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By popular* demand, I am bringing back my sale wishlist/shopping list poll for the last day of the 40% off Sale at Express! If you have sale FOMO like I do where you worry that you'll start seeing lots of great pieces on blogs and Instagram that you could have purchased for the sale price but didn't know about, this post is for you! I polled five of my blog and Instagram friends who are regular Express shoppers and own as many pieces (if not more) from Express than I do. They have their wardrobe basics covered...so what's next? Here's a look at their recent outfits featuring some of their previous Express picks, followed by what's on their wishlist for this sale!


R Express Wishlist 2.17.17

Tie Waist Skirt | Jersey Sash Pant (also comes in Black, Blue, Rose) | Lace Top


C Express wishlist 2.17.17
Mini Skirt | Nude Skirt (also comes in Black and Cabernet) | Bralette | Denim Dress

E Express Wishlist 2.17.17


K Express Wishlist 2.17.17


S Express Wishlist 2.17.17

As for me, this jacket is one of my favorite recent purchases because it's as soft and comfortable as any cardigan, but adds a little more structure to an outfit.
Jacket: Express | Tee: Gap (Similar) | Jeans: Express | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Boots: c/o Amazon | Bag: Amazon (Exact Style, Color Options Vary)

M Express Wishlist 2.17.17

Top (also comes in Black, Olive, Purple) | White Distressed Jeans | Tumbler | Mug

Unfortunately neither the tumbler nor the mug are part of the 40% off sale since they are specialty brands and not Express brands. But I think they would make fun gifts for a couple of my friends, so I am keeping them in mind anyway! I've also been on the hunt for no-fuss (i.e. no camisole or strapless bra required) tops in Spring colors with fun details, and this one looks like it fits the bill. And I don't own anything else in this color so it I think it doesn't feel redundant. I can pair it with blue jeans or white jeans, and since I don't have a distressed pair of white jeans I I want to check out this this pair. They are "cropped" length, but that always means regular length on my 5'4" frame!

If I didn't have ___ I'd get:
Olive jackets are my very favorite since they just seem to be the perfect complement to all the other colors (heavy on the neutrals) in my wardrobe. They're also an item that doesn't stay in stock very long, so I end up linking to similar options about a month after I buy one. Express has some great similar options to mine right now, so here are a few of my favorites followed by some current in-stock, on sale options that I'd be getting if I didn't already have mine!

Express Sale Olive Jackets

* * *

This might be the first time I've done this poll where there was absolutely no overlap between wishlists! I loved seeing the variety of selections from each person and how it fit their personal style and lifestyle. My Monday Motivation series will be back next week, but I'll be back on on Wednesday with What's Up Wednesday covering all the usual topics from books to food and more!

*Popular demand. In terms of this blog it means one person requested this post.

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  1. This is so funny, we usually have an overlap but this time we all picked different things. I really wanted the military jacket, because I'm out of love with my old navy one. Everyone picked such cute stuff, now I need to stay away from this sale.


  2. It's fun to see what's on everyone's wishlist! I love the lace top, strappy back cami and tie neck blouse! Have a great week!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Dangit I didn't know express was having this sale and now I'm putting together an order... :-/

  4. I was just going to say how awesome it was that everyone was craving something different than the next! I am lacking in the skirt and dress department, hence my choices! I also had already forgotten I sent you this wishlist!! Too much stuff happening at the moment! And the mug and tumbler are awesome gifts! Totally agree!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  5. Such a fun post.. I really like the choker tee and also that bralette on others wish lists!


  6. Such a fun post and love how clarified what popular demand means for your blog:-) Loving that boho top you choose, the lace top and distressed denim.

  7. What a fun round up! I love Rachelle's picks. That skirt is so cute!

    Nicole to the Nines

  8. Loved reading this post! Really adore that cut out sweater and the camo jacket, I have two and wear them all the time! Great post, Gina!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  9. I love the military jackets! If I didn't have one, those would be on my list. I'm hoping express change their styles with more classic pieces like we spoke about ;)

    1. LOL, I am not holding my breath on that but I will keep editing down my selections there as best I can!

  10. i always love seeing these posts, so feel free to add me to your popular demand count. haha. but i am glad i missed the sale now otherwise i would have added so many things to my cart. i guess good thing my shopping thing will be over by black friday ;) i really do need an olive jacket i think.

    1. Wow! Two people like this! Hooray! I will have to re-think my wording. Maybe "I have had SOOOOO many requests to bring back this post." :)

  11. Perfect selection of clothes, love every bit of it :)
    Gamiss Coupons


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