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Outfit + Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Just one more day of "vacation" here and then it's time to get back to normal for my family when it comes to everyday school, activity and work schedules etc.. When it comes to this blog, to be honest I'm not sure what "normal" is anymore, and I'm sort of hoping to establish a new normal for 2017. I'll ramble on about that a little more after sharing an outfit I wore for a rainy day last week.

Sweater: Target ($21)  | Tee: Target | Jeans: Express | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Boots: Target (Similar at Target under $20) | Crossbody Bag: Stella & Dot (Similar) | Earrings (shown below): c/o The Fringe Studio Nails: Chanel Graphite

Outfit Notes:

Well, I stand corrected on this sweater. When I wore the marled black version of this sweater here I said that it didn't shed for me as it had for some reviewers. When I wore this combo of light grey + black tee...yep. It did. I probably just didn't notice the other times because the color of the sweater matched my tee. Oops. I lint rolled it mid-day and carried on wearing it because it's too comfy to change.

My black boots from Target are easily five years old now and could probably stand to be replaced. (The exact style is here but no sizes are currently available.) But they're relegated to being my "rain boots" and I like not worrying about ruining them when I wear them in the rain. So I might just wait until they're completely worn out.

Front View:

Shop the Look:

Blog Changes for the New Year - Work in Progress:

With the New Year I have been reflecting a lot on whether I want to set any new goals or make any particular changes. The only area where I have really wanted to make changes for quite some time is this blog, but the problem has been I didn't know exactly which changes to make and how they would be received by my regular readers. Since Day One of this blog it's been a constant game of Jenga figuring out how to use the time I do have available for blogging (weekdays when my kids are at school and in between laundry, cleaning, errands, doctor appointments, etc.) to create the type of content that is the most helpful, interesting, and/or entertaining to those who visit my site...and then balance that with my happiness and interest in creating that type of content. For example, I've dabbled in some fitness content, but I've found I don't have a lot of passion for writing about it consistently. If I try to make it a regular thing it feels like an assignment rather than something I love to share. Compare that to What's Up Wednesday posts...where I really look forward to sharing on topics like books and baking. It's night and day!

I hoped to have an exact plan for things by now but instead I've decided to go with the "Work in Progress" plan. I will continue experimenting with different post types (e.g. the recent change to a traditional fashion blogger Daily Outfit post style) and post schedules but not stress about any of it being set in stone. It's just what's working for me at the time. And since I am now including a front view single in the same post as each outfit, I am no longer going to keep up the separate pages for Front View Outfit Singles since it simply doesn't make good use of my time to create duplicate content, and the pages were not getting a large amount of traffic anyway.

On the subject of the post schedule, I personally prefer consistency and predictable schedules for most things in my life, including the blogs I read. So it's something I want to improve on a little with my own blog for 2017. With the newer post style and various other recent changes in my life, M/W/F looks like it will work best for the time being. If and when that needs to change again, I'll let you know. But until then, thanks for reading, here's to a Happy 2017, and I'll see you back here on Wednesday!

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  1. this is a classic look and I'm sure you'll found what works for you. I think the MWF schedule is also really good. Can't wait to see the what changes you decide to make.


  2. You know, in that first pic, it almooooost looked like snow on the ground and I had to do a triple take!! That sweater does look extra comfy. I have a couple that shed on me but they're too good to have that bother me! And you know I can relate about the blog schedule and trying to balance all the things. I am figuring that out myself!!! Good luck! We will be happy as your readers with what works for you!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  3. My blog is always a work in progress and I think it's great for it to always be evolving. I'll stick around no matter what direction it takes :)

  4. That sweater looks so much better on you than on the website. I really like the marled knit of it. Making blog changes can always be daunting. I never know which direction to take with it and how to figure out the time management piece. Good luck with it all!

  5. Such a nice cardigan! Happy new year, I hope 2017 will be great year!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  6. That sweater is adorable on you! That is a shame it sheds, but maybe you can just keep a mini lint roller in your bag :) I have been trying to figure out how to balance the blog with everything on my plate, too... I am hoping to come up with a better plan for 2017. Happy New Year!


  7. Love that outfit so much! I am not much of a boot girl so the cognac boots I've had for years are my rain boots too.

    As for your work in progress plan, I'm with you! I think I'll still continue posting twice a week because content is hard for me to produce nowadays. I'm just not that creative! But I always enjoy your blog and I will support you no matter what direction you go in! Being content and balanced is so important:)

  8. Uugh, I've had sweaters like that and it's so frustrating. It sure is cute on you though. I've always thought you must be the most organized woman in the world with your commitment to a your blogging schedule and daily outfit posts. It is a game of Jenga, which sadly, I think I may have lost last year. I sure do hope you find your groove and keep it up because I enjoy reading whatever it may be--especially the What's Up Wednesdays in which I usually find my next book. And write what interests you. I always enjoy when you break out into a different subject area.

  9. Love this black and grey look! Balancing a blog is hard! Not enough time in the day!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  10. I love the cardigan! Gorgeous outfit! Thank you for sharing your plans! Makes me more confident! looks like I am not the only one who has plans!

  11. Happy New Year! Love that grey sweater, too bad it sheds.

  12. Your sweater is so cute! Finding the right balance with the blog is not easy! Looking forward to seeing the changes you make this year!

    Doused In Pink

  13. Love the sweater and boots outfit. It's nice to have a pair of boots that you can wear in the rain that you don't have to worry so much about messing up. About your blog and schedule, you have to do what works best for you so that you still enjoy it. plus, your regular readers like me are going to come back no matter what because we care about you and want to read your blog because of that.
    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. bummer about the cardi shedding.
    i like your work in progress view of the blog, that's how i am. i'm horrible with consistency though, i like to post 2-3 times a week and if something is going on in my life, i like to be able to step away. i like the m/w/f most people have, but the two link ups i participate in are on a tuesday and a thursday (monthly, but still) which doesn't work. but eh. i say whatever works.


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