Four Hostess Gift Ideas

In the past couple of years I've settled into a few go-to hostess gifts for occasions when I'm a dinner guest in someone's home. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming right up, now seems like the best time to share them. Depending on the type of event and how I well I know the host/hostess, sometimes I combine one or two of these gifts with the typical bottle of wine or flowers.

1. Non-melting ice cubes 
After purchasing these as a gift for someone else, I had to get myself a set of these Stainless Steel reusable ice cubes. You keep them in your freezer and then add them to your beverages to keep them chilled...but without watering them down since they don't melt!
Via: Amazon

2. Magnetic Wine Glass Charms
These magnetic wine glass charms are a great way to identify drinking glasses at a party. The magnets are incredibly strong, and they come in so many different fun themes from cats, dogs, foods, and the options shown below. It's fun to pick something suited to your host/hostess and help reduce the number of glasses they have to wash after the party. I also find these work better than charms around the stem because they're higher up and more visible on the glass.

3. Candle Warmer
I received one of these candle warmers as a gift myself many years ago and loved it so much that I've paid it forward many times over. There are plenty of different sizes and designs, and it's something simple and easy most people can use somewhere in their home. You can also pick a couple of different seasonal scents to go along with it. (Sugar Cookie is one my personal favorites for any season.)

4. Homemade Goods
Last but not least, if you follow me on Snapchat or watch my Instagram stories, you might have guessed that I love to bake. During the holidays most people are inundated with sweets and since most of my friends try to eat healthy anyway, I'm more likely to do a yeast bread or something less sugary as part of my hostess gift. Not to mention homemade bread seems a little more rare and unique (at least where I live) and I kind of like that!

I hope that gives you a new idea or two for your next gathering! Before you go, just a reminder that there's still time to enter the Macbook Air + Canon Rebel giveaway. And if you're a blogger, be sure to check out the special Black Friday Link-Up + Prize giveaway in this post.



  1. These are so clever but your bread is my favorite, so so good.


  2. Those magnetic drink markers are a great idea!

  3. I need to get those ice cubes! The magnetic wine charms are so cute and there's nothing better than homemade baked goods!

    Doused In Pink

  4. I love the magnetic drink markers. Those would be perfect.

  5. homemade bread is definitely rare and unique here too, i wish i could bake like you! i will stick with the magnetic charms or the candle warmers as hostess gifts this year lol.

  6. These are great ideas! I have seen wine charms, but not magnetic ones. And something homemade is always a go-to for me when I don't know peoples likes and dislikes for other gifts as well.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. I love bringing something homebaked! It really shows the effort. And I've never seen those wine charms before. How fun and unique!


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