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50% Off Sale Extended: New Item Try-Ons

Happy Saturday everyone! I received a few of my Express Black Friday purchases yesterday and tried them all on so I wanted to quickly share some pics and reviews today since the big 50% off sale has been extended!

Here are the four tops I received:
1. Black Sweater | 2. Olive Sweater | 3. Blush Sweater  | 4. Slim Fit Portofino
(Details for each outfit below)

1. Black Fitted Sweater
Worn above with Express Bralette (Similar) & Mini Skirt (Similar), Target Tights, Booties from Amazon.

I have always loved the Mila Kunis outfit below (or at least since 2013 when I created that graphic!) and I have a couple of sequin mini skirts in my closet from years past, but I didn't have the right top to wear with them for this look. I wanted to have one on hand for parties and events in the next month and as a warmer layer under my jackets for casual looks. This sweater is true to size but definitely fitted and also requires a cami or bralette (as shown above) because it's a very deep V neck. The sweater is a keeper for me though because it's exactly what I wanted for this look.

Mila Kunis inspired sequin mini skirt outfit
(Items featured in this image are from Express in 2013)

Worn above with Express jeans and booties.

I loved this sweater after seeing it on Caryl, but I wasn't too sure about the length because on the model it's so cropped it doesn't even cover her waistband. It's longer on me than the model, but shorter on me than on Caryl, so I guess torso length is a big factor in the fit. Aside from that, it's really cute and comfortable in person but I haven't 100% decided if I'm comfortable with the shorter length or if it will make me self conscious lifting my arms, etc.

3Blush Sweater
Worn above with Express jeans and booties.

This is another new-to-me style. The v-neck is definitely much deeper on me than on the model and if I keep it, I'll have to wear a cami (as shown). The distressing on the sweater is subtle and not too sheer, so that doesn't bother me. It's very comfy and cozy, but quite oversized and a little bulky. Once again, I'm a little on the fence with this piece on myself, but overall if it's a style you like there aren't any real surprises with this except the deeper v-neck.

4. Slim Fit Portofino
Worn above with Express jeans and booties.

This is my first time trying the Slim Fit Portofino. (More outfits and details for the Original Fit version here). The fit on this was just okay for me. It's not drastically different than the original fit, but the slimmer fit made it tighter though the bust and restricted arm movement a little more, which I didn't really like. For this particular color (Thornberry) I didn't find the color representation to be totally accurate on the website either. It ended up being too similar to a color I already own, so this one is going back. For reference here are side-by-side photos of the stock image vs. real life, as well as side-by-sides of the Original Fit vs. Slim Fit.

Slim Fit (#1 and #3) vs. Original Fit (#2 and #4) untucked and front-tucked:
Slim Fit Portofino in Thornberry | Original Fit Portofino in Berry | Jeans | Booties

If you've been thinking about purchasing any of these items during the sale I hope that gives you a little more insight! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. That first outfit is perfection on you! I hope you have lots of holiday parties to go to, because you HAVE to wear that. SO cute.

  2. For any of your readers who are wondering about the Slim Portofino sizing, I had a similar experience. When trying it on, I had to go up a size versus the normal Portofino, in order to have more comfortable movement through the shoulders and arms. After sizing up, it looked almost identical to the regular Portofino. I didn't buy it, and I found it interesting that Express made a design so similar to the original.

    1. I always appreciate your helpful input, Kristi!! Thanks for commenting to share your experience with this shirt and good to know I'm not alone!

  3. It's always interesting to see how the items look in real life because the models are never a good representation. I tried to find the thornberry in stores last week when they were on sale, but they were out of my size. It's too bad because it was a nice color!

  4. the black sweater with the skirt looks amazing on you (and Mila) and now I want a sparkly skirt and black sweater. maybe next year. i think the olive cropped sweater looks fine on you, but i have a long torso and i hate worrying about things lifting so i feel you. i don't know if you kept the cable knit sweater, it does look good on you, but out of the 4 things in the side by side.. it looks the least you.. you know? but ignore me if you kept it. it still looks fabulous on you.
    bummer about thornberry - way cuter online vs in real life colour wise. boo.


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