White Moto Jacket + Goals Follow-Up

I have a pretty long update today on this year's goal-getting plans (and a link-up for my fellow bloggers!) so I'll head straight into today's outfit details then on with the update!

Jacket: Express (Similar) | Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Boots: Express (Similar) | Necklace: Stella & Dot | Bag: Amazon | Nails: OPI "Let's Be Friends"

Outfit Notes:
After a series of failed attempts at finding some lighter wash jeans with mild distressing, Express finally came through for me with these jeans. They are from the new Eco-Friendly line (made from fabric that contains at least two recycled water bottles!), but in terms of fit and sizing, they are just like my regular Express jean leggings. My normal size fit great and they have a good amount of stretch while still holding their shape throughout the day.

Front View:

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Monday Motivation: Following Up
Five weeks ago, I started a Monday Motivation series to keep myself accountable and on track with the goals I made for the new year (you can see those here). Rather than sharing a new motivation today, I wanted to give an update on how things are going with each of my past topics. So let's start at the beginning...

Week One: Black Belt Motivation (Original Post Here)
Over the holidays, the studio where I practice Tae Kwon Do with my boys was bought out by another chain of studios. The changes in instructors, style and curriculum were shocking and frustrating. I could write an entire post with my feelings on that, but thef fact is, I am only one belt away from Black Belt and I am not quitting at this point. I looked into other options around town and none are as convenient for me (in terms of location and family class options), and all of them would still require me to learn some of their unique curriculum. So one way or another I have some new hurdles to jump over to get to Black Belt and I can't change that. Now that I've accepted that, I've just decided to stay where I am and at least jump over those extra hurdles at a convenient time and place. Some of the new instructors are growing on me, all of my friends from the adult class are staying at the studio (so far), so despite taking a major hit, I held on and my motivation to achieve this goal is slowly getting back to where it was.

Week Two: Time Management/Punctuality (Original Post Here)  | 
Ugh. Well, I wish I could say I'm doing much better in this area but to be honest I'm not. I improved for about a week after I wrote that post...and then my old habits crept back in. I even listed to an audiobook The Power of Habit to see if it would spark some changes, but that didn't work. The book was actually very interesting, but I felt it was geared more toward the brain fuctions of habits and how habits make or break a partcular business or organization. There was only one chapter that addressed "how to change your habits" and that wasn't enough to help me.

By no means am I giving up on this goal, but if this were a report card I'd mark myself as Needs Improvement.

Week Three: New and Improved Flexibility Routine (Original Post Here)
In week three I shared my plan to reduce my cardio days in favor of more yoga and stretching workouts, and I'm happy to report that is going well. This just feels like the right choice for my body right now. I promised to follow up with reviews on the DVDs I purchased, and I will do that in a separate post. In short they're both decent but Eoin Finn's place as my #1 favorite yoga instructor is safe for now.

Week Four: De-Cluttering and Closet Cleanout: Here
If you follow me on social media or read my Wednesday/Friday blog posts last week, then you know that I am getting an A+ for this project. I spent a lot of time sorting and donating over the weekend, then I've continued to make time for a little more here and there each day. Even when I'm driving around town running errands I am thinking my way through my house at what area I'm going to attack next. By the sound of all this you'd think my house was covered in junk when I started, but truthfully it's all stuff that's been stuffed in closets, cupboards or under beds and it's amazing just how much stuff can fit in there. Once again, this has been a very enlightening experience and it may merit another separate follow-up post since I've gone way beyond cleaning out my clothing closet and learned a lot in the process. I have also been listening to Peter Walsh's audiobook on de-cluttering, "It's All Too Much" to help me stay motivated. I'm a little over halfway through and so far I think it's excellent. A lot of his examples are far more extreme cases of clutter than mine and sometimes he goes into more detail than I need on a particular area (e.g. I don't need help organizing a garage sale or directions to order pizza for my family on the day we de-clutter), but his principles and strategies are practical and realistic, and so far the book gets my recommendation.

Monday Link-Up!!
Today I'm happy to be joining Rachelle as the co-host for her #howIFall link-up! If you're a blogger we'd love to have you join us and link your fashion or beauty related posts below!

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  1. de-cluterring is so satisfying, my goal is to only have the stuff that I need and as little fuss as possible. I saw these new jeans from express, Happy they worked for you. I only have one cabinet to attack my issue is I don't know what to do with all the stuff lol.


    1. LOL oh no! Hopefully you can find a good home for that stuff in your cabinet. :)

  2. I love how goal oriented you are! You seem very organized and that's such a great quality, a quality I seem to lack recently lol! You've definitely given me the motivation to clean out my closet, just haven't had the time yet ugh, lol! Glad you're not giving up and hopefully soon will have your black belt! Love those new Express Jeans!!! I need to start shopping for some new denim!

    Have a great day babe!

    Xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  3. Your white moto jacket is perfect to transition into spring! It's so hard when a studio has been going to for so long all of a sudden changes. Hang in there! You'll have your black belt before you know it!

    Doused In Pink

  4. Thanks for co-hosting! Love your jacket!

  5. Fab way to keep motivated with your goals for the year. I am also slowly trying to declutter without becoming overwhelmed. I love the feeling of accomplishment with each small task I can check off my list. Thanks for co-hosting!

    1. Thanks Jennie! I'm the same way...I love checking off those tasks!!

  6. I just wanted to thank you for giving me the inspiration to stick with my workouts!! I started with Cathe ICE series and wondered what you think a good compliment to that would be. I am at an intermediate workout level.

    1. Hi there! So glad I could help with your fitness motivation! :) Cathe's ICE series is one of the only newer ones I haven't purchased, so I'm not sure exactly how intense those are. That said, for Intermediate level weights I think Pyramid Upper + Lower Body is a classic and Ripped with HiiT is one of my recent fave series. Ripped with HiiT does have a lot of plyometric moves so if you're not into that you can just modify. But I love that each workout is a reasonable length (around 50 minutes or less) and still intense!

  7. I may have to read that de-cluttering book, it sounds good! Also, I read The Power of Habit a couple of years ago, and also found it interesting but not so useful personally. I've read several books on goal setting and using small steps to reach goals, but they didn't teach me enough. Now I accidentally found this website that teaches you how to create new habits and I'm doing a free week long training! I'll tell you how it goes! So far I'm liking the simple information it gives!

    1. Ooh, that sounds very interesting! Definitely report back when you finish and let me know the website details and how you liked it in the end!

  8. oh well i'm glad you are starting to like some of the new instructors and your friends are staying. go you on your decluttering! you go girl. i might have to check out that audiobook. i am really feeling like i want to declutter right now, but everything is in boxes so i can't get to everything. i know what you mean though.. when we were moving out i was like we don't have that much stuff, and then i opened closets and drawers and random things i didn't even know we owned showed up. very rude. lol

  9. I love your jeans! The distressing and color are perfect. I love your white jacket too! Super cute outfit!


  10. I love the color palette in this outfit and I love those jeans! They look really soft and easy to wear. I'll have to look into them. And that's great you got so much done in terms of cleaning out your house. It's just such a great feeling! Good luck with everything else, I have no doubt you'll conquer them :)

  11. I'll be so excited for you when you earn that black belt! At least you know the classmates and some of the teachers are growing on you. I just cleaned out my kids closets (I do this twice a year) and I need to take all the bags to Goodwill still! They've been in my basement for weeks!


    1. Ha! We don't have a basement so that forces me to get rid of the Goodwill pile immediately. That's great that you have a schedule with cleaning out the kids closets! They outgrow everything (from clothes to toys and books) so quickly!

  12. I'm glad you are making good progress on a lot of your goals! With regards to time management, my friend swears by putting everything in her calendar (even how long it is going to take to drive somewhere) and then using a time cube (like this: https://www.amazon.com/Datexx-The-Miracle-Cube-Timer/dp/B0002U72LS/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1487035994&sr=8-1&keywords=time+cube) to keep her accountable. The skinny confidential also did a post on it here:https://www.theskinnyconfidential.com/2016/06/15/life-changing-time-management-time-blocking/. I do the calendaring and giving myself time blocks and it really helps. I realized I was a little unrealistic of how much time things actually take and then I would run late and it would just compound throughout the day. I really like these updates!

    Nicole to the Nines

    1. Thanks for these tips, Nicole! I think that's exactly my issue. I think I can put away a load of laundry in the 10 minutes before it's time to leave for X activity, but in reality it takes 15 minutes. But I can't leave it half folded/put away, so I finish and then it makes us rushed out the door/late.

  13. That moto jacket is fabulous! I love the distressed jeans you got too. They are perfect! You've been motivating me to get rid of some things too. We recently went through all our DVDs and cleaned out half of them. It feels so good to declutter!

    1. Living in the digital age definitely makes it easier to de-clutter stuff like DVDs because I know I can always stream it somewhere if I want it!

  14. Well I think overall your progress on your goals is commendable!! And my jaw dropped when I read it had been five weeks ago already!!! Please keep mentioning decluttering so it stays at top of mind for me!!!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  15. I love this moto, lady- that crisp white is SO good.

    You are slayinggggg the clean out + organization goal, for sure- I've been seeing your progress on Snap! Inspires me to do some deep cleaning of my own!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. Love the entire look!! I absolutely love the motor jacket!!

    Mónica Sors


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