan (Here): Packing for a trip is one area where I struggle with procrastinating, so I made a plan for our Spring Break trip to set a timer, get focused, and get it done in an hour. Well that was a fail in real life. I didn't set a timer (when it came down to it the thought stressed me out), and I forgot to take into account that the kids would be home from school that day, so it wasn't realistic to expect a full, distraction-free hour of anything. But I did stay pretty focused on the task and would go right back to it after handling any kid-issues, so I still got it done in about two hours.

Personal Growth:

1. Improving Focus (Here): This was my most recent post (from one week ago) so I don't have any real updates here. I feel like I'm stuck on Step One, which is identify the problem. I really do want to improve my focus because I think it will help me be more efficient and also help with my time management goals.

2. Taking Chances (Here): Once again this a more recent post so I don't have much in the way of an update. This is also something that I don't always actively pursue (vs. improving personal relationships where it's a constant pursuit), but rather I try to be open to it when opportunities come my way. Sometimes I do have to seek out opportunities to take chances, but usually that starts from a desire to try something new (e.g. start a blog, take a class, add to my friendship circle, etc.), and I haven't had any of those urges lately!

* * *
Well now you are all up to date on my goals! How are you all doing? Do you still think about New Year's Goals (as a survey would say, Always, Sometimes, or Never?) or have you re-evaluated what you want to accomplish this year? I'd love to hear what's motivating you these days because I always get a fresh surge of motivation when others share their goals!

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  1. First that top is so so cute and I adore this outfit. I am always thinking about my goals, I've had mines for years and it's a constant work in progress.


  2. That top is so pretty! Love this date night outfit! I have my notifications on my phone turned off, except text messages, and that has helped with not getting distracted and sidetracked. Have a great day Gina!

    Doused In Pink

  3. That top is so cute! I love anything lacey. Perfect for a night out!

    I totally agree about getting notifications on your phone and the urge to immediately look at it/text back right away, etc. and I don't think it's healthy. But it's so hard these days to put down the phone! It's something I'm really working on. As for my goals, I think I'm still on track. I want to be more positive and love myself more, and lately I feel like I'm doing better in that area :)

  4. Thanks for the shout-out Gina, I feel the same about this top I was smitten as soon as I saw it! I did notice the issue with it riding up a bit but overall I can't complain and it's definitely one of those show-stopper pieces! I really need to work on time management specifically for blogging, I need to set aside time to do posts in advance because I feel like I'm always just trying to catch up.

  5. Packing in 2 hours is quite impressive! It always tough for me to keep the amount of stuff I bring and the time it takes down! Love that gorgeous top! I can see why you you wanted to try it even though it's off the shoulder. I have the same issue with them riding up. I almost want to try double stick tape next time I wear one!

  6. This top was made for you! It's so gorgeous and I would totally want to wear it everywhere too! You know that "taking chances" concept has been top of mind for me these last few days. I look back, can't believe I went, but am definitely thankful I did. And I need to do things like that more often!!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  7. This top though... love the sleeves and the shoulder details! Perfect choice for date night!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  8. I am absolutely nowhere near any I'd set hahahaha let's just say your progress is my #goals for achieving, well, my goals :)

  9. that top is so pretty and looks fabulous on you!
    i have my notifications turned off for pretty much everything except messages and calls. that way i don't see if people send me a snap or something on instagram or an email. that being said, i don't have a lot of people talking to me anyway, so if i get something i know it's from like one of four or five people haha.
    i am struggling hardcore with motivation and goals lately. we had a bunch of house stuff that got in the way and then i don't know, just don't feel the drive lately. need to figure out how to fake it until i make it.


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