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Daily Outfits: Cozy Sweater, Blush Jacket

The week between Christmas and the New Year always gives me a strange, middle-of-nowhere feeling. We're not officially done with 2016, but Christmas is over and we're still on vacation from school and not ready to kick off any resolutions just yet! It's tough to overcome the lazy energy this week and try to accomplish anything blog-related or otherwise, but bodies in motion stay in motion and all that, so I'm trying to keep things rolling here with some recent outfits.

Cozy Sweater, Grey Knee Boots:
Sweater: Target (Under $20 with code EXTRA20) | Tee: Target | Necklace: c/o Danielle Nicole | Boots: Target (Under $20!) | Ring: Stella & Dot "Pave Sphinx Ring"  | Bag: Amazon

Outfit Notes:
This sweater is my favorite sweater purchase of 2016. It is so soft, comfortable and warm. I also have it in light grey, which you can see in the first outfit here. It's on clearance for under $20. I noticed that both of the reviewers said that it sheds, and I personally have not had that issue with either of my colors. These boots are also a recent Target gem that have been getting plenty of use (see them in Outfit Five here). They're true to size, reasonably comfy, and on major sale for $19.99 right now!

Front View:
Shop the Look:

Blush Jacket, Olive Tee:
Jacket: BB Dakota (Identical) | Tee: Nordstrom | Necklace: Express | Ring: Stella & Dot "Celestial Sparkle" (Gift) | Jeans: Express | Boots: Amazon | Bag: Tory Burch (Option)

Outfit Notes:
You know, I can't figure out why BB Dakota made two jackets so similar to each other. My exact jacket is called the Ariana in the "Parchment" color (on the left below) and it's sold out. But they also make a Peppin Jacket in "Parchment." It's hard to tell if it's different at all from the pics. It looks like Peppin could possibly be longer, but then it's styled with high waisted jeans and a tucked in top, so maybe it just looks longer? And maybe the draped collar hangs a little lower? Either way, if you want a similar jacket blush jacket to the one I own the Peppin is a dead ringer.

Ariana vs. Peppin
BB Dakota Ariana (Sold Out) vs. Peppin 

Front View:

Shop the Look:

My goal going forward is to sync these individual outfit posts to my Instagram posts, and I sort of forgot I was planning to do that what with the holidays and all that! So I missed posting the blush jacket on the blog yesterday but hopefully this will get me back on track!

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  1. It's so hard to be productive this time of year, but I'm trying. This blush jacket is gorgeous, I love the color.


  2. That blush jacket is so pretty! I want to switch out cardigans for jackets more often and it's such a versatile color!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Love both outfits! That cardigan looks so cozy. All I want to wear right now are clothes I can snuggle up in. And I hear you about being on vacation mode. Nate has the entire week off so I've been lazy with him :) I did post today though, albeit it a very short one!

  4. i was just told i have one vacation/pto day i have to take before the end of the year.. which leaves tomorrow or friday, so i have an impromptu day off tomorrow, which is not helping with this weird middle of nowhere feeling lol. love that sweater from target!

  5. I've been looking the Peppin jacket online and actually thought it was the one you own! Love that cozy cardigan from Target by the way! So cute!


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