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All Things Fitness Reference Post

Since I have been in full de-cluttering mode with my house, I decided to extend that motivation to my blog and "de-clutter" this post that's been partially completed in my draft folder I have done a lot of posts about fitness and they are scattered all over my blog. You can find them on the navigation bar by going to Categories and then Fitness, but the contents of the post might not really be clear from the title so I wanted to have one post that serves as an Index for all of that information.

And since today is All Things Fitness, I'm sharing a few current favorites in the workout clothing category...
Tank: Gap (Color selection varies) | Grey Cover Up: ExpressSports Bra: Nike (Similar) | Capris: Target | Sneakers: Nike (Similar) | Tumbler: Frio (Gift, Similar) | Nails: Essie Blanc

Outfit Details:

First, this tank is my favorite workout tank. I've mentioned it other posts (listed below) and since I've owned a few for quite awhile, I can say they hold up really well. It's fitted but relaxed, breathes well is long in the torso to cover a bit more. With frequent sales and promotions it's easy to get it for under $20, so the price is right.

This grey cover up was listed as a jacket (and not as fitness wear, either) so I was expecting something quite different when I got it and was initially disappointed when I opened it. To me, it's not a jacket at all. It's a cardigan/cover up sweatshirt thing. But once I tried it on I got over my disappointment and re-defined how I would use it because it is so soft and comfortable and I knew it would be perfect for to/from workouts plus just casual wear. It's not very heavy so it's more of a spring/summer throw-on piece.

My exact sneakers are Nike Internationalist, and don't seem to be available anymore in this color combo. This pair of Nikes looks very similar, comes in the black/white color combo, is currently stocked in most sizes, and is reasonably priced at $65.

My Target workout capris are still holding up great after a few years of repeated use and washing. They're under $25 so if and when they do wear out, I'll just replace them with another pair of this exact style.

Front View:

Shop the Look:

All Things Fitness Reference List:

As promised, here is the full list of fitness posts I've done over the years. I did this as much for myself as anyone else! Sometimes I get a question that I've already answered in a previous post but I can't remember exactly when or where so it takes some time to track it down. Now I can just refer to this post and more easily find those answers (I hope!). And for the rest of you, here are all the Fitness topics I've covered that you may or may not know I posted about in the past!

First ever post about Fitness and general overview of what I do for workouts:

Second (follow-up) post about fitness HERE. Topics include:
Before/After pics
How often I workout (including sample workout schedule)
Length of each of my workouts
Whether I follow any diet in particular

List of all DVDs I own (current as of publish date, newer DVD sets have not been added)

Favorite Weight Training DVDs:

Favorite Cardio DVDs:

Favorite Yoga and Stretching DVDs:

Complete List of Fitness Equipment I Own:

Sample Workout Outfits:

Fitness Content Survey Results

Fitness Q&A Part One HERETopics include:
How I stay motivated to workout
How I fit my workouts into my schedule
How hard I push myself in my daily workouts
How heavy are the weights I lift
How I avoid bulking

Fitness Q&A Part Two HERETopics include:
How I got into my current routine of home workouts
What kind of outfits I wear to workout
How to adapt my home workout routine for the gym
Nutrition: How often I splurge vs. stay strict
Nutrition: What foods I gravitate towards

Weekly Workout Schedule Samples: (Workouts for each week were selected and arranged based on the weight training DVDs listed in parentheses)

One - 10/09/15 (Cathe Ripped with HiiT Series)
Two: 10/16/15 (Amy Bento Drop Set Series)
Three: 10/23/15 (Cathe Pyramid Series)
Four: 10/30/15 (Cathe High Reps Series + Cathe Great Glutes)
Five11/6/15 (Cathe Gym Style Series Weights)
Six: 11/13/15 (Amy Bento Slo Mo)
Seven: 11/20/15 (Cathe Ripped with HiiT)
Eight: 11/27/15 (Cathe STS Meso 1 Week 1)
Nine: 12/4/15 (Cathe STS Meso 1 Week 2)
Ten: 12/11/15 (Cathe STS Meso 1 Week 3)
Eleven: 12/18/15 (Cathe STS Meso 1 Week 4)
Twelve: 12/27/15 (Cathe STS Meso 2 Week 1)
Thirteen: 1/1/16 (Cathe STS Meso 2 Week 2)
Fouteen: 1/8/16 (Cathe STS Meso 2 Week 3)
Fifteen: 1/15/16 (Cathe STS Meso 2 Week 4)
Sixteen1/22/16 (Cathe STS Meso 3 Week 1)
Seventeen: 1/29/17 (Cathe STS Meso 3 Week 2)
Eighteen: 2/5/16 (Cathe STS Meso 3 Week 3)
Nineteen: 2/12/16 (Cathe STS Meso 3 Week 4)
Twenty: 2/19/16 (Amy Bento All Pump XTreme)
Twenty-One: 2/26/16 (Cathe 4-Day Split)
Twenty-Two: 3/4/16 (Cathe Gym Style Series)
Twenty-Three: 3/11/16 (Cathe Muscle Max, STS Total Body, Lower Body Blast)
Twenty-Four: 3/8/17 (Cathe Slow & Heavy + Butts & Guts)
Twenty-Five: 3/28/16 (Amy Bento Drop Set Strength)
Twenty-Six: 1/18/17 (Cathe Strong & Sweaty)

New-to-Me Workout DVD Reviews:

3/1/17 DVD Reviews for the following workouts HERE:
1. Cathe ICE Series (Chiseled Upper Body, Chiseled Lower Body, To the Mat)
2. Bryan Kest Power Yoga
3. Rodney Yee Power Yoga

* * *

As I continue blogging, I'm sure there will be some fitness updates here and there. I'll try to update this particular post with those details so it remains relevant going forward!

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  1. love the new colors in my favorite tank, I have not purchased one in a while due to my activewear shopping ban. I just went through most of your fitness post because I really loved them and they helped with working out at home so much, and thank you for that. And I just found 2 new cathe workouts I want lol


    1. Aw, you're welcome! I'm so glad you've been able to make home workouts work for you! It's hard not to get ALL of Cathe's workouts. I think I'm almost there! LOL.

  2. I always enjoyed your fitness posts so this is great that you have it all in one place to reference! Those Gap workout tops are the best! Love the color of yours!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Holy wow! What an awesome reference! And I'm going to need to try those tanks! Not that I need workout clothes. But yet somehow I do! Ha!
    I admire you for being able to do home workouts! For whatever reason, I've never been able to function that way. So inspiring that you could literally workout anywhere.
    Carylee |

  4. I've been needing some new workout tanks, so I pinned your image to remember to try one of these tanks out next. I also love that you shared all of your workout posts, I've been wanting to get some different DVD's. I run 3 days a week and then usually do a Jillian Shred DVD the other 2 days... BUT, I want to change it up some. The yoga DVD's sound interesting!


  5. Definitely saving this post for reference later! Love your bright tank and cozy sweatshirt! Glad it ended up working out for you!

  6. Cute workout outfit!

  7. I feel like Gap is an under appreciated source of workout gear...I love the GapFit V-neck Tees and probably have 5 in different colors! I haven't tried the tanks but if they're anything like the tees (and I assume they are) then I'm sure they're heaven to work out in.

    1. I agree with you about Gap workout clothes! A couple of my blogger friends have been telling me their workout leggings are great too but I haven't tried them yet. There are several things on my wishlist there that I want to try. I'm glad to hear the tees are good because they have a cute side-tie workout tee that is one of the items on my list!

  8. What a great reference post! I'm always looking for new workout gear that doesn't break the bank. I will have to try those Gap tanks (and hopefully they have a t-shirt version)!

    Nicole to the Nines

  9. Such a great post!
    I'm definitely trying to kick my workouts into high gear this year!


  10. Very cute work out look! I just picked up a pair of workout leggings from Gap and I just love them! I've been slowly getting more into wanting to work out, mainly walking and a few squats here and there lol.

    Have a great day!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  11. I was eyeing that cover-up jacket and in the first photo and thought, eh, a little too pricey. Then I woke up this morning to the news of 40% off of everything. I'm making a little trip over my lunch hour today. I love the fitness posts. I don't have STS, but I have found myself reaching for some of my old Cathe's (laughably old). She's just great. One thing I've noticed is she does such a better job of stretching as compared to my Autumn Calabrese videos. One of these days I'm going to bite the bullet and just buy STS.

  12. You are a fitness master, lady! And I need to get like 5 of those Gap tanks because they sound amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. what a fantastic reference post! i love reading your fitness stuff. love those gap tanks - i haven't tried them because i do prefer my tops to be way more relaxed/loose. my current favourite tank is from walmart if you'd believe it, and it was $3. once i discovered i loved it so much i tried to buy more and it was gone from their website. womp womp. have you ever tried the 90 degrees by reflex brand? i really love their tights (long or capris) and shorts. some of their designs are too out there for me, but i stick to blacks or greys. they also make insanely soft jackets that i wear before/after a workout but not during.

  14. Thanks for the awesome fitness recap. I've been working on building some muscle and looking a little less delicate and skinny, so I love reading what you're doing for fitness.

    Your Fitness Q&A Part Two links to Part One at the moment!

    1. Ah, thank you so much for catching that mistake and letting me know! I just updated so it should go to the correct post now. Good luck building some muscle - it's a lot of work! And P.S. are you the Nan that I know...related to Nicole? Or is it just a name coincidence?! :)

    2. Nope, different Nan, I think!

      The link is broken now. :-(

      And, yes, muscle building is HARD.

    3. Thanks for answering about the name sharing! Okay, I don't know why that link is being such a hassle but I just re-linked it, double-checked it and it's working for me. Hopefully it keeps working!

  15. Wow, your fitness routine sounds super awesome!. Plus, I’m totally digging your choice of outfits. You continue to inspire me with your posts. Stay happy and blessed!.

  16. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us. Fitness Tips

  17. OH my goodness- such a good variety of resources and workouts! Thanks!!!!


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