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What's New December

Every month I like to do a little catching up on all of the products, music, books, movies, etc. that I'm enjoying that don't usually find their way into regular outfit posts. So today I'm joining "What's New With You" to share just that!

What I'm reading:
November was an emotional month and I was in the mood for easy, emotional, girly reads. I also traveled to/from my Dad's funeral which gave me a lot of time to read on the airplane, so I got through way more than my average two books this month!

Image via: Colleen Hoover

Enter Colleen Hoover, who is my go-to for exactly that type of book. I stared the month with November 9 zipped through it and finished it before November 9. Then I read It Ends With UsConfess, and Ugly Love. I liked all of them but my favorites were November 9  and It Ends With Us.

I'm currently reading: The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer
available on Amazon

Yep, that's the Twilight author back at it. I was struggling to get into it and follow along because there are a lot of vague references to people I don't understand. But around 10% the narrative changed into something I could follow more clearly. Now I'm at 13% and intrigued, so we'll see how the rest of it goes!

What I'm listening to:
I use Google Play Music/Google All Access (that's the family share plan we use) and I've been enjoying the station "Pop Before it Breaks." I've found some good new artists and tunes thanks to that station. I'm also loving the Hamilton Soundtrack. I've been listening to it with my kids (with some editing for language and content) and it's been kind of a fun way for us to learn more about American History and the American Revolution. After we hear certain song lines we'll Google the character/event to learn more or check for accuracy.

What I'm Watching:
Now that Dancing with the Stars is over, I'm not really watching any TV shows. On Thanksgiving we were pretty bored after eating and ended up watching a marathon of The Carbonaro Effect. It was entertaining and a good family-friendly option.

What I'm Eating:
Carylee mentioned how much she loved this jerky from Lorissa's kitchen a few months ago on her Snapchat so naturally I had to try it. It's so good! It's softer than most jerky and this flavor is a nice balance of sweet and spicy. I haven't tried any of the other flavors because it's not exactly cheap and I'm afraid to mess with a good thing!
Available at Target

What Else is New:
I shared these on my Instagram story this month but in case you missed it, I am really loving my new mouse pad. I was originally planning to get something basic, but I stumbled on the cat on the unicorn option below and the rest is history. I ended up letting my kids choose new options too and they got the other two on the top row.  There were quite a few ridiculous options so it was kind of hard to choose. I can easily see some of the other options making good holiday gifts for people I know who share a quirky sense of humor.
Mouse Pad Humor
Top Row: One | Two | Three
Bottom Row: Four | Five | Six

Top Outfits of the November:
Every month I review my top four most-liked outfits of the month so I can see what people like from me as a blogger (or not!) and how well that aligns with what I like. So here are my November top four:

Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Amazon | Bag: c/o Fossil | Nails: Essie Model Clicks | Necklace: LOFT (Similar) | Ring: Rebecca Minkoff (Gift)

Jacket: Nordstrom | Cami: Express (Current Version) | Jeans: ExpressNecklace: Kendra Scott | Bracelets: Charmed Stacks | Bag: Amazon | Booties: Amazon

Jacket: Express | Tank: Target (Similar) | Jeans: Express | Choker: Amazon | Bag: Danielle Nicole (Similar) | Shoes: Amazon | Nails: Essie Model Clicks

Top: Express (Similar, Same Print with Lace Front) | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Sole Society | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Watch: Fossil | Bag: Amazon | Ring: Nordstrom | Nails: Essie Model Clicks

Front View:
Individual front view outfits here

So that's what's going on around here this month! In other "what's new" news, my Black Friday orders are rolling in and I am gradually trying things on and making some decisions about what to keep vs. return. I may not have a typical Friday post up tomorrow since I want to get all that taken care of ASAP. I'll try to post some reviews and updates here if there are any surprises that might be helpful to others. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I really want to read both of your favorite books, they sound interesting. I didn't do a recap post this month but I'm loving yours.


  2. I want to read those Colleen Hoover books. That jerky sounds like a good snack option. Those mousepads are too funny and I might have to get one for my daughter for Christmas!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Thank you for joining in our linkup! I know this was a hard month for you so I really appreciate the support <3

  4. So, I had heard about that book but was unsure about reading it! I have heard very mixed reviews on it! That jerky sounds seriously amazing!
    Also, I shopped at Express for the cyber days sale and I totally was checking all out of your outfits and inspo, because you always find the best things there! Hope you are having a great week!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  5. Those mouse pads are killer- so fun! And I need to jump on the Hamilton train like, NOW. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. I heard others mention the Hamilton soundtrack. I have only heard snippets. I need to check it out. Your first look - the olive and black - is my favorite. I just need to find something olive colored. Thinking of you this Christmas - I know it can be tough at any moment - but holiday memories can be especially rough.

    Daily Style Finds

  7. fun post! I need to catch up on Dancing With The Stars!


  8. You did get a lot read. I am impressed. I'm not a huge beef jerkey fan, but that does sound pretty good. Loving all your outfits! I need to try that olive/stripe combo.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. I need some easy reading ASAP! I've never read Colleen Hoover before and she sounds just the right thing for me right now!

  10. Great post!!
    Mónica Sors

  11. girl you did awesome with the books! i like to save those kinds of books for when i am in the mood for them, because then they are just that much better., right? i haven't read the ones you liked the most, but i did read confess (eh) and ugly love (i actually really really liked this but i know a lot of people had issues with it lol).
    i am actually intrigued by the new twilight author book so i can't wait to hear what you think.
    so i have heard of Hamilton but i had no idea that's actually what it was about. oops.
    i want the cat and the unicorn mouse pad... and KC would love the stormtrooper one.

  12. Your love of reading inspires me to read more, so thank you for that! I'm currently reading (actually re-reading) a book I loved as a teen called Ophelia Speaks. It's a compilation of short stories and poems told through the eyes of teen girls and their experiences. Brings back memories! I know November was really emotional for you and I hope you are doing okay. The holidays are hard for a lot of us. I hope you're boys and hubby are helping you through it as I'm sure they are <3

  13. Al lot of great activities! I love the number 2 look. Grey is amazing!

  14. Aww man! Now I want that jerky! Haha!! I'm so happy you like it! And I'm totally recreating outfit numero 3! Love it! Also interested to keep hearing your thoughts on the Chemist! You have me intrigued too!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  15. I need to check out some of those books! I've been needing some new ones lately.


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