Outfits on the Daily 5/13/16

Before I get started with my recap today I just want to say thanks so much for all the great comments on my Haves/Have Nots post on Tuesday. I really enjoyed seeing how similar and different each of your lists were! And now, on with the usual Friday business!

Outfit Recap:

Tee: Express | Shorts: Target | Sandals: Vince Camuto (Similar) | Bag: Aldo (Similar) | Necklace: c/o Kendra Scott | Bracelets: Express

(My detailed review on this pair of Target Jean Shorts and 6 others Here)

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Jacket: Nordstrom (Similar) | Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Necklace: Express | Shoes: Forever 21 | Bag: Tory Burch (Option, Budget Option) | Bracelets: LOFT

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Blazer: Express | Cami: Express | Jeans: Express | Necklace: Express (Similar) | Shoes: Aldo (Similar) | Bag: Express (Similar) | Bracelets: LOFT

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Top: Express (Same Style, Similar Print) | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Express (Similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Bracelets: Express | Watch: Fossil

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Front View:
For Individual Front View versions of these outfits (and more) go here

The Return of The Low Rise:
For some reason I'll never understand, Express discontinued their very popular low-rise "Stella" jeans awhile back. I noticed they had lots of complaints about it on their Instagram account, and it seems like they finally listened to the voice of the people and brought back a low rise option. I didn't hesitate to order these when I saw them online (when I hesitate, they seem to sell out in my size!) and they are just as soft, comfortable, and flattering as the original Stellas! I also love the distressing on this particular pair, and I actually wore them twice within my first week of getting them! They fit true to size for me, and as usual at 5'4" I went with the Short inseam option. Here's how the look on me vs. the Model:
 Jeans: Express | Details for both of my outfits listed above

Sometimes the color depiction of denim online can be confusing or misleading, but in this case I felt it was rather accurate. Looking at these photos together I would say it's slightly less bright than the website display, but that may just be the studio lighting the used. All-in-all I'm very happy with these!

(The Last) Workout Recap:
As the title of this section implies, this will be my last workout recap. I started doing these in October, and by March I had made my way through my entire DVD library. I debated whether to continue at that point, and based on some reader feedback at the time, I decided to keep continue for the time being. It's been almost two months since then, and I have to say my heart is not in it when it comes to creating fitness content...especially now that I'm just repeating myself. I enjoy doing workouts much more than I enjoy writing about them! With that said, I appreciate those of you who have connected with me through this section and a big thank you to Margaret for suggesting it in the first place! I am glad I experimented with some fitness content and that I have 7 months worth of workout diaries as a reference point for those who ask about my routine! It was definitely worth the effort, but I think going forward I'll only share fitness content if there's something new I'm doing/trying that feels worth mentioning.

(Update: I'm also considering sharing my workout of the day on Snapchat since that might be an easier way for me to pass along the same information for those interested. Feel free to follow along there: @ontheDailyX)

Also, for those of you who asked some questions in my March Fitness Content Survey (or for new readers!), I would recommend checking out this post and this one as I addressed a lot of common diet and fitness questions there!

So with all that said, here's the recap for this week:

Cardio: Amy Bento Body Box (Kickbox Combos 1-3, no weighted intervals)

Dance Class (Local Studio)

Legs: Cathe STS Meso 1 Week 3

Abs: Cathe Lean Legs & Abs
Cardio: Turbo Jam Punch, Kick, Jam (eBay)

Chest, Shoulders, Biceps: Cathe STS Meso 1 Week 3

Flexibility Training: Bendy Body

Back and Triceps: STS Meso 1 Week 3

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Workout Notes:
1. For notes from last time I did this section of Cathe's STS series go here.  
2. For further discussion and reviews on the entire STS series check out this post on the Video Fitness Reader Forums.
3. For more information and reviews on Bendy Body, read this thread on the Video Fitness Forums.

 * * *
I hope you all have some fun plans lined up this weekend! Mine is looking busy and fun so I'll try to share some highlights on Snapchat if you're following there (@ontheDailyX). On Tuesday I'll be back here talking about some favorite accessories, and last but not least, head on over to this post if you haven't entered the Canon Rebel + Macbook Air Giveaway!

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  1. The stella looks amazing on you, also this green bomber jacket is everything. Have a great weekend!


  2. Those Target shorts are so cute and I love the black and white top tied at the bottom! Your fitness recaps always motivated me to workout over the weekends. I'm going to miss them!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Hi Gina! I must tell you that on your recommendations, I bought my daughter four pairs of the Target shorts you recommended. When I told her I bought them, she was a bit skeptical, saying Target jean shorts don't fit her well. So the package came yesterday and she tried them all on and loved them all! Thanks for your honest review! Have a great day and weekend!

    Missy D.

    1. Hey Missy! Thanks for following up and letting me know about the Target shorts! I'm so happy to hear they worked out for your daughter! I haven't always had the best luck with their shorts either but this year was a win!

  4. Love your looks, and those jeans look amazing on you! I still love my Express Jeans that I picked up..maybe more than any other jeans I own. When I need a new pair I'll definitely be trying more styles :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I've actually been looking for a low rise option. I might need to go check these out in store. I've been thinking lately that I under utilize jackets and blazers. You are great inspiration! Going to check out your other post now.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. I used to love the Stellas!! I need to check their stock out!

  7. I'll always be grateful for you introducing me to express jeans! I think I'm done buying them until Fall, but I'm glad they have low rise again. I actually like mid rise better because when I bend over at work, I don't give an eyeful to my co workers! But options are great! See you soon :)

  8. Hi Gina, I didn't know about Express bringing their "Stella" jeans back! Thanks for the info. I love seeing your outfits. You do such a great job putting simple but chic looks together. I'm also about 5.4. Do you ever wear petites?


    1. I have tried Petites every now and then and usually I feel the cut isn't right for me. It feels too short-waisted or something. I'm right at the cut-off of height for petite sizing and I've always felt my leg-waist proportions just aren't as suited for petite sizing.

  9. I wish I could still rock low-rise jeans! I'm glad they listened to their customers though! That says so much about Express!

  10. that's awesome that express brought those jeans back. low rise jeans are something i don't really wear anymore, now that i have found the mid rise or whatever it's called, i feel like i've come home.. but in jeans world. they're just so comfy and i never have to worry about anything showing lol. it's not to do with age or anything, i reckon if you can rock low - rock them. but with my wide derriere and long torso, low rise just isn't a good option. yay for workouts on snaps! i like both but i'm glad you're not stopping completely, i love seeing people's workouts on snapchat.


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