What's Up Wednesday February

Today I'm joining What's Up Wednesday for an end of the month, behind the blog update. You can view the prompt questions for this post here. I'm answering a few less than usual this month since I'm in partial vacation mode with the kids out of school this week, but read on anyway to find out what's been going on around here lately!

What I'm Wearing:
Let's start with a recent outfit featuring my go-to black/white/olive color combo:
Jacket: Target | Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Lucky Brand | Choker Necklaces: Express | Pendant Necklace: Express | Bag: Tory Burch (Similar Options Below)

Outfit Details: 

This jacket is a great bargain find from Target (under $30) and is super soft, comfortable, and easy to throw on. It's lightweight so more of a Spring/Summer top layer than a winter layer for sure. You can see the last time I wore it here with book recommendations for people who liked "The Couple Next Door."

This Tory Burch bag was a splurge for me a couple of years ago after seeing Rachelle and Caryl style it with so many outfits. It's easily my most-complimented handbag, but unfortunately it's long gone and it's almost impossible to find a similar option to link. I put together six leopard crossbody bag options below, with prices ranging from $100 - $350. I would love to share a budget option but I after scouring the net I really couldn't find one worth posting!

Leopard Crossbody Bags

Top RowTory Burch $265 | Coach $229 | Joe's Jeans $178
Bottom RowRiver Island $100 | Coach $255 |  Karl Lagerfeld $80

And here's the front view of this outfit:

Shop the Look:

What I'm Reminiscing About:
It's been less than three months since my dad passed away and I reminisce about him a lot! I love little reminders of him, like this one I shared on social media:

What I'm Working On:
My never-ending de-cluttering the house project. We've made lots of progress and tackled some huge projects, but every weekend that we're free I'm trying to spend an hour or so working on another cupboard or file box that's gone unsorted for too long.

What I'm Excited About:
After lots of frustration over the management/ownership change at our Tae Kwon Do studio in January, I'm back where I want to be in the process of getting my Black Belt. By going to class consistently despite the lack of any motivation to go, I got more familiar with the new instructors and they got more familiar with my skill level, so I was able to enroll in the Black Belt Prep class. I'll be doing that every Friday for the next 13 weeks, and (hopefully) taking my test in May.

What I'm Reading
After an epic month of reading seven books in January, post-holiday life kicked in and I am back to my average four books this month. I'm changing up my review format a little this month in the interest of time, so let me know if you find a particular format preferable or more helpful!
February Book Reviews

1. The Perfect Neighbors
Recommend! If you like Liane Moriarty books, you should enjoy this. Similar suburban family life/drama themes. Not as funny as Liane's writing style, but good storylines and characters.

2. Night Road
Recommend! This is the same author as The Nightingale (which I loved and highly recommend), and once again, she very carefully developed the characters and created an engaging, well-detailed story. It is quite sad and I cried a lot, so reader beware. This isn't a frilly, uplifting type of story.

3. Butterfly Dreams
Do Not Recommend. A Google Search for "authors similar to Colleen Hoover" lead me to this book, and the glowing Amazon reviews convinced me to get it. That was a regrettable choice. The main character was so irritating and the love story aspect just wasn't very engaging or believable.

4. A Cold Dark Place
Mostly Recommend. Last month I read a book by this author and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to try another of his books. This one took me awhile to get into. As in, I was almost 50% in by the time I was really into the story. And that may be partly due to the fact that I didn't have a good chunk of time to sit down and get it into it. Reading 5 minutes here, 10 minutes is a recipe for me to not really follow the story of almost any book, but that's life sometimes. It also jumped around a bit to different cities and times, and I didn't really understand why at first. That said, once I got into it, I enjoyed the second half a lot and appreciated how well it all came together. So...I recommend it but just know that it may take some time to get into it, and it's probably helpful if you can start the book when you have a good hour or so to commit to it.

What I'm Listening To:
This month I listened to these two Audiobooks. I wrote more detailed reviews on them here, but in short, I highly recommend "It's All Too Much." It's probably the best, most practical sorting and home organization book I've read, and it was even more life changing for me than "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up." The Power of Habit was good too, but it was more interesting than it was motivating or helpful.
Audiobooks February

What I'm Eating:
Several months back I talked my husband into trying Fresh & Fit Meal Delivery Service, and it's been a huge help and a game changer for us. He typically eats one extra meal per day than the rest of the family and it's hard to come up with all that many healthy meal ideas, not to mention shop for and store all of it. Last week he was traveling for work so I "helped" him by eating some of his meals for lunch before they went bad, and they were so good! We are now in talks for making arrangements to add my lunches to our meal plans, and I'm pretty excited about that. I've been eating the same salad every day for lunch for over a year and I'm ready for a change.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:
I have an appointment to get Microblading for my eyebrows next month! I'm not really looking forward to the process of microblading, but I'm looking forward to having decent eyebrows! I've never had much to work with and I'm not great at filling them in to have a nice shape, etc., so this could be amazing. If you're a San Diego local, I'm going to Brows by Jackie because I like all of her before and after pictures and think she'll do a great job!

Thanks for reading today and see you back on Friday!

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  1. these meals do look yummy, happy you get to include your lunch and I cannot wait to see the result of microblading. I wish I didn't have to fill in my eyebrows everyday.


    1. I don't really even mind doing my eyebrows, but they will just never have the shape I want without this kind of serious intervention! LOL.

  2. I would so keep that razor too. It's the little things! And I'm so proud of you and your decluttering efforts! Really inspiring! I'm also glad that we didn't lead you astray with the bag! It's the perfect ocelot print and definitely irreplaceable! Finally, you know how I feel about meal deliveries. It has been the biggest time and life saver!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

    1. I use that bag a lot but I also baby it because I don't ever want to have to replace it! LOL. I'm pretty sure you also had some subconscious influence over us trying this meal service, too. I think you started yours before we ever tried one!

  3. That's a really pretty outfit! And those books seem great, I'm really intrigued. And good luck with the microblading, I'm sure it'll go great.

    Marta - www.aroundcolours.blogspot.com

  4. That jacket is such a great Target find! I'm so impressed with all the reading you get in! I'm going to add your two recommendations to my library list. I'll be interested in hearing about your microblading experience!

    Doused In Pink

    1. Oh I think you'll especially like Night Road! Let me know if you end up reading it!

  5. I can definitely see why your bag is complimented so often! Before even scrolling down to see that you can some great options I thought I need to get a leopard bag!! Love your layered necklaces, too. I have some chokers I need to pull out more often and you inspired me to get some longer necklaces to layer too!

    1. That gold bar pendant I'm wearing here is my favorite for layering with just about any necklace. (Or the silver stella & Dot rebel pendant if I'm wearing silver jewelry.) They're such easy completer pieces that go with almost everything.

  6. i just finished the girl before by jp delaney, and it's one i've recommended to two coworker/friends. seems like it'd be up your alley.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I will add it to my list! :)

  7. That bag is so cute and goes with anything! I can see why you get so many compliments on it. Thanks for the recommendation on Night Road! I loved the Nightingale so I will have to check Night Road.

    Nicole to the Nines

  8. I'm going to need to check out some of those books! I've been on a big reading kick lately and am always looking for new ideas!

  9. I did microblading about a year ago and it was definitely a unique experience! It was so fast too! I have always adored your Tory Burch bag!!

    Hope you are doing well!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  10. that is a super cute jacket from target, and so affordable.
    yay for enrolling in the Black Belt Prep class! that's awesome.
    Night Road is on my list, good to know it will make me cry. The Nightingale made me cry more than I've ever cried before. It was not a good look.
    Bummer about the butterfly dreams book :(
    i am very intrigued about the Fresh & Fit Meals! sounds like an awesome service.
    i have never heard of microblading.. i'll have to check it out.

  11. My mother-in-law died in 2010, but I haven't deleted her address from my Amazon address book. I like seeing it there whenever I have to scroll through to find an address.

    And thank you for the book reviews! I just managed to snag Perfect Neighbors from the library!


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